8.23.17 | Loved Ones

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was my last first day of school ever in my life and it didn’t turn out quite like I planned. There were a few bumps in the road; however, with friends all I needed was a little push to take a new positive  perspective on what really matters.

After not sleeping well last night, I woke up early around 7:00am to grab my coffee and cereal to join my roomie on the porch for a morning devotional. I chose to write in my journal first to let out all my emotions into my writing. One key point I wrote was about my loved ones.

When you have a family, friends or whoever in your life that you care for so much, it’s easy to place all of them in your hands. I have found myself doing exactly that and it is separating me from the one who is asking to place those loved ones in His care…

After writing down all my thoughts I opened up my devotion and read-

“Entrust your loved ones to Me; release them into my protective care. They are much safer with me than in your clinging hands. Ultimately, I used that situation for good. As you entrust others into my care, I am free to shower blessings on them. My presence will go with them wherever they go and I will give them rest.”

“This same presence stays with YOU as you relax and place trust in me. Watch and see what I will do.”

I felt so full of strength just from reading this and it fired me up for what I know He is capable of. This is how I should feel every day! Now, it isn’t easy, but take this devotional as a little pep in your step today and realize that He loves your loved ones just as much or even more than you do. Trust Him.



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