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Lets get real. Kerrageously Made is a blog that is trying to be honest when it comes to my favorite saying, living beautifully; however, in order to experience the beauty in the world, you have to be exposed to the negative sides.

As I can be a typical millennial and check my social media way too often, I have recently decided to remind myself why I started. Why did I start my blog? Why are you trying for something important to you? My goal is to turn my weakness into my strength. With that comes answers that I am still trying to figure out on this ongoing journey so join me today for some girl-to-girl conversation. Thanks for reading with me today gorgeous!

The road to recovery is often bumpy because a) nothing is perfect and b) without the bumps, what would we be working towards? My blog came from me ignoring all that life had to offer and instead focusing on my body image. I warped my mind into believing it looked one way and should look another. During this time, I lost healthy enzymes and proper body functions that I should have in my twenties. I even lost some relationships along the way, but now i’m learning to love what food can do to my body and I have gained relationships as well. I smile every day because I get to share my strengthened weakness with you! I don’t want to go back to where I was and we can’t look back, only forward…

*Note the picture on the left was when I would eat a granola bar and apple for lunch and was spiraling down my path. I went through a stage where I deleted all my ED pictures in order to try to move on, but this shows that those rib lines on our stomach aren’t sexy in a swimsuit…

I am here today because as I try to eat the right foods and lots of them, my body doesn’t know how to digest what I am feeding it and most of the time I end up feeling awful day to day. I try to positively promote that feeling this way is okay, but currently I am searching for clarity and answers on how to truly feel my best on this road to recover. What’s the answer… KEEP GOING.

From blogger to blogger and study to study I have learned that the inflammation of the stomach is common for post ED. Our bodies are learning where to store food and a lot of that is centered in the abdominal area, that is where I am experiencing it. I know all the facts that women are more “pear shaped” and that we have more visceral fat that males; however, this bothers me so much and it shouldn’t! I can’t keep looking at what my body is doing as a bad thing because it’s just on the road to recover which is AMAZING!

I’ve been wanting to find similar stories and I have come across a very truthful blogger named Tabitha Farrar who gives so much incite on recovering stomach problems. I had to share her list below:

  1. Continue to eat at regular intervals regardless of how awkward it feels. We have to train this system up!

  2. Give it foods that are easy for it to process = high in fat!

  3. Drink adequate amounts of water and fluids, just enough but not too much.

  4. Rest. There is so much going on here. Take recovery seriously. This is a huge restoration project for your body!

  5. Increase intake of fats as these can help with bowl movement regularity.

  6. Breathing practices before and after eating to help you reduce anxiety and stay in the parasympathetic nervous system.

  7. Buy loose comfortable clothing and throw out any “small” clothes. Not food related directly, but it is cathartic!

  8. Did I mention that you have to continue to eat? You do.

I’m so thankful for her posts and she continues to say,

 “ I had some very bad cramping and some very concerning loud gurgling when I was in recovery..I showed all the signs of gluten intolerance when I started eating bread in higher quantities. I kind of knew deep down this was due to me starting to eat more, and that my system wasn’t used to it, but I still had a wealth of gluten-free advocating friends telling me that I needed to cut out gluten. It was suggested to me by many people that I should look into cutting gluten out of my diet (That was when gluten-free was at the peak of fashion and the cure-all for everything).”

Does this sound like you too? I wiped out gluten for a little bit and am starting to eat more of that as much as I can. Now my weakness might be yours or it might not be, but if you are reading with me today remember that eating allows us to live abundantly!

Someone once told me this and it stuck with me. That small “pooch” at the bottom of your stomach will hold life one day! It is a beautiful thing! We need extra skin and fat in order to operate and be freaking awesome human beings. Lets not get in the way of that.

As Miley Cyrus says, we can’t stop and we won’t stop…Lets keep living as beautifully as we can! I am accepting this change because I know that a positive outcome will come of it.

God is smiling at us working on looking the way He painted us to look so lets make Him proud shall we?

Please comment any tips, incite, stories, or maybe just some cool places to try as we continue to eat and live!



 P.S. Looking for more tips on how to heal your body when it’s cramping, bloating, starving, or just needing some syncing in your life? Go and check out Lee From America Blog. 

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