Being a College Student: Bowling Green to Bahamas

Good morning beautiful! Wow, can you believe it is almost April? I am about to be done with my Junior year here at WKU. Last week was midterm week, following spring break where I didn’t have my phone for almost one week! It was a blessing but wow I have been off the grid and have so much to share. Thanks for reading!

“Go and be a college kid…”

Those words from my parents always seep into my mind as I start to enter the stage of life where doing things for the last time are approaching. My goal for my blog is to share the beautiful aspects in life and inspire college students to think beautifully. With that comes sharing the good times, the trials and trying to answer questions that I know we are all thinking. Today, lets start from the beginning where sometimes you have to just decide to be a college kid.

How do you define being in college? I have mentioned before that to some, that means going out every night, for others that means never leaving the library and for myself, I have found a balance of going out with friends and staying in with a face mask and a movie (my personal favorite). The speed of life and expectations always speeds up this time of year as the year approaches. Lately, with the thought of a career path and applying for internships, I almost didn’t go on my spring break at one point with the thought of going on a trip my family went on. That mature, Cali, poolside feel seemed perfect at the time, but one of the best decisions i’ve made out of my college career was going on a cruise with some of my closest friends and even some new ones! Don’t always be content with comfort. 

I have only been out of the country one time in my life when I went on my high school graduation trip to Aruba. For spring break, a group of 12 of us packed up and were sea bound. I had SO much fun! We went dancing every day, ate too much, laughed and were just college kids. I didn’t bring my books for my 3 exams I had the week after, I didn’t have my phone on me at all and I didn’t count one calorie. I totally went against my diet my doctor advised me to be on, which took a lot of mind discipline on my part, but overall felt great with only a few bad nights! I struggled once reality hit because in the moment you feel fine, then once you pause and reflect, you get that regret feeling of oh no why did I eat that or drink that sugary drink? Luckily, the food on the ship had so many healthy options! The strong coffee was great, they had burrito bowls with fresh shrimp and homemade, wheat tortillas, in addition to their caesar, kale salads with salmon. That was my favorite option at dinner!

Let me tell you, this is when “being a college kid” is the best piece of advice I can give. I’m not going to discuss detox methods or post-spring break workout routines. I’m going to tell you that being silly and ridiculous without being harsh on your body is sometimes the best form of detox.

We woke up every morning, went to eat breakfast, got on swim suits and tanned until lunch. With naps and showers later we got all dressed up every night, which I love because dressing up for a formal dinner is a way to appreciate having a nice meal at the end of the day with people you care about. The staff was so fun and had the best manners because they often pulled out my chair at dinner, which I greatly admired. After dessert, we would watch the shows, go to clubs, listen to music and dance until we could do it the next day. I even stepped into a casino and met some pretty memorable people which was definitely an experience! We need to be experiencing life until we are old and gray so I highly recommend going on a cruise for a spring break where budgets are tight. We were on the Carnival Ecstasy!

The best of best days was in the Bahamas. We docked in Nassau Friday afternoon after leaving a port in Charleston on Wednesday. On my list is to travel and see God’s beautiful creations. It left me speechless being around such clear water with vibrant colors on every building. The happy vibes here were contagious! We walked through the markets and found a nice man who drove us to a beach where we filled our coconuts and got lost in the moment! Our driver even started preaching the Gospel to us…wow. God is everywhere and even reminded us that within our fun trip, He is the source of all happiness.

We sipped and danced all day! The weather was perfect and I would definitely go back in a heart beat just to be around such a fun and gorgeous environment.

The group I went with was so much fun. We prayed before every meal, which I often lose track of and want to get better in, and encouraged each other to just let lose and have fun.

Coming from the adult in a college kid’s body, I encourage you to be a college kid if you are getting wrapped up in school and work. Work hard, but don’t lose sight of the big picture: happiness. You are young. You need to live. You need to dance obnoxiously and eat abundantly. Feel free in the moment you are in. I’m back at school gripping my coffee mugs and powering through midterms, but we got this. I wish I could be gripping that coconut on the beach, but more traveling times will come. Right now, I’m in college learning and enjoying this stage in my life. Now it’s your turn.

Enjoy more photography below by Danielle Wilson 

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