Cait’s Cozy Corner: 10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Flat Lay

Good morning and happy Friday! I am so excited to introduce to you today a blog, mother and fashionista called Cait’s Cozy Corner! She reached out to me and we are working together to help spread some incite for those who love and read blogs! I love connecting with bloggers because it’s a way to help share and invest into someone’s passions. She had the best idea to help give advice for taking pictures, specifically flat lays. Keep reading below for her post on the 10 best tips for creating the perfect flat lay. Be Kerrageous today 😉

When I first began blogging, there was no Instagram or real big push to create the perfect photo. Fast forward 7 years later and it’s all about making sure your photos look flawless, spending a few hours creating the perfect selfie, latte art and now, the flat lay. What is a flat lay you ask? It’s a bird’s-eye shot of a set of styled photos on a clean background. Attempting to create the perfect Instagram flat lay may seem like an extremely daunting task, but I’ve thought of a few tips to make it easy and you to create them like a pro.

One reason I love taking so many flat lays is the different items you can incorporate from your daily life, your makeup products, your magazines, coffee mug and so much more! It’s a quick snippet that you can snap on your iPhone or if you’ve invested in a nice camera like my Nikon, it’s great to play around with. But let’s dive into the real reason why you’re wanting to read this post; learning 10 tips on how to create a perfect flat lay.

  1. Shoot From Above – If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s shooting from above. Grab a chair, a step stool or a table top to get that great shot. It’s important to get that 2D look that you want to capture in the photo, especially if you have many items in your shot.


  2. Have A Theme – Many people think you shouldn’t have a theme in your Instagram account but I personally think you should have a bit of an overlying theme. You want to tell a visual story with your photo.. For example, if you focus on a casual look with a sweatshirt, it wouldn’t be the best choice to throw your high heels into the frame. Think before you shoot.

  3. Color Palette – When thinking of your photos, follow a similar color palette. Unsure what I mean? I love using pastels with whites for a pop of color; oranges and greens together or black and white. Of course these are just a few options but you can play around with it until you like the color mix.

  4. Use Negative Space – The one thing to always think of when creating a flat lay is to not overcrowd your space. To make sure that doesn’t happen, is to use negative, white space as your background. This makes it look effortless and easy, even if may have taken a few tries to style it.

  5. Clean Backgrounds- Flat lays look fabulous on a solid or mostly solid color background. White is always a safe bet but using wood or a mabel design can take it up a notch. Using white’s asa background allows it to pop off the page and capture your audience. One of my favorite backgrounds is using a marble countertop, especially from Premier Designs, a family oriented business based in the Atlanta area. They offer a variety of gorgeous surfaces to choose from like limestone, granite and wood depending on your kitchen, bathroom or fireplace needs and one you’ll want to check out if you live in the Atlanta area!

  6. Use Angles – Depending on what vibe or style you want to give off with your flat lay, choose if you would like it more angled or straight-lined. In my opinion, if you have many items, it’s better to use an angle since you can work with more items in the shot.

  7. Apps to Edit – You can create the best flat lay photo but in order to tweak it a bit, and look as sharp and bright as possible, finding great editing apps is key. They help make the background look cleaner and make the items in your photo pop with color. My favorite app is PicTapGo or VSCO Cam.

  8. Always shoot in natural light – If there is one thing I learned, having natural light is key in my photos. It gives the best color so you have less editing to do. Although not everywhere you shoot will have perfect lighting for your flat lay so sit as close to a bright window as you can or use your editing app to help achieve the look you want.

  9. Add big and small pieces – Choose pieces that are going to be big and small to add dimension to your layout. Adding jeans, a purse, lipstick and nailpolish will give your eyes something to dart back and forth too.

  10. Look At Other Accounts – Looking at other accounts is perfect as long as you don’t copy everything someone else does in their photo. Try to figure out what you love about the photo and how you can develop your own style fro it. Sometimes when I’m at a loss for what to do, I look back at my own feed for inspiration.

    Image: Premier Surfaces

    You can’t go wrong using any of these tips to create the perfect flat lay for your next Instagram creation! And if you’re needing any ideas for surface for your flat lay, be sure to check out Premier Designs for all your outdoor and indoor needs! You can’t go wrong with the company in helping you achieve your overall look in your home as well as your fabulous Instagram account.

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