The Search

Every single day people are searching.

For your lost set of keys, the love of your life, that missing homework assignment, a reason to get up in the morning, a level 10 friend, for a purpose, and the list goes on.

What are you searching for today?

I woke up after a reckless night of no sleep with the thought of searching. What is this huge puzzle we are trying to solve? I don’t want my life to be a maze of confusion. I want my life to be a path of adventure.

I have decided to make some changes in my life so far as I reflect on the position I am in. The past has been and gone and it has brought me to this moment.

I started my journey to self love by writing so I hope this helps someone realize that step one of this gigantic mystery called life is reading something new, writing one more word down, making one more decision to move forward. It just takes one more.

Step One- When I wake up in the morning I want to avoid what the world is telling me for a moment and focus on my breathing. Yes, I’m going to start practicing meditation. Without breath, we wouldn’t exist so I do not want to take that for granted.

Now, I don’t see myself turning into a yogi in the middle of the night; however, in order for me to make a difference in the world, I need to make small differences in myself.

“You are going to make a difference. A lot of times it won’t be huge, it won’t be visible even. But it will matter just the same.”

Life has a way of offering us moments and people when we least expect it, so let’s capture them while we can! Don’t go out searching for those key details in your life and placing them there without meaning. The best gifts are the surprises in life, aren’t they?

Step Two- I want to start listening to others. Searching within my own mind is exhausting and I often get lost. I am going to start listening to more podcasts and audio books. I think hearing other voices and thoughts will plant seeds in my life that I never knew existed.

Don’t spend today searching; just move forward with a heart of adventure and a lifetime of ambition because that love will find you if you show yourself love first. Those missing keys will show up even if you have found a new way to move forward. You are never lost, just paused, so breathe.

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Hello Beautiful!

My new website it launched with my digital portfolio, resume, and services.

This blog is my lifestyle, opinion and desires, while is a professional platform I use for any inquiries regarding photography, writing, branding, social media, collaborating, and more.

I want to help share your story now that I have gotten the chance to share mine.

Let’s get started!

Men’s Watches: Where to Shop for Unique Timepieces this Valentine’s Day

Hi gorgeous!

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Can you believe it? I hope you are feeling loved this season and do something special for someone you care for.

I have always loved this day. Growing up, I would make the valentine boxes and take it to school to be filled while eating the Krispy Kreme heart shaped donuts. Middle school I hoped to get that special kiss on the cheek from my crush and exchange cards. High school, I hoped to have my first candle lit dinner with a box of chocolates to eat at home. Since being in college, I have spent my Valentine’s Day with friends watching movies and sending letters and treats states away to the man I am so proud to call my valentine!

This year, I am so excited to share a gift that I received through Jord watches. A watch is a timeless gift that I love to wear on special occasions and they last so long!

I went ahead and surprised Nick with his personalized wooden watch made by Jord. The smile on his face to receive a gift that could be reused year after year was so amazing I just had to share!

This Valentine’s Day, you can have the chance to get an engraved watch for your special person. The unique women and men’s watches Jord has to offer is outstanding. I was blown away.

This personalized watch was delivered so fast and came in a beautiful, handcrafted wooden box in addition to cleaning tools inside.

There were multiple options of wood and design that you can order. Check out my gallery below:

Want this exact watch? You can order the same one!

Make your gift personalized, unique and special because on Valentine’s Day you can be as cheesy and extravagant as you want!

I chose Jord and want to help you choose so stay tuned for a contest to receive a 10% coupon code. One lucky person will win a $100 gift code to use on the Jord site!

Check them out and I hope to see you enter to get the perfect gift for your loved one!

Live beautifully.



Photography by Ishpicturesque 

Top 20 Grocery List Items

Everyone needs staple items in their kitchen to make everything from quick and simple meals to omelets, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, and more!

Below are all items you can find at Kroger. They are linked for you to order with an online shopping cart! I advice you to download the Kroger app to get all the deals and items straight from your phone.


  • Almond Milk- Vanilla Unsweetened or Original
    • Silk
    • Almond Breeze
    • Blue Diamond

Added Condiments:


2018: Life Doesn’t Always Have a Title

Happy New Year gorgeous!

People have all posted and wrote their resolutions for this year. I loved New Years Eve because everyone got dressed up, popped champagne, wore bright colored lipsticks, hugged those close to them, and possibly shared their first kiss of the new year when the clock stroked midnight. M A G I C A L.

My evening was spent with my sister and some of her sweet friends. We got dressed up, made our favorite moscow mules, threw way too much confetti, watched the ball drop, and cheered to what has been and what’s to come!

My resolutions for the year are characteristics that I want to strive for every day. These qualities I believe will help me in my day to day life as I continue to grow as an individual.

Strength | Happiness | Joy | Determination

 As you can see, I did not choose resolutions that started with “I will”. Let me tell you why.

Although I did not get the chance to have my first kiss at midnight with Nick, from across the country I got to talk with him about what we envision for these next 365 days.

This is a huge year for him, my family, and me, a year of change. With that being said, he told me that life doesn’t have a title, hence why I am talking with you today.

I strive to enjoy the stages of life. High school, College, soon to be post grad life, etc. They each play an important role in life, but sometimes there isn’t always a chronological path.

| Determined |

We can’t always label that this year ” I will do this.”  I chose to use the term determination because I am determined to turn my passions into a career. This time two years ago, I never imagined I would be doing what I am doing; therefore, I have to idea what the title of this year would be so I am choosing not to label it. Not knowing can be exciting! Allow room for growth and change. Not everything will happen as we see fit.

| Joy |

If we always knew what was ahead, how can we get excited about a surprise or new path in our new year? I chose joy because since there isn’t an exact label for what’s to come, I believe joy with my present circumstances will get me through any situation I don’t see coming.

“When you choose joy you feel good and when you feel good, you do good and when you do good, it reminds others of what joy feel like and it just might inspire them to do the same.”

| Strength |

Speaking of feeling good, I chose strength because I didn’t want to choose the resolutions to lose weight, gain weight, be healthy, thin, etc. Nope, I want to be strong whether that means eating pasta every night or trying new fitness classes with friends.

I don’t want to label myself. I might be seen as a blonde blogger who loves photography, but I am more than that. I want strength to embody my year as I try not to shape it into what I see, but rather expand it to see what I am capable of in this world.

| Happiness |

Labels and titles can be comfortable. We can find comfort in deciding okay this is who I am and this is who I will be. What if that changes? Will you be happy with who you are?

Happiness is a very generic term that can be used in hundreds of different ways because everyone has a different definition of what makes them the happiest.

“Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.”

Wow. This quote hit home for me because what if we looked back on our old new years resolutions and noticed some that didn’t work out. Are you going to go back and do the same thing over again this New Year? No! You are going to rip off that label and start again some place different.

” I don’t want my entire life crammed into one single word.”

Don’t look at your new year with one word. Find multiple qualities that you want to embody so that your year will shape you and your life into what it’s meant to become, purely spectacular.

See you this year beautiful.



Recognizing Life’s Triggers

Photography by Nick Obremskey

What do you imagine when you hear the word trigger?

Triggers cause an event or happening to exist.

I believe that we all have triggers in our lives, whether that is a person, place, object, or memory.

Those triggers can set off a positive or negative outcome. Now, some triggers are unavoidable, so instead of running from those moments, lets shape them so that when they go off we are ready to take on whatever this world has to offer.

I recognize that some triggers from our past have shaped us to be the wonderful human we are today and that can be a beautiful thing.

If you are triggered by a certain food that makes you nervous, like taking one bite will make you gain 20 pounds, don’t let that fear keep you from going out with friends or with a nice date at a fun restaurant. Our bodies are amazing and want us to treat it right by living whole-heartedly.

There might be memories or certain places that trigger anxious thoughts, but I want to learn how to handle them instead of running from them. For example, I ran out of church one day after getting anxious around a large group of people. I have no idea why!

According to Christopher Bergland from Psychology Today, he stated,

“Life in the human body is designed to be a blissful experience. Our evolutionary biology insures that everything necessary for our survival makes us feel good. All animals seek pleasure and avoid pain. Therefore, our brain has a wellspring of self-produced neurochemicals that turn the pursuits and struggles of life into pleasure and make us feel happy when we achieve them.”

He continues in his article by listing seven brain molecules that make you feel great,

  1. Endocannabunoids: The Bliss Molecule

  2. Dopamine: The Reward Molecule

  3. Oxytocin: The Bonding Molecule

  4. Endorphin: The Pain-Killing Molecule

  5. GABA: The Anti-Anxiety Molecule

  6. Serotonin: The Confidence Molecule

  7. Adrenaline: The Energy Molecule

We are called to share so here is my journey trying to surround myself with positive people and places that trigger emotions in me that increase my drive, passion and excitement.

The world offers more than just triggers. The grand picture is what shoots out of us! What we will put back in the world. I retreat back to people who remind me of that.

People go back to places that make them happy and hang out with people that bring enjoyment to their life. Be that person or provide that space of peace and fun.

If you start to get negative triggers in you, don’t hide them, but speak up. A huge part of my healing journey has been being vocal about how I feel right when food tries to pull me back in old ways. When I was in church I told someone right away how I was feeling and those thoughts faded away.

“The people who trigger us to negative emotions are just messengers…” – Teal Swan

It is important to trust your instincts and be aware of the messages being sent your way; however, lets not let one spark of emotion take away from all the other emotions that are mind, heart and body want to feel. Joy.

This holiday season calls for joy so you can be a positive trigger for someone in need. You can do it.



Palm Desert, California Travel

I have decided that this is my year of saying why not? First off, to travel! A part from this trip to California to end 2017, I am packing for Europe in a few months and just added Kansas City to my list! Why not? We all have to start somewhere, but lets focus on what’s happening right now.

After a week of being sick and finishing up finals, I was very thankful to have an opportunity to get away. It all started with a 5:00am flight last week. I had to wake up at 2:30am, ate breakfast at 4:30am, and napped every other hour. Needless to say, my schedule was way off.

Traveling often throws so much off mentally and physically, but instead of getting hostile, annoyed and agitated, like I do at times, we have to learn to role with the punches and trust that our bodies will take care of themselves if we do what we can to help it feel its best.

My digestion track was way off, I got cranky with no sleep, but still wanted to do some physical activity and eat full meals that entire day.

A part from my body freaking a little on the time change, I personally love airports and traveling in the middle of the night. There is a sense of adventure when leaving to go somewhere before the sun even rises.

My airport experience was lovely with a full breakfast at O’Charley’s, yes my first time and it was lovely. I ate an english muffin with a veggie, egg scramble.  I also ate oatmeal on the airplane. This was my first time riding first class on a plane and wow it will be hard to go back. What an awesome experience! I was sold with just the coffee and blanket.

Our first stop in California was at Trader Joes, shocker. We stocked up on fresh fruit, snacks and kombuchas! I tried a new flavor of Health Ade and have decided this one is my favorite so far. It is made from pink lady apples. You could taste them!

We stayed in Palm Desert, California at the JW Marriot Resort. My family goes here every year, but this was my first time since my freshman year of college.

The weather was in the 70s and I was a happy camper. It got really cold at night and since this is their slow season, it was not crowded at all.

My sister and I had our own room and were in bed at 9:30pm every night. It was lovely. We watched movies, always got up to have our coffee and blueberry muffins from Starbucks. I decided to try something new for breakfast in addition to those amazing muffins, smoked salmon with capers. I absolutely loved it. I always strive to eat as much fish as I can when I’m in areas with fresh fish because I always feel SO good when eating fish.

The weather was so beautiful, we wanted to do physical activity every day. Hiking, walking and working out is so enjoyable when you do it to enjoy rather than to treat it as a chore.

When new opportunities present themselves, take them. Rachel and I had a time block with nothing to do so we drove over 45 minutes through the wind mills that I’ve only seen on television screens. It’s crazy that energy comes from those! We blasted oldies music and said goodbye to the past and hello to the future.

My next favorite experience and something I got to cross off my bucket list was a hike with two Palm Desert locals through the mountains. We were in the middle of the desert with nothing by cacti, dusty dirt and large rocks but it took my breath away.

We made it to the top and in awe I looked, prayed, smiled and still couldn’t believe what I saw. The stories of injuries through the mountains are serious so I would always plan on having a hiking buddy. We got to see an old car that had fallen off the side of a cliff and it had been buried under dirt for years. I was not expecting to see that antique vehicle!

If I were going to go hiking again, I would wear more appropriate hiking shoes and have a fanny pack to hold my water and personal belongings.

We needed to fuel ourselves, so afterwards we found a juice bar called Juice Bar like in Nashville. We got the largest most wonderful Acai Bowl with added spinach. In addition, I taste tested their seasonal egg nog made with whey protein, chia, almond milk and more! I would love to have that again.

I ate something different for every meal. We went to a restaurant on property called Fisherman’s Landing and I had their specialty fish tacos that were featured on Rachel Rae’s Show! I ate everything from salads with shrimp, tuna and turkey sandwiches, chicken marsala at at Italian restaurant, and we can’t forget about the all you can eat sushi…

My dad’s favorite sushi bar in Palm Desert is called Okura. They have all you an eat sushi where you can taste test as many different sushi rolls as you would like. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tasted jalapeño poppers and eel. Everything was so good. I personally do not like creme cheese or anything heavy with cream, so I always stick to my rolls with avocado, salmon, shrimp, and the basics.

Being in the sun and doing physical activity in the heat requires fueling yourself and I felt amazing the more I ate.

Next, I had the opportunity to have my very first spa day. I had never spent a day at a spa and I loved it. There was no use of phones which made the experience even better on this girls day.

There were multiple steam rooms with essential oils including eucalyptus and lavender. I wore that large white robe all day and was so upset when I had to actually put on regular clothes.

My first massage was amazing. You know me and stories, so as I got to know the man doing my massage, he told me that after a surfing accident, he lost some mobility. Massage therapy helped his healing process so for 19 years he has done massages for other people. Amazing.

He worked on areas where I had my neck spasm and carpal tunnel in my wrists. I was sore, which is a good thing! Those massages release lactic acid from our muscles, so I had to drink lots of water to flush that all out. I would highly recommend.

That day ended in a private room where we talked for hours. From stories on our faith, personal dreams, hardships, and funny memories, we talked until closing time. Getting lost in conversation with new and old friends is something we all should work towards no matter where we go.

Patiently waiting was a common theme in our discussion. Everyone is waiting on something, but God is asking us just to wait patiently and what we imagine will not even come close to what He will provide for us.

On my last day, I spent a day with my mom at the pool and reenacted a photo I took my Freshman year when I was going through my eating disorder to now. Same background, new person. I am happier, stronger, have more color, and more curves. After I looked at that photo below, I kept eating because why should I stop a journey that has been so amazing? I wouldn’t be able to travel if I wasn’t treating my body the way God wants me to.

Our final evening was a Prime Source Entertainment work event. It was a show with multiple artists, including Don Felder, Gin Blossoms, John Elefante, Gretchen Wilson, Six Wire, and Skunk Baxter.

I was in charge of photography and assisting backstage. It was as successful evening that ended with me in bed after having a slice of shrimp pizza. Yum.

This was a very blessed trip that taught me to learn to be okay not doing something all the time. This is a common lesson I keep trying to teach myself. I tried to look up more and listen intently in conversations.

I will miss the mountains, the greenery and the peacefulness, but I’m happy to be back with the hustle and bustle of Nashville at Christmas time.

From conversations on this trip, I’ve learned that every conversation is not a mistake. So many opprotunities are ahead. Why not take them? 

Until next time Cali!




What’s the Formula?

You know what’s exhausting, trying to figure out the perfect formula to life. Sometimes things don’t add up. There will be times our plans do add up, but we didn’t get the solution we wanted.

Are you trying to find that perfect person who adds up to be everything you wanted? What are you trying to solve?

Life is a huge math problem with not one answer, there are endless possibilities and that is why I am writing to you today.

There is no perfect formula. There is not a perfect to-do list to have the perfect body or to be your healthiest self. That is a problem you have to work over and over again, but it is worth it because your body is one of the most precious things you can cherish on this earth.

That love that didn’t work as planned isn’t a negative, it is a positive because just imagine what the solution could be if you kept going, kept living. You never know what’s coming.

I feel as though we are all striving to go through this plan of life, solving the problems, and making our own perfect solution. There is none so that is the beauty in figuring it out.

We will have to make mistakes, get up and try again, go up to that person and ask them out, start over, and that is a beautiful thing.

If we didn’t have a journey of problem solving then what stories would we tell our kids when we are older?

I will never be the healthiest and most fit person. I might not be the perfect blogger. I have come to terms that those qualities are the platforms that will help me be my own beautiful mathematician.

Everyone reads a problem differently. We all go about life a different way. If we all handled things the same or had the same outcomes then what would life be about? How would you add your unique story to the equation?

Just because things don’t add up, doesn’t mean you have been defeated. It means that there is another possibility waiting for you. Work for it.

Screw the formula and say hello to your unique pattern called life.



LeahLou Photography

Why Essential Oils?

Today we are diving into oils and more oils. Now, I know what you are thinking. What is this new fab people are raving about? Essential oils are essential for a reason and have always been a natural holistic way of healing and easing one’s mind and body, so I am happy that I have had people in my life influence me to use essential oils in all areas of wellness.

I have been educated about oils through a company started in 1993, Young Living.  

We honor our stewardship to champion nature’s living energy, essential oils, by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Their mission provoked me to ask questions. I started asking more and more questions and meeting those who use essential oils and day after day, sample after sample, I now diffuse and rub oils on the bottom of my feet every night before I sleep.

I have never slept SO good! I have personally used oils to help with sleep, cramps, sickness, muscle tension, and to decrease stress. These are just a few of the many ways oil can help heal, but these are the specific one’s that have personally worked for me.

What are the top 5 ways to use essential oils?

  1. Inspire a positive emotional state – Lavender, Orange, Peppermint
  2. Enhance your physical wellness
  3. Enhance spiritual awareness
  4. Purify your home – Thieves – Check out my cleaner below:
  5. Refine your beauty routine

I have included my favorite oils I have started out with to help my positive state and to purify my home. Today I am actually making a thieves cleaner inspired by Natalie Boddekar (Check out her blog) She has inspired me and is my go-to person with any questions on oils!

I have always strived to get rid of bacteria or pain in the most natural way possible because my body doesn’t react well to certain medications. For example, my hormones are so intense after I took my body on my unhealthy adventure, so my cramps are miserable. I took a Midol a few weeks ago and broke out in hives!

I am now educating myself on alternate ways so read below on how I have used them within these to past few weeks.

How to use these oils? 

I rub them on the desired area, whether that’s my stomach for cramps, neck for tension, or the bottom of my feet! The bottom of our feet have the larges pores and fun fact, if you place an onion on the bottom of your foot, you can taste it in your mouth within 30 seconds! What?!



Thieves essential oil is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils for an aromatic blend that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma. It smells SO GOOD!

Thieves are great replacement for cleaning products, toothpaste, dish soap, and numerous bacteria fighting remedies!

Read additional information on how to use Thieves essential oils here.

Today I am mixing my Thieves essential oil and water to have my very own long lasting cleaner! Yes those ingredients is all it takes!

I am using a glass bottle after being inspired from the Young Living Blog.

Have you used Essential Oils? If so, share your story!




The Healthstyle Emporium: Those Who Have Influenced Me

Hello beautiful! I am so excited for you to be here today. As I start to write some recap posts for you on my most recent birthday celebrations, I want to start off with a huge journey I have decided to embark on!

It has always been about wellness to me, mental and physical. I want to make a difference and share a story to shine light in this world for anyone who needs it. If this is your first time on my blog today, welcome! You can read how I got here and what I want for you.

I try new things, reach out to people and sometimes still feel like my growth can come to a pause. Recently, I had someone reach out to me and didn’t ask me about products I use or whether or not I should try this or that, no she asked me about my wellness journey and lead me to this-

Created by the beautiful and inspiring Chani Peach, The Healthstyle Emporium is an online program available to anyone. A program tailored to meet you where you currently are in your health journey and help you reach your individual goals to go wherever it is you want to go.

This program has a beautiful team of health professionals & wellness coaches who are involved together in your journey, people who are dedicated to sharing their wealth of knowledge and are available to you at any point in time during your program.

You can read more on the website and watch the full video here.


Chani has built a platform for people to reach out and get every thing they want out of life! She is taking me on my path to becoming a wellness coach for others and myself! Her blog is beautiful! Go and read her story.

It wasn’t until I understood the huge role that food & my thoughts played in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, that I was able to experience a total metamorphosis and really begin to flourish in all areas of my life – not just in health, but life in general. With my practice and mission I want to help you build a healthy relationship with yourself first and foremost, and then of course food – the way you think, feel, become aware of and enjoy life is important to me and ultimately, I want to leave you feeling like your happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

I truly believe that a wellness journey encompasses trying new things, meeting new people and challenging yourself. I am so excited to start my path on being a wellness coach and have so many opportunities for you coming up to see my welcome video and much more!

A huge thank you to the the lovely Sloan who reached out to me and now we are in this program together! She actually dances and goes to Vanderbilt in Nashville. Small world! Go and check out her page, Kale and Kravings, you will LOVE it! She gives awesome tips for juggling a healthy lifestyle while being a student.

Let’s live, breath, speak, eat and love beautifully today!