About Me

Hello Beautiful! I’m Hannah Kerr.

Welcome to Kerrageously Made! Looking for some honest insight on having a healthy lifestyle and creating a wellness journey of your own? You have come to the right place and I am so happy you are here! I am twenty two years old and decided to turn my little pink notebook of ideas and dreams into a way to connect with amazing people.

My aspirations stem from a passion to help girls realize how beautiful they and the world they live in are. I plan on living life to the fullest and accepting any challenge as a way to grow.

Photography by VSCODEY

For anyone who knows me, I am a coffee enthusiast, love seeking, english bulldog loving, Pinterest addict. Basically, the most girly girl there is. I choose to embrace it in every way.

I am a Senior at Western Kentucky University graduating in May with a degree in Public Relations.

My next stop after college is to travel to Europe for the very first time!

I love to capture moments, so if you see me I will most likely be taking pictures of everything and everyone while listening to some John Mayer.

Hopes and aspirations are key to living. I strive with every ounce of me to have a positive outlook on life because every day is a gift. From the outside looking in, it looks as though I have my life put together and I am as happy as ever…don’t be fooled. I have been on a journey and am still on mine, trying to discover myself in a healthy way.


I loved my childhood. It’s always been my small family of four and I never wanted it any other way. My dad is my rock who is the smartest and most genuine man I know. He always wins every bet. I have not won one in all my 20 years of living! My mom is the spirit of my family who has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. She will always be seen with red lipstick, OPI Big Apple Red nail polish and singing Bon Jovi at the top of her lungs.

Rachel is my beautiful older sister who is my role model in every way. I strive to have her confident outlook on life. She definitely pushes me to be the best I can be. We are both in the Greek sisterhood, Alpha Delta Pi.

Why am I telling you this? You need a support system in your life. Whether that is friends, family, or a pet.

Speaking of pets, if you want to see the chubbiest and cutest English Bulldog, follow my sister’s and my favorite animal on earth, Russell, on his Instagram account. You can’t walk through life alone.

My story all started four years ago when I went through an eating disorder and needed to change my life around. Since then, I have grown in ways that I never imagined and want you to join me on my wellness journey. You can read one of my very first blog post here.

I am currently a member of a wellness coach program, working at a local juice bar, diving into everything wellness, and trying to share a story!


As I continue writing, I hope that you explore Kerrageously Made as I discuss what health truly is. Sometimes it’s not about changing what we look like on the outside, but on the inside. Let’s go on a journey together. You are beautiful and fearfully and wonderfully made. Let’s get started!