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” I just don’t want to look back and think, I could have eaten that…”

Welcome! I am sure that the term “foodie” has popped up on your Instagram, Pinterest and news feed for every social media sight. Eating food always has been, is, and always will be the center of everything, whether that be a social event, business meeting or holiday tradition.  Recently, I said that we eat to live not live to eat and I stand by that; however, I have found that by exploring new places, trying new cuisines, being introduced to new people and their ideas is life changing. This summer, I have created a Nashville foodie bucket list that I have provided for you below. These are places where the atmosphere is fun, different, new, and local! That is how I see my life moving forward. A fresh new sheet of fun, different and new. Let me tell you how I have chosen to embrace my favorite city and how I can still be on my healthy track in a fun way! Let’s be a local foodie today, shall we?

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You know how much I love lists, planning and categorizing everything…As you can see I have a super long list of places that have been provided for me and that I add on to on my phone every day when I see a picture of a new area or hear about different places through friends or even strangers! Putting a new check mark on my list is the best feeling. My most recent places that I have checked marked below include everything from sweets, salads, vegetables that taste like heaven and coffee of course! When trying a new place, I always stick with a healthy option that I know I will like but then try something completely new as a small appetizer or taste tester! This way I get the best of both.

At the top of my list was Five Daughters Bakery! They are a high quality donut shop and their standard that you can read at their website linked above reads:

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“We believe in love. We believe in family. And we believe in quality food. We believe in stewarding the earth and our bodies, as well as enjoying the simple pleasures of life with the ones you love. We are committed to filling your belly with premium treats made with organic and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.

No chemical preservatives. No GMO. No hydrogenated oils. No soy. No artificial colors or flavors. Our treats are made daily from scratch, sourcing locally and fresh, from our family to yours.” 

Let me just tell you, I LOVED it! I don’t eat donuts and refused to eat one for an entire year but have found that I quite enjoy them. I mean who wouldn’t?! I decided to still stay on my healthy track and order something I could not get at any regular donut shop because that is what exploring unique places is about! I chose to eat one of their vanilla vegan donuts! Yes it was vegan, meaning it was made with ingredients that did not come from animals or any animal byproducts, and it tasted amazing. I crave them now every day. In Nashville, you can find them located on 12 South and in the Franklin Factory. I have been to both and love each location.

Continuing on my 12 South streak was the miracle invention of the cupcake ATM…SPRINKLES!

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The first time I tried this amazing cupcake shop was in California and they are so popular that they opened up their very own ATM so everyone with a sweet tooth can treat themselves to a luxurious cupcake any time! That is exactly what I did. One late night around 10:00pm I drove and met a friend there after work and we sat outside and ate cupcakes. Eating cupcakes on the side of the road with a friend is the best way to spend any evening if I do say so myself. I got their classic red velvet and was very pleased!

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Next, I got to explore in Midtown! I went to the Urban Cookhouse and got this amazing salad. I always add protein to my salads and since this place was new, I asked what they recommended and they said their homemade chicken salad was to die for. They convinced me and I got their homemade croissant biscuits as well. I would definitely order this again and I loved being able to sit outside with a very filling salad! I personally do not like mayonnaise, so I am picky about my chicken salads. This one was checked on my list as a chicken salad go-to spot!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI always order a salad wherever I go because I love it and seeing how restaurants make a common salad into something unique is so cool! Next on my list was a new area in Germantown called Butchertown Hall. Details about this upcoming restaurant are below and can be found with their menu on the link above!

“As Germantown’s “neighborhood joint”, we offer our guests warm hospitality in a gorgeous setting. We cook food with soul, utilizing primitive wood-fired cooking techniques for sandwiches, brisket and handmade sausage by the pound, Tex-Mex favorites, and much more.

We also feature an expansive beer garden, complete with a list of superior brews made especially for us by the city’s finest breweries”

I ordered their famous brussels sprouts and they were magical. Yes, if you are not a fan of brussels sprouts, you are now. I complimented my specialty item with a baby kale salad that had ancho spiced smoked walnuts and peanuts. That was new for me and gave the salad something extra.

Not only was the food good, but the design and atmosphere of the place was cosmic and earthy. There tall ceilings were covered with beautiful plants and a wall of green. They had stacks of wood underneath tables that made the smoky aroma from the kitchen fill the room. The design reminded me of the vegan restaurant, Avo! I have only been there one time and can’t wait to go again this summer. I will wait to tell you all about that adventure because once I start talking about avocados I can’t stop. While we are on the topic of amazing restaurant atmospheres…

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My most recent discovery has been my top favorite that I have visited from my list and it is called Merchants down on Broadway! Tucked away between all the touristy bars downtown sits the most beautiful, 3 story restaurant that reminded me of the old movie Tower of Terror! The white and black checkered floors, marble counters, old-fashioned bars, and glass chandeliers made you feel like you stepped back in time. I was lucky enough to have a waiter who I nearly talked to the entire time! While rocking the attire of suspenders and a bow tie, he explained how this historic restaurant was established in 1892 after being a hotel! Old remnants from the front lobby still stood and eating there was a cherry on top! He gave us a tour after dinner and shared ghost stories. Nothing like sitting with coffees, all dressed up, watching the tourists walk by. I love being local!

Speaking of what I love, I chose to order their salmon summer salad with fresh fruit. Some of the best Processed with VSCO with c1 preset salmon ever and it was huge!! They are famous for their deviled eggs and pickles, odd combo I know; nevertheless, it was the perfect amount of tart from the pickle and sweet from the egg. My favorite part though was discussing how much we enjoyed dinner over coffee. Coffee is the best hot drink after a large meal because it brings some sweetness when you are too full for dessert and aids digestion. I often make decaf coffees after my dinners.

I can’t wait to try more and more on my list. Last night, I had the pleasure of taking a group of people I didn’t know around Nashville and being a tour guide was so much fun. We went to Taco Mamacita then travelled along 12 South, where we decided to get our post dinner coffees at Frothy Monkey. Today, I am trying Just Love Coffee and can’t wait!

Now it is your turn. How are you reaching out to people? I decided to use my love for the city, local shops, food and conversation with new people to spread the word of change. I learn so much every day and smile every day when something new falls into my lap. Your smile is so uniquely beautiful to you so have a reason to smile every day! I challenge you to make a list of your own and go on an adventure. Grab a friend and run into a random shop to try their specialty! Do not regret anything because you can be healthy and happy anywhere there is food present. Like I said before, food will always be a concern and at every event so let’s embrace our culture, try new things and embrace every treat or person we encounter. Time to be the best foodies this city has ever seen!

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  1. I love Local Taco! They have one in Lexington and it was my favorite restaurant in college! You should check that one off your list soon!

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