What’s the Formula?

You know what’s exhausting, trying to figure out the perfect formula to life. Sometimes things don’t add up. There will be times our plans do add up, but we didn’t get the solution we wanted.

Are you trying to find that perfect person who adds up to be everything you wanted? What are you trying to solve?

Life is a huge math problem with not one answer, there are endless possibilities and that is why I am writing to you today.

There is no perfect formula. There is not a perfect to-do list to have the perfect body or to be your healthiest self. That is a problem you have to work over and over again, but it is worth it because your body is one of the most precious things you can cherish on this earth.

That love that didn’t work as planned isn’t a negative, it is a positive because just imagine what the solution could be if you kept going, kept living. You never know what’s coming.

I feel as though we are all striving to go through this plan of life, solving the problems, and making our own perfect solution. There is none so that is the beauty in figuring it out.

We will have to make mistakes, get up and try again, go up to that person and ask them out, start over, and that is a beautiful thing.

If we didn’t have a journey of problem solving then what stories would we tell our kids when we are older?

I will never be the healthiest and most fit person. I might not be the perfect blogger. I have come to terms that those qualities are the platforms that will help me be my own beautiful mathematician.

Everyone reads a problem differently. We all go about life a different way. If we all handled things the same or had the same outcomes then what would life be about? How would you add your unique story to the equation?

Just because things don’t add up, doesn’t mean you have been defeated. It means that there is another possibility waiting for you. Work for it.

Screw the formula and say hello to your unique pattern called life.



LeahLou Photography

Why Essential Oils?

Today we are diving into oils and more oils. Now, I know what you are thinking. What is this new fab people are raving about? Essential oils are essential for a reason and have always been a natural holistic way of healing and easing one’s mind and body, so I am happy that I have had people in my life influence me to use essential oils in all areas of wellness.

I have been educated about oils through a company started in 1993, Young Living.  

We honor our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy, essential oils, by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Their mission provoked me to ask questions. I started asking more and more questions and meeting those who use essential oils and day after day, sample after sample, I now diffuse and rub oils on the bottom of my feet every night before I sleep.

I have never slept SO good! I have personally used oils to help with sleep, cramps, sickness, muscle tension, and to decrease stress. These are just a few of the many ways oil can help heal, but these are the specific one’s that have personally worked for me.

What are the top 5 ways to use essential oils?

  1. Inspire a positive emotional state – Lavender, Orange, Peppermint
  2. Enhance your physical wellness
  3. Enhance spiritual awareness
  4. Purify your home – Thieves – Check out my cleaner below:
  5. Refine your beauty routine

I have included my favorite oils I have started out with to help my positive state and to purify my home. Today I am actually making a thieves cleaner inspired by Natalie Boddekar (Check out her blog) She has inspired me and is my go-to person with any questions on oils!

I have always strived to get rid of bacteria or pain in the most natural way possible because my body doesn’t react well to certain medications. For example, my hormones are so intense after I took my body on my unhealthy adventure, so my cramps are miserable. I took a Midol a few weeks ago and broke out in hives!

I am now educating myself on alternate ways so read below on how I have used them within these to past few weeks.

How to use these oils? 

I rub them on the desired area, whether that’s my stomach for cramps, neck for tension, or the bottom of my feet! The bottom of our feet have the larges pores and fun fact, if you place an onion on the bottom of your foot, you can taste it in your mouth within 30 seconds! What?!



Thieves essential oil is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils for an aromatic blend that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma. It smells SO GOOD!

Thieves are great replacement for cleaning products, toothpaste, dish soap, and numerous bacteria fighting remedies!

Read additional information on how to use Thieves essential oils here.

Today I am mixing my Thieves essential oil and water to have my very own long lasting cleaner! Yes those ingredients is all it takes!

I am using a glass bottle after being inspired from the Young Living Blog.

Have you used Essential Oils? If so, share your story!




The Healthstyle Emporium: Those Who Have Influenced Me

Hello beautiful! I am so excited for you to be here today. As I start to write some recap posts for you on my most recent birthday celebrations, I want to start off with a huge journey I have decided to embark on!

It has always been about wellness to me, mental and physical. I want to make a difference and share a story to shine light in this world for anyone who needs it. If this is your first time on my blog today, welcome! You can read how I got here and what I want for you.

I try new things, reach out to people and sometimes still feel like my growth can come to a pause. Recently, I had someone reach out to me and didn’t ask me about products I use or whether or not I should try this or that, no she asked me about my wellness journey and lead me to this-

Created by the beautiful and inspiring Chani Peach, The Healthstyle Emporium is an online program available to anyone. A program tailored to meet you where you currently are in your health journey and help you reach your individual goals to go wherever it is you want to go.

This program has a beautiful team of health professionals & wellness coaches who are involved together in your journey, people who are dedicated to sharing their wealth of knowledge and are available to you at any point in time during your program.

You can read more on the website and watch the full video here.


Chani has built a platform for people to reach out and get every thing they want out of life! She is taking me on my path to becoming a wellness coach for others and myself! Her blog is beautiful! Go and read her story.

It wasn’t until I understood the huge role that food & my thoughts played in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, that I was able to experience a total metamorphosis and really begin to flourish in all areas of my life – not just in health, but life in general. With my practice and mission I want to help you build a healthy relationship with yourself first and foremost, and then of course food – the way you think, feel, become aware of and enjoy life is important to me and ultimately, I want to leave you feeling like your happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

I truly believe that a wellness journey encompasses trying new things, meeting new people and challenging yourself. I am so excited to start my path on being a wellness coach and have so many opportunities for you coming up to see my welcome video and much more!

A huge thank you to the the lovely Sloan who reached out to me and now we are in this program together! She actually dances and goes to Vanderbilt in Nashville. Small world! Go and check out her page, Kale and Kravings, you will LOVE it! She gives awesome tips for juggling a healthy lifestyle while being a student.

Let’s live, breath, speak, eat and love beautifully today!



Hi beautiful!

Time for a recap post on all of my recent get aways and thoughts I want to share with you as we dive into Fall! I try to post as many pictures as I can, but a picture can only go so far.

I want to start out with the decision to pick and choose. This season of my life has been a lot of picking and choosing between some easy and some hard decisions. This is what I like to call the year of lasts because it is my last year of college, meaning some of these experiences I won’t be able to have again. With that being said, I have had to give up a lot of things I love to do, but I’ve replaced them with memorable experiences.

| Wellness |

My workout routine has been so up in the air. I don’t remember the last time I have had a scheduled workout. I try to blog about a healthy mindset and living, but sometimes that isn’t found in exercise. I try to walk and be active daily, but recently my workouts have been participating in my last dance competition for my sorority. This opportunity allowed me to keep moving and feel alive even though I had no time to workout on weekdays.

I had to pick whether to do barre, work out at the gym with people I love doing that with, or dance with my roommates before one moves out! I chose to dance and yes I miss barre so much, but leaving my exercise routine for a while has not changed my body. If anything, it gives my body a period of rest and prepares me for my next fun wellness journey.

Do you beat yourself up for not working out? I have my days, but we can’t let that determine what we choose to do. Life is much bigger than that.

| Trips |

I have been out of town nearly EVERY weekend these past few weeks! Going from Nashville, Auburn, South Carolina, and next, the beach, I have been on the go. That means that my body has to adjust with the food available around me and for my mind to say that is okay!

I have gotten to be apart of the Fall football experience and have loved it! I have eaten everything from salads, chicken fingers, muffins to energizing juices. Some variety am I right?

New places I have tried are Live Oaks– a restaurant and bar located right by my friend’s place at Auburn in Alabama. We had mimosas, coffee, and I had a delicious meal with a quinoa, spinach hash. SO yummy!

In Greenville, SC Nick and I tried a place downtown called Nose Dive. We loved it! I had a moscow mule with blueberries and acai. Tried something new other than my wine with dinner. Additionally, we started our meal with their seasonal pumpkin hummus. I took it home to eat the next day because it tasted like Autumn in a bowl. I had their kale salad with salmon and Nick had their steak with vegetables. We both ate the entire thing.

To add, we stopped my the Oktober Fest going on. This street fair I learned is an annual event that turns the streets into a “Bavarian Biergarten”. There were booths of German food, entertainment, beer tastings, and more! We got a beer, listed to some German music and ended with a game of corn hole.

I was full after dinner, but the best way to end a meal is with a walk and why not make it enjoyable?

Picking and choosing can be hard because there are always so many options and there is always the question, what if I make the wrong choice? There is no right and wrong answer. You have to be the one to be the decisive person and once you make your choice to eat this or that, to attend that event or see this person rather than the other, embrace your choice and don’t look back.

I always worried my friends would be mad at me if I missed something or people would judge me for eating that. At the end of the day, your true friends will love you for being you no matter where you are.

Today is the day for you to make the choice and be confident in that! If working out less will make you happier, go for it! If eating a kale salad or eating dessert before dinner makes you feel your best, then do it.

    Check out my new upcoming places and treats I get to pick and choose next-
    Bowling Green:
    Autumn Milk from Zest made with almonds, pumpkin, filtered water, cinnamon, and nutmeg!
    A FREE new class at the Spot on Thursday, October 12. Go sign up with me!
    1. Rush Bowls located 1201 Demonbreun St Suite 110
    1. Let me know your feedback!



My To-Be List

Can we start off and comment on the fact of how hot it has been? I was ready for Fall and now i’m getting all thrown off, but this rainy morning will hopefully cool it down and I have been loving it.

What else have I loved? I have loved blogging within my community! If you haven’t read my previous post, go check it out! However, sometimes it can become a to-do list of mine rather than what my awesome Shine text said this week, a to-be list.

What do I mean? This morning I want to take time to realize who my heart is telling me to be rather than to do. I came to this realization yesterday and decided to pour my heart out into people I love and be an amazing friend by putting them first. That was who I wanted to be; however, it didn’t turn out as planned…

I got coffee with someone I love and drove her to class. Then I went and bought my roommate her favorite drink because I wanted her to smile since she had been stressed. I took the time to FaceTime Nick because he had a large presentation so I set aside my obligations to have certain blogging deadlines posted in order to be free for him. I promised my sister I would have work done for her I never got done and so on and so forth.

I love keeping my door open to go in and out, but sometimes people and conversations can overlap. Has this ever happened to you? I strive to listen intently when people need to talk because I would want someone to do that for me, but yesterday my to-be list turned into a to-do list real quick and I didn’t get everything done. Actually, I ended up being less there for people because I spread myself to thin and I even missed Nick’s practice presentation, which meant the world to him.

People forgave and moved forward still smiling because to them they didn’t know how internally overwhelmed I was. Several cries later I was in a mood where I didn’t want to be alone, but I didn’t want to see anyone either. Life of a girl, shocker.

I was so emotionally warn down and never once did I pause and think who am I really doing these works for? Myself or the for the One who created me…

I opened my new devotional book later on after a full day of feeling emptiness after trying to make it feel full and it read-

“Ask Him to use your strengths to glorify Him and serve others. And if you mess up, ask forgiveness and keep on going. Also, be gentle with yourself. When we’re tired, hungry, lonely, or afraid, our strengths can quickly flip to the other extreme. Passion becomes irritability. Sensitivity turns into worry. If you find yourself having a reaction that’s not helpful, just stop and take a deep breath.”

Now let me pause and tell you that if you have not read the book You’re Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be by Halley Gerth I recommend it! I have already gotten to have amazing conversations with women through this book and I have learned so much. And I’m only on chapter two!

With all this being said, on this rainy morning I chose to wake up, pray first, and serve the people I love by not making a to-do list for them. I found joy by unexpectedly driving them to class in the rain. Although I hadn’t scheduled to drive them and get out of bed, I felt more joy doing that then planning extravagant actions.

People who love you adore you for who you ARE not what you DO. Make a to-be list of qualities you want to shine today. You truly are amazing for the little things because those little things all add up to the human you are.



Bella Salon and Spa: Meet Shelby Rae

This week I am starting off by telling you guys about a new salon and spa in Bowling Green! I had the pleasure of meeting the cutest and sweetest stylist, Shelby Rae, and taking a tour of Bella Salon and Spa.

Shelby reached out and wants to offer discounts for college women who are looking for a spa day, new hair cut or style! I am one who has changed my hair color, cut it off and have loved every stage because why not?

Shelby is from Louisville, KY and has been a stylist for 6 years! She has been at Bella Salon and Spa for 4 months and loves it.

Check out her personal account to see her talent and details for each and every customer!

This salon is an all natural line, known as Aveda, and strives to promote wellness in all areas of beauty.

On their wall is the Aveda Mission-

Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

This unique salon is small and tranquil. I liked the atmosphere because it seemed like a tight nit community between every employee.

Water, coffee and tea is offered to every customer, in addition to complimentary massages.

Not only does this studio do hair, they have an addition part to their building specialized for spa facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and a hydro therapy tub…

What is a hydro therapy tub?

I have never heard of this and I can’t wait to try! This jumbo tub has 120 jets, epsom salts, massages, soaking, you name it! They recommend a 30 minute session. This would beat my at home bath any day!

My favorite thing I learned about was their Pedi-sages! They have a special room for manicures and pedicures and you sit in extravagant chairs, which a customer gave feedback on that she loved!

Instead of using a tub to soak your feet in, they use a steam towel wrap in order to make a more sanitary method.

As a student, I had no idea this exists. This place would be the perfect thing for weddings or gifts. They also offer student specials so always go and check their website for promo details.

Needless to say, they made a great first impression on me and I can’t wait to go and make an appointment!

Zest Juice for Life: Meet Natalie Boddeker

Every year of college I have done something different, met new people and attempted to try new things. That is what college is about because how else would be discover who we are or what we are called to do? With that being said, I am so excited to introduce to you all Zest!

As I say over and over again, I firmly believe that God puts people in your life for a reason and with health and blogging on my heart, I have gotten the opportunity to do what I love and work for Zest, our local juice bar in Bowling Green, started by the most inspiring woman, Natalie Boddekar.

It just so happens she is a family member to one of my sorority sisters. Small world right? I am so excited to help grow their PR and learn about everything that encompasses starting a business and promoting positive health and lifestyle.

She has mentored me already in so many areas and I want to share that with you! Below you will find some Q and A questions with Natalie, details on her products, health benefits, and discounts for YOU! Lets get started!

Natalie is a loving mother, wife and friend who strives for Bowling Green to be healthy. She was previously a manager at her old job for over 10 years, but decided to go on a juice fast for 50 days! Yes, amazing right? She said,

I wanted everyone to feel as good as I did.

From starting out at local farmers markets, her homemade, cold pressed juices grew so much that she opened up her own shop in August, 2013. She describes her shop as,

My shop is my happy place. I want people to come here and feel comfortable and calm.

As every customer can read in their pamphlet online or in the store, all of the juices are made by a Goodnature X-1 cold press juicer, referred to as Gordy, and a hand operated citrus juicer, they call Lola, to maximize nutrients in each bottle!

Their ingredients come from local farmers to make sure each bottle has fresh ingredients. Their juices vary due to the seasonal fruits and veggies so you never know what new juices you will get to try.

They sell everything from nut butters, granolas, fruit juices, vegetable juices, sushi, hummus, dark chocolates, jewelry, essential oils, flowers, and homemade almond milks! Heaven am I right?

Below is a list of just a few of the local vendors she uses for her products. Click for more information!

Gone Nuts

Living Raw

Young Living Essential Oils

Fifth Gallon Kombucha

Leah Johnson Canvas Prints

In the shop are more things that vary seasonally and weekly! She always has business cards for local health companies for any references.

What’s been my favorite part of working here?

The positive moods, encouragement and relationships built within this small shop astounds me. I am introduced to new people and information every day and I want that for you as well!

Every juice has a healing tool, pounds of produce within the bottles and TASTE!

Currently we are selling the seasonal vegan chili and it is amazing!

A bowl of their homemade granola for breakfast, vegan chili for lunch and a juice in between sounds like a good day to me.

For more information on ingredients, flavors always in stock and health benefits, visit the Zest website.

Keep Calm and Juice On 

Las Vegas Travel Guide

“I think it is beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about things you love.”- Atticus 

What do I love? New experiences and with that comes with traveling to new places! Welcome to my Las Vegas travel guide where I finally get to share all the fun places I got to experience while in this exciting part of Nevada.

If you have been, feel free to comment below with new places I should try or recommend to others who choose to travel here. Lets get started!

Click the underlined links for more details! 

First and foremost a fun fact about me is that I love airports. The thought of an adventure is just lurking in the air and I love it!

We departed from the Nashville airport so of course I had to wear my BNA cap. This paired with my lulu lemon leggings and jean jacket from Charlotte Russe (you can buy here!) made for comfort and style! I grabbed my camera and was ready to get on that plane.

Two Bloody Mary’s and one movie later, we made it! This drink is one of my favorite day time drinks because it’s yummy with a kick of spice and very low calorie, but of course on this trip calorie wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary.

We finally got to meet up with my cousin and the three of us started our adventure. Even the airport was filled with casinos, lights and advertisements for what’s to come; however, we already planned our first event, but first stop was our hotel called the Elara.

The Elara Hotel

This room exceeded all my expectations with a view that took your breath away. You could see the entire strip and every iconic detail that Vegas is known for.

The windows had black out curtains that you could click with just one button and no light came in. It was amazing! I felt like I was staying at Cameron Diaz’s house in the movie the Holiday.

In addition, there was one night we needed to stay in so we found out the walls turned into a movie screen with a projector so we had our home theatre.

Planet Hollywood

Calling all 90s kids! After gazing at my favorite new view window for a solid 25 minutes, we got ready and made our way to dinner and our Britney Spears concert at Planet Hollywood, a hotel/casino/venue attached to our hotel so there was no need to drive, just walk. This was her Piece Of Me tour and the best throwback concert because she played every hit imaginable.

This place reminded me of Opry Mills in Nashville and artists such as Bruno Mars and Jennifer Lopez perform here every other week! Night one was made.

Caesar’s Palace Club Omnia 

The next generation of luxury…

It didn’t stop there because we went to our first night club called the Omnia at Caesar’s Palace. This was a new world for me to say the least. The security looked like the secret service and the club itself reminded me of a Kardashian episode. We didn’t stay long because the feet hurt so bad, so we had to uber home. What a memory.

*Note: Prices in Vegas are much higher so wear comfy shoes and walk to save money because we learned that after the first night!

Day one was complete and we decided to sleep in and order room service the following morning. When I am on vacation I always strive to look for yummy meals and my go-to is Eggs Benedict! I never say no to a poached egg so we ordered this another time on this vacation.

Next stop, the pool! It was over 100 degrees, but the dry heat there was easier to deal with rather than the humidity here.

Honest moment here- it is easy to compare yourself when you are in an atmosphere with people really putting themselves out there. With this photo, I didn’t like what I saw but you know what I told myself?

I am a 21 year old who is traveling and enjoying life with my family. We are not perfect and my body will go up and down as long as I breathe so cheers to where and who we are! 

I fell in love with their lounge chairs in the pool and got my drink of choice on this trip, a Moscow Mule.

Sushi Roku

That night we went to my favorite dinner of the weekend at Sushi Roku. On this night, we walked the strip and sat down for a formal sushi dinner. They even brought Rachel out a belated birthday treat and homemade donuts. YUM!

I ordered a classic seaweed salad, an eel roll with avocado and tried their signature drink. I ate every bite.

The Jewel Night Club at the Aria

Before going into a new club that someone had recommended to us, we stopped by the casinos to get the full experience. I tried the slot machines and it was such a fun time when you bet to enjoy. My sister walked away with even more money she bet so after she got a few extra dollars we stopped and went to a new club called the Jewel located in the Aria hotel.

This club was smaller than the previous one and we got the opportunity to go VIP so the experience was exceptional due to the fact we were in a blocked off area with a personal bar so that we didn’t have to fight the crowds.

The three of us stayed together the entire time and took it all in. I don’t really describe myself as a club type of gal but when it comes to a girl’s trip in Vegas, I was happy to experience this type atmosphere.

Gordon Ramsay Burger

If you don’t know, Gordon Ramsay is a British celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality who has written his own book and has restaurants all around the world!

My first time there and final meal of the trip was at the his burger restaurant and after one hour wait, it was worth it.

All three of us ordered something different and shared their special truffle fries. Delicious!

We got home safe and sound and now I get to share my photos and memories with you! As I finish up writing this I cheers to you and your upcoming adventure. Remember to enjoy every stage of life and don’t hold back. I even bought myself a new mug to go on my memory mug wall to wrap things up. Until next time Vegas…





Gifts for Distance

Through my blog I tend to mention relationships often, whether that is with a friend, a girlfriend/boyfriend or if it’s with yourself. Connecting with another person is a special gift that can shape who you are. We are called to shape one another in a positive way whether you are right beside that person or hundreds of miles away. It can be done.

I often call myself a “relationship” person because I am the one who believed growing up that dreams do come true. Cinderella is clearly my favorite princess…anyway, today I want to share with you some of my favorite gifts and ideas I have used to make a long distance relationship worth it and enjoyable!

If you are in a long distance relationship, let me start off by saying that distance is just physical, but emotionally, you can still connect to another person through a letter, gift, idea or surprise! Lets get started.

The Power of a Letter

Writing a letter is a beautiful art.

Everything now a day is through any instant form of technology. Remember the time when the only way to communicate long distance was with a letter? Imagine anxiously waiting for a letter with your name on it all tattered and worn to be waiting for you in your mail box…why not bring that back?

I love writing as you know and sometimes getting a formal piece of paper and writing a letter is the most simplistic, yet most valuable, gift you can send.

Order some formal paper, use your best fancy hand writing and go at it! Send someone something they won’t expect. I can’t tell you how many smiles and tears I have had over one piece of paper. I have kept every one…

I have found some of my most favorite stationary from Paper Source, like this cute donut themed card.

Simplistic, yet Special 

Keychains! Now I know what you are thinking, but for a birthday gift, I ordered an engraved keychain for Nick’s birthday with his name and his 21st birthday date. It’s a bottle cap opener and every man needs one of these.

You can order these off of Etsy and check out other links for more ideas on this amazing site!


This gift is so affordable and awesome if your special person needs some decoration help in your absence.

I bought this wooden board from Michaels and ripped out three pages from his favorite book after he read it. I then nailed them onto the board and put a quote of his own on one blank piece of paper with some calligraphy.

This is a great manly piece of decoration and it can serve as a daily inspiration for them each and every day.

I then added his favorite treat in a mason jar because who wants to just hand over a box they can buy at the store? Make something with a sparkle of you!

Memorable Mugs 

Why do I obsess over my favorite coffee mug holder from Kirkland’s and get so excited when I find a new mug when I’m on a new adventure? Let me tell you. When I travel I love to buy a mug because every mug has a memory, so when I start my day off with my morning coffee, I can look down at a memory as I sip on my cozy drink.

Meet somewhere in the middle with your favorite person and if you go someplace with a souvenir, it doesn’t have to be a mug, buy it and hold on to it so that you both can share something of one another that means a lot to you.


Deliveries exist for a reason! Some of my favorite surprise deliveries have been calling his favorite breakfast place and prepaying for his breakfast before a big test. Just one call away!

Edible Arrangements is another great way to send some extra love. This is a great holiday gift and you can find a store near you here!

“Life is a connection of moments, of memories.”

What are your ideas? I would love to hear and share many more unique ideas because making every stage of life fun can be difficult at times.

Lets make distance a gift. 




8.23.17 | Loved Ones

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was my last first day of school ever in my life and it didn’t turn out quite like I planned. There were a few bumps in the road; however, with friends all I needed was a little push to take a new positive  perspective on what really matters.

After not sleeping well last night, I woke up early around 7:00am to grab my coffee and cereal to join my roomie on the porch for a morning devotional. I chose to write in my journal first to let out all my emotions into my writing. One key point I wrote was about my loved ones.

When you have a family, friends or whoever in your life that you care for so much, it’s easy to place all of them in your hands. I have found myself doing exactly that and it is separating me from the one who is asking to place those loved ones in His care…

After writing down all my thoughts I opened up my devotion and read-

“Entrust your loved ones to Me; release them into my protective care. They are much safer with me than in your clinging hands. Ultimately, I used that situation for good. As you entrust others into my care, I am free to shower blessings on them. My presence will go with them wherever they go and I will give them rest.”

“This same presence stays with YOU as you relax and place trust in me. Watch and see what I will do.”

I felt so full of strength just from reading this and it fired me up for what I know He is capable of. This is how I should feel every day! Now, it isn’t easy, but take this devotional as a little pep in your step today and realize that He loves your loved ones just as much or even more than you do. Trust Him.