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Time for a recap post on all of my recent get aways and thoughts I want to share with you as we dive into Fall! I try to post as many pictures as I can, but a picture can only go so far.

I want to start out with the decision to pick and choose. This season of my life has been a lot of picking and choosing between some easy and some hard decisions. This is what I like to call the year of lasts because it is my last year of college, meaning some of these experiences I won’t be able to have again. With that being said, I have had to give up a lot of things I love to do, but I’ve replaced them with memorable experiences.

| Wellness |

My workout routine has been so up in the air. I don’t remember the last time I have had a scheduled workout. I try to blog about a healthy mindset and living, but sometimes that isn’t found in exercise. I try to walk and be active daily, but recently my workouts have been participating in my last dance competition for my sorority. This opportunity allowed me to keep moving and feel alive even though I had no time to workout on weekdays.

I had to pick whether to do barre, work out at the gym with people I love doing that with, or dance with my roommates before one moves out! I chose to dance and yes I miss barre so much, but leaving my exercise routine for a while has not changed my body. If anything, it gives my body a period of rest and prepares me for my next fun wellness journey.

Do you beat yourself up for not working out? I have my days, but we can’t let that determine what we choose to do. Life is much bigger than that.

| Trips |

I have been out of town nearly EVERY weekend these past few weeks! Going from Nashville, Auburn, South Carolina, and next, the beach, I have been on the go. That means that my body has to adjust with the food available around me and for my mind to say that is okay!

I have gotten to be apart of the Fall football experience and have loved it! I have eaten everything from salads, chicken fingers, muffins to energizing juices. Some variety am I right?

New places I have tried are Live Oaks– a restaurant and bar located right by my friend’s place at Auburn in Alabama. We had mimosas, coffee, and I had a delicious meal with a quinoa, spinach hash. SO yummy!

In Greenville, SC Nick and I tried a place downtown called Nose Dive. We loved it! I had a moscow mule with blueberries and acai. Tried something new other than my wine with dinner. Additionally, we started our meal with their seasonal pumpkin hummus. I took it home to eat the next day because it tasted like Autumn in a bowl. I had their kale salad with salmon and Nick had their steak with vegetables. We both ate the entire thing.

To add, we stopped my the Oktober Fest going on. This street fair I learned is an annual event that turns the streets into a “Bavarian Biergarten”. There were booths of German food, entertainment, beer tastings, and more! We got a beer, listed to some German music and ended with a game of corn hole.

I was full after dinner, but the best way to end a meal is with a walk and why not make it enjoyable?

Picking and choosing can be hard because there are always so many options and there is always the question, what if I make the wrong choice? There is no right and wrong answer. You have to be the one to be the decisive person and once you make your choice to eat this or that, to attend that event or see this person rather than the other, embrace your choice and don’t look back.

I always worried my friends would be mad at me if I missed something or people would judge me for eating that. At the end of the day, your true friends will love you for being you no matter where you are.

Today is the day for you to make the choice and be confident in that! If working out less will make you happier, go for it! If eating a kale salad or eating dessert before dinner makes you feel your best, then do it.

    Check out my new upcoming places and treats I get to pick and choose next-
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