Being a College Student: Bowling Green to Bahamas

Good morning beautiful! Wow, can you believe it is almost April? I am about to be done with my Junior year here at WKU. Last week was midterm week, following spring break where I didn’t have my phone for almost one week! It was a blessing but wow I have been off the grid and have so much to share. Thanks for reading!

“Go and be a college kid…”

Those words from my parents always seep into my mind as I start to enter the stage of life where doing things for the last time are approaching. My goal for my blog is to share the beautiful aspects in life and inspire college students to think beautifully. With that comes sharing the good times, the trials and trying to answer questions that I know we are all thinking. Today, lets start from the beginning where sometimes you have to just decide to be a college kid.

How do you define being in college? I have mentioned before that to some, that means going out every night, for others that means never leaving the library and for myself, I have found a balance of going out with friends and staying in with a face mask and a movie (my personal favorite). The speed of life and expectations always speeds up this time of year as the year approaches. Lately, with the thought of a career path and applying for internships, I almost didn’t go on my spring break at one point with the thought of going on a trip my family went on. That mature, Cali, poolside feel seemed perfect at the time, but one of the best decisions i’ve made out of my college career was going on a cruise with some of my closest friends and even some new ones! Don’t always be content with comfort. 

I have only been out of the country one time in my life when I went on my high school graduation trip to Aruba. For spring break, a group of 12 of us packed up and were sea bound. I had SO much fun! We went dancing every day, ate too much, laughed and were just college kids. I didn’t bring my books for my 3 exams I had the week after, I didn’t have my phone on me at all and I didn’t count one calorie. I totally went against my diet my doctor advised me to be on, which took a lot of mind discipline on my part, but overall felt great with only a few bad nights! I struggled once reality hit because in the moment you feel fine, then once you pause and reflect, you get that regret feeling of oh no why did I eat that or drink that sugary drink? Luckily, the food on the ship had so many healthy options! The strong coffee was great, they had burrito bowls with fresh shrimp and homemade, wheat tortillas, in addition to their caesar, kale salads with salmon. That was my favorite option at dinner!

Let me tell you, this is when “being a college kid” is the best piece of advice I can give. I’m not going to discuss detox methods or post-spring break workout routines. I’m going to tell you that being silly and ridiculous without being harsh on your body is sometimes the best form of detox.

We woke up every morning, went to eat breakfast, got on swim suits and tanned until lunch. With naps and showers later we got all dressed up every night, which I love because dressing up for a formal dinner is a way to appreciate having a nice meal at the end of the day with people you care about. The staff was so fun and had the best manners because they often pulled out my chair at dinner, which I greatly admired. After dessert, we would watch the shows, go to clubs, listen to music and dance until we could do it the next day. I even stepped into a casino and met some pretty memorable people which was definitely an experience! We need to be experiencing life until we are old and gray so I highly recommend going on a cruise for a spring break where budgets are tight. We were on the Carnival Ecstasy!

The best of best days was in the Bahamas. We docked in Nassau Friday afternoon after leaving a port in Charleston on Wednesday. On my list is to travel and see God’s beautiful creations. It left me speechless being around such clear water with vibrant colors on every building. The happy vibes here were contagious! We walked through the markets and found a nice man who drove us to a beach where we filled our coconuts and got lost in the moment! Our driver even started preaching the Gospel to us…wow. God is everywhere and even reminded us that within our fun trip, He is the source of all happiness.

We sipped and danced all day! The weather was perfect and I would definitely go back in a heart beat just to be around such a fun and gorgeous environment.

The group I went with was so much fun. We prayed before every meal, which I often lose track of and want to get better in, and encouraged each other to just let lose and have fun.

Coming from the adult in a college kid’s body, I encourage you to be a college kid if you are getting wrapped up in school and work. Work hard, but don’t lose sight of the big picture: happiness. You are young. You need to live. You need to dance obnoxiously and eat abundantly. Feel free in the moment you are in. I’m back at school gripping my coffee mugs and powering through midterms, but we got this. I wish I could be gripping that coconut on the beach, but more traveling times will come. Right now, I’m in college learning and enjoying this stage in my life. Now it’s your turn.

Enjoy more photography below by Danielle Wilson 

Recipe for a Recap

Happy recapping on this cozy weekend! My day has consisted of sleeping late, eating way too much breakfast food and dark chocolate with coffee and not leaving this house. Currently I am back in South Carolina with my best friend, but lets catch up on some of my favorite recipes, outfits, places, people, and oh goodness everything that makes life wonderful! Thanks for reading with me today.

Lets start with last weekend in Nashville. It was filled with good and bad but that’s okay because without the bad, we wouldn’t recognize and appreciate the good things in life.

So, I was once told that I was “too healthy”. Is this a thing? Yes, it is. Some of the foods we think of as really healthy aren’t providing us with the right nutrition needing to function. I just finished a salad for dinner, but needed something else. I resulted with a bite of a cookie and lots of dark chocolate. Now I am all fueled up to write for you today.

About one month ago my stomach started bloating uncontrollably to a point where when I took a sip from a smoothie, I had to curl up in bed and hold my tummy in. This lasted for 2 weeks with me attempting to figure out what was going on because something was clearly wrong. I started to get frustrated because I constantly was telling people I was doing everything right! I was eating super clean and trying to balance my resting and exercise. After three doctor appointments and some X-rays later, they told me my small intestine wasn’t digesting something correctly, most likely gluten and high fibrous foods. I was on an antibiotic that was killing bacteria in my stomach and with that I was drinking so much Kombucha and taking two probiotic pills a day and that wasn’t helping. I now start to eliminate some foods from my diet that are so healthy but not healthy for me, that even includes apples and bananas! I can only have one apple a day and small portions of banana…what?? They also found a cist that was not helping the situation either. After taking so many nutrients from my body over a year ago, my body is learning what to do with certain nutrients I am now feeding it. It likes some and not others and i’ve learned that’s okay.

I am filling you in on this because sometimes what our computers define as healthy diets isn’t the healthy diet YOUR body is looking for. I am now the one eating gluten free crackers and breads. Some think I am just following a “fad” but that’s not the case. I don’t let others opinions alter the way I look and feed myself and you shouldn’t either.

I can’t wait to continue to share with you my favorite recipes on my Instagram stories and on here as well. First, my favorite new find is below:

From the Juice Bar in Nashville, these are overnight oats made with rolled oats and chia seeds soaked in almond milk. The toppings consist of homemade granola, raw almond butter, strawberries, honey, and goji berries. Read up on the benefits of these berries from the amazing Dr. Axe. These oats are the same price as an entire breakfast meal from a fast food restaurant and you can also make these yourself at home! I have tried it and loved making them. Check out my Pinterest Board, Healthy Lifestyle, for some inspo on these overnight oats!

Before I had to start restricting from gluten filled treats, my precious dad surprised me one morning with donuts and coffee. For those who can eat lots of gluten, praise you all, Dunkin Donuts now offers low calorie donuts that are so tasty! As you can see, I was only able to have a bite but boy I enjoyed it. They even have a DDSMART page for nutritional tips on tasty treats! So awesome.

For dinner, my new favorite thing to make is grilled pesto chicken with veggies! Nick and I have started to enjoy cooking and try to make it an event in itself because one can dress up and make dinner just as fun as dressing up and going out. We got all dressed up, blasted music through the entire house and sipped on drinks over crackers and hummus before preparing our meal. This recipe is super easy! I wanted sweet potatoes and he wanted plain so we made both. We sliced the potatoes, tossed in olive oil and topped them with italian seasoning. In addition, we found some fresh peppers, onions and asparagus for only $2.50 at Publix. They don’t have Kroger where we are but I was impressed by their amazing food options! We topped the grilled chicken with pesto and parmesan cheese. My favorite! Set your oven for 395, cook for 30 minutes and all done! This is our second time making this and it never fails because we turned our leftovers into a caesar salad today. The dressing was oil based because I try to avoid creamy dressings and it tasted better than most side salads at restaurants.

Whatever journey you are on, whether that’s trying to figure out what works best for your body to eat, how to choose healthier options for treats, or planning fun nights right at home, you are the author of your own story. If you don’t like a certain chapter of your life, change it!

GROW THROUGH WHAT YOU GO THROUGH- read my Travel Thoughts on some recipes, travels and upcoming posts!


Travel Thoughts

From home, to school, to another visit to South Carolina, and then off on spring break vacation, going back and forth means lots of packing but lots of time to think and enjoy exactly where I am in that moment…

Snow on spring break was not planned but you know some of the best things in life aren’t planned. Today I was cozied up under blankets all day and sit before you with some hot chai tea while eating cereal from the box. The definition to the end of a lazy weekend am I right?

Places are always growing and finding their purpose just like the people in it. I am at an age right now where finding purpose is on the top of the list. I had someone ask me today what major she should choose because she was afraid of choosing the wrong one. The major we decide does not label the career path we take because now is the time to change it and mess up in order to figure out what career path best uses our talents. Remember to always do what you love. That might be sacrificing something for something else but in the long run, it will be worth it.

The best example of this would be from my awesome coffee date with Nashville blogger, Hunter Schleicher. I have linked her blog before, but here it is a second time because it is worth reading! She said that if she looked back on her life 6 months ago, she didn’t think she would be blogging. Just sitting in her kitchen one day she just started writing and posting pictures that meant a lot to her. Now, she is a full time blogger meeting so many exceptional people in town. We shared tips, stories and a yummy hummus at Frothy Monkey.

My home town continues to grow into a city filled with beautiful art and creations. The skill to create something that is worth pausing over is just beautiful. I love wall murals, and not just for a cute picture in front of it, but just imagine someone gripping a paint brush for hours and creating a beautiful image that people get to stare at every single day? Simply breathtaking.

On my list is to visit every wall mural Nashville has to offer and do a Nashville wall crawl so this summer, that is on the top of my list.

Back in Kentucky, I started to pack for spring break. Finally! I am going on my very first cruise. Traveling and seeing our world in all its beauty will always be on my heart, but what better way than to have a college experience on a boat with dear friends. We leave out of Charleston, one of my favorite places as you know, and then go to the Bahamas! That sounds so lovely instead of this snowy weather we have right now. Packing for warm weather when it’s cold outside can be difficult, but with the help of Russell, my special guest for a few days, I was able to mix and match outfits in addition to some shopping splurging…

Every piece of clothing you see above I have had forever but decided to mix and match to save money while creating new outfits! I encourage you to try to put together different outfits out of clothes you have had because you never know what creative creations you can make. Neutrals are my favorite go to because they match any weather and I think they have a light, care free style about them.

I am lucky to get to spend time in Columbia with Nick for a few days before the cruise. Rain, shine, snow or sun, we put our shades on and experienced another road trip. I would say we are experts by now with a playlist pre-made, coffees picked up and snacks bagged up for the week.

My favorite new place we visited was a bar that I described as a 1940s speakeasy! It was called the Flying Saucer. This eclectic place has been open since 1995 and as you can see below, the entire venue is covered with plates. Every plate is uniquely different and you can buy a membership to taste all of their beers. There are more than 200 options and I tasted a few and loved them. After the membership, you get your name on a saucer. What an amazing idea and cool place that I haven’t seen anywhere else!


Something about getting out of town just clears your mind. Just by visiting him, I don’t open my calendar, rarely check my phone, eat whatever him and his roommates eat (yes I am in a boy house), and sleep so much because i’m finally resting. I get to have great conversations with him and his friends about how life is going and every time I meet someone knew, I often find myself describing “what I do”…well I don’t think that has a label yet but I encourage you to read my next post on being a dreamer because right now I’m just dreaming and living, but I believe that with drive and desire, a dream is an inevitable outcome.

Bundle up and dream today.

“Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well. Do what you love, love what you do. It’s time to start living.”

Hello gorgeous! So this weather is crazy. We have tornado warnings one moment and 30 degree weather, then there are days like today where my windows are open and it is stunning! Today, I grabbed my go-to scarf that I purchased from Lululemon and had to share because I’ve had a few people ask me about it!

Now, I am definitely not a fashion blogger because I am that girl who does not get ready for class, unless it’s test day because like I previously said, dress well, test well! When people ask me questions I always want to strive to answer them all. Today, I’ve gotten some on health and fashion, but I’m in the mood to talk clothes more so I’m happy you are here!

This scarf I purchased years ago and it can be worn a ton of different ways. It folds into a perfect square, turns into an infinity scarf or a loose wrap. Insane right? I got mine in store, but you can order it online. I want to strive to show you that healthy living isn’t a stressful process in regards to money, worry or that you can’t achieve it, because you can. Stress on your body can ruin a day that could have been amazing. With that being said, this scarf is definitely more expensive than usual scarves at a price of $48.00. However, I enjoyed this splurging purchase because it has lasted me years and is so versatile. I love my $9 scarf from Target, but also love this one so splurge once in a while not only on food, but on clothes!

It is called the Vinyasa Scarf. Yes, you can wear it running outside, doing yoga or just going to work. I wore it to work today and loved it. Wow. It went along great with my jumbo bag of RAW cashews I got from Kroger for 40 cents…yes this is not a drill. See, living healthy and on a budget in college is totally doable and I want to see you live the happiest life. You are beautiful, this day is freaking gorgeous and you can do anything you set your mind to. Go grab some healthy snacks, wrap yourself up and enjoy today.

My Form of Wellness

I loved giving you a glimpse into my closet, but it isn’t always what we are wearing. I totally agree with the saying “Dress well, test well” and I believe that applies at the gym because lets admit, who workouts more when they have a cute outfit to wear? No shame. It’s not always about the image though and that’s what I’ve been in the process of understanding. I have never studied nutrition so much in my life so that’s why I am blowing up your phone with day to day food tips and I love it! However, wellness is beyond what we wear and eat. It’s how we move! I don’t care how you choose to get moving in your day to day life but we have to in order to live abundantly!

I have probably done it all. I have done high impact from TRX videos, cycle classes, free weights at the gym, cardio outside, barre, yoga, and the list goes on. My body will probably always be changing what it decides to do because our muscles need variety, just like our diets need variety as well.

Like every week I have done my Barre and jogged outside, but last week I added variety by doing a Zumba class with my sorority sisters and doing Hot Yoga. I needed the dancing, stretching and sweating. I feel sore and love that feeling! Wellness can come from anything, not just from my list of favorites.

According to author Miguel Cavazos from LiveStrong, different types of exercise fall under 4 main categories:

  1. Aerobic- “Involves performing continuous movements with large muscle groups, such as your legs, for 20 minutes or more.”
  2. Anaerobic- “Increases the force your muscle contractions can generate. May increase your strength, speed or power output.”
  3. Flexibility- “Enhances the range of motion of your muscle and joint movements.”
  4. Stability-  “Improves your ability to maintain body alignment while resisting unwanted bone and joint movements.”

It’s crazy what our bodies are capable of and it’s up to us to see what we can do! I’ve been injured, I’ve worked out too much and not enough at times and that is okay! You might make a workout schedule and then wake up one morning with the feeling of eh not today. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If it needs sleep, press that snooze button, if you are tight, wake up and stretch. There is no better feeling, and that gets me to my favorite from the list…yoga.

Hot Yoga Bowling Green is my place of serenity within the week. My goal is to go every Wednesday for their restorative class. Yes, just once a week because I found going a lot on top of working out made me weak and shaky. The couple that owns this studio has such driven hearts and they remind we every time I walk in how loved I am by our Father above. Their Christian hearts have opened so many doors to so many people. I have cried in front of her, laughed, improved and have even fallen asleep in class. The dimmed lights and essential oil toilettes get me every time. That’s the point of the restorative class! All you do is stretch, breath and get all the negative toxins and thoughts from your system. Students only have to pay $9.00 a class so I highly recommend you try this place out if you are a fellow BG resident!

Now I’m not going to go into the proper way to plank, stretch or do a push up. My blog isn’t to tell you how to do something perfectly because this girl used to be able to do the splits and now I’m the tallest one, mid lunge, when everyone else falls on the floor in class. I do all my pushups girls style with knees planted on the ground and my wall sits probably last for only a few minutes due to my legs shaking. None of this stops me because I have learned in order for me to gain lean muscle, numerous reps, small movements, stretching with bent knees, and squatting until I shake get me where I want to be slowly but surely!

You can do wellness anywhere. In the comfort in your own home, at a studio or anywhere outside. As you can tell, I just planked in a park. Nailed it! Now it’s your turn! Stretch, share and shake those muscles. They are worth being built and you are worth every breath you take. Live strong and well beautiful!

{Leah Lou Photography}

Confidently Comfortable

Hello beautiful! It’s time to step out of our comfort zones. Recently I have had a drive on my heart to share my interests and passions because so many women I’ve never even met before have influenced my thoughts and me. How have they become so successful in sharing such impactful ways of life? Well they had to start somewhere! Beyoncé wasn’t famous in one night, our bodies don’t change with the snap of our fingers and our dreams might take a long time to achieve, but what do I always say? We got this.

Are you confident in your stage of life? I have grown up in a house where my parents strive to instill confidence in myself every day. I want to hide my timid thoughts and awkward smiles because bam we are filled with thousands of cells that are so uniquely made to make us who we are. Today lets confidently say who we are and what we love because being comfortable with yourself and confident in your decisions all stem from YOU.

Leggings: Zella Shoes: Nike: Flex Experience RN5

I want to share some clothing today! I’m not the type to lead you to expensive clothes that no college person can afford. Nope, I am showing you that you can buy one amazing piece and rock thousands of outfits with it for years and years.

Work out clothes are my favorite thing to buy because not only can we wear them to the gym, to class and on any errand we want to go on, but society has turned workout clothes into a stylish necessity to have in your closet!  There are so many days I don’t workout and just eat and my workout clothes are exactly what I go for. I am a bargainer; but when it comes to leggings that are comfortable, sweat resistant and will last for a long time, below are some of my go-to brands that all fit into my collegiate price range:

Alo Yoga



Old Navy

TJ Maxx

Free People

Yes, Free People has a line for workout clothes and the style mixed with comfort allows me to confidentially wear it wherever I go! The sports bra I’m wearing above is my new favorite. It goes perfectly with those black, high-wasted leggings by Nordstrom’s brand, Zella. After working at Nordstrom in their athletic wear department, I discovered that the old designer for Lululemon is the designer for Zella. They are the same material, similar style and a little less expensive; however, when it comes to workout tops, Lulu is my go to and my favorite black pair of leggings I purchased from there over 2 years ago still feel as good as new! I don’t dry any of these, I just wash and air dry. My favorite barre go-to are the high wasted Alo leggings! They are called the “Goddess” legging and you can purchase them online.

For pullovers, jackets and loose yoga tanks, TJ Maxx and Old Navy have AMAZING options all around $20 or less. I have a solid black zip up from Old Navy that goes with every outfit and people seem to always ask where it’s from so try out these awesome places because you never know what you will find.

If you don’t want to wear tight leggings and prefer loose Nike sweats or norts then go for it! It is up to you to mark your own brand and be YOU. Confidence is attractive, I promise. If you are determined, driven, excited, or passionate about how you look and where your life is going, then embrace that and kill it. Reach out to people that influence you. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and turn their style into your own. Most conversationalists who get the jobs and are well known ask questions. Ask and you will receive.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

Matthew 7:7-8

Your father in heaven is rooting for you and wants you to be confident in His creation. I admit to comparing my worth to others and I feel God saying don’t stop moving and growing. So lets stop our frantic thinking, put on some killer workout clothes, confidentally walk in a room to ask questions, and receive the love of our Father until we march on tomorrow.

Confidently walk in the comfort of your own body and heart. Your walk into a healthy mindset doesn’t always start with an outfit. It starts from taking action. Get active today!

{Photography: Leah Lou Photography}

Family Fun

My first time moving was going to college. I slept in the same bedroom, went to the same school and drove on the same roads every day for 18 years. Crazy right? That was my home and I sure was a home body, daddy’s girl and obsessed with Nashville. I made my home in Bowling Green and don’t know how I will ever let it go, but this is just where God placed me during this stage of life and I can’t wait to see where He places me next.

Light wash ripped jeans- Forever 21

Nashville is our neighbor so people always drive there on weekends. I always do, but this time I wanted to share my town with my family so today I had the pleasure of having a girls day with my mom, sister and Russell of course. We planned on going on this consignment shopping strip and walking around hoping to have some great finds; however, it was rainy and the shops were closed…we needed a drink.

I took them to my favorite place in BG, The White Squirrel! Shocker I know and yes I ordered my favorite kale salad to go, but I also wanted to enjoy the moment and try good food, meaning food I can’t make at home. We all ordered a round of drinks and just talked for at least two hours! Sometimes you just need your sister and mom. I got a Pale Ale and loved it! I can never finish a full beer because I get so full, but it is an amazing sipping drink! We then all shared the most AMAZING flatbread with crab, cheese and grapefruit on top…yes those ingredients all put together were heavenly. I splurged and attacked my kale salad later.

A parent can’t leave without taking their college kid to the grocery store, am I right? As you could see from my Insta story, I got these amazing items that I love! I can’t wait to try these fig bars for a snack and this cold brew coffee! I will let you know how they are so stay tuned…but I got this all at Kroger! SEE! You do not need a fancy Whole Foods to get what you want and need. That lavender essential oil was even on sale.

It’s time to use college to feel our best while enjoying it without restricting ourselves. Eat that kale, sip on that beer, and don’t forget about that chocolate. Above is my new favorite dark chocolate with sea salt! Just remember to look for simple ingredients at the grocery store, but the not so simplistic things in life. Call your parents more. Love often. You got this. Lets discover more together this week!

Story Time

Hi gorgeous!

I hope your weekend is absolutely wonderful and that you are filling yourself with late night movies and morning pancakes. My weekend so far has been a recovery from me being sick and making the most out of it! With that, I woke up early, went to barre, grabbed my snack, cleaned, napped, ate again and will probably continue to repeat this because why not?

There is so much to share and see and within this routine I’ve made for myself, I always take the time to catch up on my favorite bloggers, aka my long distance lifestyle coaches. I was seeking advice from a successful young adult who I can’t wait to meet with soon and she said something that stuck with me…a picture can only go so far. I watch and read so many life stories because it makes me feel a part and don’t we all strive for that feeling? We are all writing our life stories and we need to share because life is too short! I screen shot all the time recipes from others living in Cali and so many other places. I realize that I am a student who can’t afford a fancy juicer or vitamix so time to start using what we have to live the life we want. Below is an example of a killer recipe from the one and only, Shutthekaleup!

I want to strive to reach out to as many people as I can as I try new things. Some will fail and some will prevail and I love that because there is always something to look forward to. Below you will see that on my Instagram account, I have started to post my day to day snacks and meals. I often get asked what I eat at college and how I balance that with everything. Well living a college life on a college budget can be challenging, but I want to share with you my experiences and joys I find every day. Whether that be food, new shop finds or life experiences on and off campus, it’s story time!

My pictures will probably not be beautiful looking like on Pinterest but blogging should be real and authentic so I will show you how a life can be enjoyed without the “perfect picture”. Blogging can often be hard to get involved in because everyone’s lives seem so perfect. I often find myself comparing to a lifestyle that is not my own and that isn’t healthy. Just like the food we eat, we can’t obsess over anything. So lets just be hot messes together!

I hope you find a passion that drives you. If you are afraid to start something because the thought of other people’s judgments will get in the way, shake that off and confidently be you because you are a remarkable person! Can’t wait to share my day to day stories and for you to share yours.

…Start here with this post, Family Fun,  to end your weekend 🙂


“Ask my Spirit within you to order your day and control your thoughts, for the mind controlled by the spirit is LIFE and PEACE.”

We pick and choose our priorities in life. Stages occur where we find ourselves doing the best we can do in one subject, but often it’s easy to let others come short.

For example, I’m writing to you this morning from being up all night with terrible stomach pain. I’ve been in a healthy place but all of my gastrointestinal issues have been occurring. I have been trying to change my diet, survive three exams this week and work two part time jobs. For one of my tests, I studied a lot for and the other, not so much. I worked my butt off for one of my jobs, but fell short of all my duties at the other. I chose to stay home a third week in a row and skip church because I wanted to sleep, but ended up staying up all night in pain getting frustrated.

Frustration is a powerful tool and can grip tight of your focus. This morning, still not feeling good, I woke up and needed my coffee so first priority of the day-check! However, I sat there and said I truly don’t need caffeine, I need some guidance from the one who knows me the most, my creator. Opening up my Jesus Calling book I read,

“Thank me for the conditions that are requiring you to be still…Some of the greatest works in My kingdom have been done from sickbeds.”

Oh yes, God went there. He has been trying to speak to me and honestly I have not listened and have steered away from wriitng about my spiritual growth because well I haven’t been growing. I still find myself providing guidance to friends who need it and I fully give every word spoken to my Father in heaven cause I’m still figuring out this life thing and sometimes you just have no words.

Like I said earlier, we pick and choose our priorities, but also the words we say. One word can’t be taken back. One text, one picture, nothing is ever deleted because although it was thrown away in cyber space, the message is still engraved in that person’s mind who received it.

If you are sick in bed like me today but need to power through classes and work, you got this. Pause for a second and look at the beauty around you. The stillness you are experiencing is no mistake so pause and prioritize. God is trying to tell me something and He is trying to communicate with you too. Lets let Him take control and love this time of stillness.

Gripping A Little Tighter To That Mug Life

Good morning! It’s hump day, meaning whatever happened in the first half of your week is done and you have the second half to embrace and enjoy! This morning is rainy and dark, but I love eerie mornings that make you curl up on the couch and grip that hot cup of coffee a little extra. Today, try to grip on tight a little more than usual because why not? Hug a little tighter, keep eye contact with someone a little longer and connect with yourself and others as we try to figure out life today.

Life changes continuously and we aren’t always prepared. Sometimes you will have someone you love breakdown crying and you need to be present for them in a moment you weren’t ready for. When this happens, as it did for me last night, you tell them that God’s got this and you go and grab ice cream at Kroger. My new favorite is below. Healthy, yummy and under $5! Heck yes. You can read reviews and more nutritional breakdowns for this pint that I finished in two days on Popsugar.

As I gripped my cup of coffee this morning and had a wonderful conversation with my mom in the kitchen, I just thought about how many conversations, choices, smiles, tears, and memories have been made over just one cup of coffee. That’s all it takes. So many first dates and first kisses have happened over one cup of hot water and coffee beans. Like what? Decades ago people were offered hot teas and coffees at all times of the day and today coffee is this new “trend”. It might be the new thing to post pictures with cool looking coffee mugs but trends come and go. Conversations and choices never go. Hold on to that today as you hold your cup of coffee. I am sure you will pass people in the hallway while sipping on your caffeine and will share a smile or talk with one adding creme and sugar to theirs as well.

At your Starbucks or local coffee shop, look around and see all the people. People watching is the best way of learning and the best way to realize that whatever is happening in your life, there is a joyful presence right beside you. Look your barista across the counter and wish her a happy day instead of demanding for that drink to keep you up all day.

If you are a tea drinker, this still applies to you because while warming your hands with your mug, you are most likely warming someone’s heart with the thought of beginning your day asking someone, “How are you doing this morning?”

My coffee is almost out so my monologue on how one coffee cup starts your day is over. Just remember to not bounce from trend to trend. Grip on tight to the meaningful moments that never go out of style.