Strong Not Skinny

This weather has turned my body upside down with allergies, colds, and everything in between. I have been trying for weeks to recover from not feeing my best. I have been low on energy and less motivated, losing the emotion of getting up and saying “I got this.” From tons of tea, Kombuchas, eating, and endless naps later, I have to get going and start filling my days with life again. Like always, a walk was just what I needed to trigger my thoughts into something I couldn’t see inside my cozy home. So here I am about to rant for a little bit. You ready? Great. Grab a snack, a blanket and come sit with me for a while because we can all relate to one another in some way or form.

Here I go- so, I don’t get nervous to eat or avoid eating, that is not my problem. My problem is feeling anxiety after I eat something. I start to over analyze my body and regret everything that just entered my stomach. Before too long those emotions that are sitting inside can burst into what can be called panic attacks. Within the past year I have been a few of these at the thought of getting larger than my mind can handle. Clearly, I have a fear of gaining weight. Most people have a fear of the dark or of spiders and although those two things can be horrific, mine just happens to be different.

Everyone has a fear. Never assume that someone doesn’t because we all have emotions. Everyone expresses emotion differently, but nevertheless, we all have them. Every human on this planet has the capacity to love, to laugh, to cry, to fear and to communicate these. Communicating any of these emotions doesn’t mean you are weak in any way. It just means that you want to get stronger in certain areas. I admire that quality in anyone who crosses my path because sometimes it’s not about the change itself. It is about wanting to change…

I lost almost 20 pounds going to college and I have successfully gained the amount I needed to back in a healthy and carefree way. How did I do this? I have trained my mind that I don’t have to work out to burn every calorie I eat, I don’t have to drink detox teas for everything to leave my system, and I can eat whatever I want in moderation because my body is a young machine that can combat anything.

This wasn’t easy and still isn’t on certain days because my body had to reverse the damage done and build up rather than break down; however, I didn’t want to do it. You and me can do anything we set our minds to. There is no doubt about that. I told myself I would make it to a certain weight, and I did it, but I often feel regret every day with it. Have you ever done something not because you wanted to do it, but because you had to? This is normal, but how do we change our perspective on this?

I believe in the statement that within your career, do what you love. What you love might make less money than doing something else, but is that the point? Were we given the gift of life to see how much we are worth or how worthy we are? There is a big difference. My worth isn’t my weight and I know that. We can change but wanting to change is the biggest struggle. I have talked to so many people who have been told to change in certain areas for health reasons and others, but that will just go through one ear and out the next because they don’t understand. Let me tell you that there is someone on this planet who understands you! It might not be your mom or best friend. It might even be a stranger!

For example, the past two times I have had a break down at home with my anxious mind attacking my size, God has sent me two people I never really talked two. Still blows my mind! As soon as I have wiped tears, my phone has blown up with someone introducing herself to me and expressing their similarity with their heart and mind. Like what? One girl is someone from New Jersey who is a blogger herself! I have posted her blog before and encourage you to read it! Her motto is “No judging, Just growing” and I love that!

We are continuously growing. Physically we will stop at some point, but our hearts and minds never stop. Today is YOUR DAY! Don’t get in a slump of saying oh well that person is far more ahead than me so I can’t do it. Refuse to settle for the Earth’s weight on you. Allow your heart and mind to reach out to people who you don’t even know. I know so many people right now traveling the world, taking new jobs, dating new people, and trying new things. How beautiful a life is of making your life worth talking about. Your fear can be your biggest tool to success.

My fear of not working out transformed into walks for about a mile or two. I did that every day and still do in addition to walking to class. Now, I have gotten to a point where I can jog then walk for a little over two miles before the hips and knees hurts. Regardless, I eat a protein filled snack before and an actual meal after! An apple and peanut butter isn’t a meal…took me a while to realize that, but it is the perfect snack! I also have people who influence me in positive ways to keep me working out and eating in a balanced way. Find those people to keep you going! They might not understand but they can encourage. Reach out to me if you need someone to just say i’ve been there. Reach out to people and fuel your body because every step you make can go in the right direction even if you have come to a halt.


“Ask my Spirit within you to order your day and control your thoughts, for the mind controlled by the spirit is LIFE and PEACE.”

We pick and choose our priorities in life. Stages occur where we find ourselves doing the best we can do in one subject, but often it’s easy to let others come short.

For example, I’m writing to you this morning from being up all night with terrible stomach pain. I’ve been in a healthy place but all of my gastrointestinal issues have been occurring. I have been trying to change my diet, survive three exams this week and work two part time jobs. For one of my tests, I studied a lot for and the other, not so much. I worked my butt off for one of my jobs, but fell short of all my duties at the other. I chose to stay home a third week in a row and skip church because I wanted to sleep, but ended up staying up all night in pain getting frustrated.

Frustration is a powerful tool and can grip tight of your focus. This morning, still not feeling good, I woke up and needed my coffee so first priority of the day-check! However, I sat there and said I truly don’t need caffeine, I need some guidance from the one who knows me the most, my creator. Opening up my Jesus Calling book I read,

“Thank me for the conditions that are requiring you to be still…Some of the greatest works in My kingdom have been done from sickbeds.”

Oh yes, God went there. He has been trying to speak to me and honestly I have not listened and have steered away from wriitng about my spiritual growth because well I haven’t been growing. I still find myself providing guidance to friends who need it and I fully give every word spoken to my Father in heaven cause I’m still figuring out this life thing and sometimes you just have no words.

Like I said earlier, we pick and choose our priorities, but also the words we say. One word can’t be taken back. One text, one picture, nothing is ever deleted because although it was thrown away in cyber space, the message is still engraved in that person’s mind who received it.

If you are sick in bed like me today but need to power through classes and work, you got this. Pause for a second and look at the beauty around you. The stillness you are experiencing is no mistake so pause and prioritize. God is trying to tell me something and He is trying to communicate with you too. Lets let Him take control and love this time of stillness.

Take A Breath Away

New goal: Have your breath taken away or take someone’s breath away. 

Breathtaking moments are hard to come by. These moments are the ones that make your body, thoughts and feelings just relax and allow you to stare at something that is astonishing…

“Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.”

This enchanting quote is one that drove my vision this past weekend as I found myself driving to the Smoky Mountains for the very first time! Yes, I had never been to Gatlinburg, but oh did I love it. The drive was gorgeous and definitely took my breath away at moments. The streets were filled with bright lights and excitement was around every corner. I felt like I was in a cozy, small Disney World. I was so excited because I was meeting my boyfriend halfway after not seeing him after an entire month. There my breath went because boy was I ready to see my best friend and to get away from the books for a while. Gatlinburg definitely succeeded in giving us so much enjoyment! I never worried about what I ate or what I looked like. I didn’t get on social media for at least an entire day and it was wonderful because I was present and enjoying his presence.

First stop, pancakes of course. There we sat doing what we do best, eating breakfast. Every well known place was packed and lines were out the door. I would rather go find a secret hole in the wall place and enjoy something new like that than to wait hours getting hungry for a meal that is probably too expensive. We found this restaurant that was nearly empty but felt like a home. I enjoyed a whole grain pancake with banana and 2 eggs! I was pumped they had whole grain! I never use butter on my pancakes but with a little syrup, it was very satifying. The coffee was a lovely dark roast and I downed my pancake. First successful meal…Check!

I used to think that if I ate a large meal I would need to burn some of it off, well I fully digested this meal with a long nap and never felt better. My body was breaking down my food and sending all my nutrients where it needed. Eat and rest are essential to a healthy lifestyle! To get myself out of bed, a coffee shop was needed.

We went on a walk to find a little area with multiple shops on a side street. I ordered my almond milk latte with one pump vanilla and it was perfect. I loved this place! Especially next door where there was a donut shop that has been selling home made donuts for 50 years! This tiny, cash only shop also had a wall of mugs…yes my dreams came true. There were at least one hundred unique mugs and I had to get one. Nick had to munch on the donuts while I took so long because oops I’m one indecisive girl. Anyway, I found the perfect mug for my collection. Why do I collect mugs? Well when I am older I want every mug in my house to be different. I want to travel and collect them so that every morning when I sip on my coffee, I can grip a memory and smile before the day starts.

Stil in awe of this town, I needed some down time once again before heading out to dinner that evening. Clearly we plan a lot around food, but hey we need food to fuel ourselves right? Any moment where I would hesitate about not living out this trip to the fullest, I paused and he helped remind me that now is the time to live! Not yesterday or tomorrow. Right now.

I tend to be the fastest walker around. I love to power walk and get my legs moving, but all it took was for him to say slow down for me to stop and capture the breathtaking mountains above me. In this moment I was so content and remembered that this is how we should feel all the time. Content with what we ate, how we are acting towards others and most importantly how we treat ourselves. Treat your body like you want to treat others- with love!

Speaking of love, this week is Valentines Day. A day that isn’t just for couples, but a day where you can take someone’s breath away by telling them you love them. I love experiences rather than unwrapping a gift. Surprise your friend with a trip to get coffee or dessert rather than buying them a heart shaped lollipop. I was definitely surprised when my valentine was standing before me with beautiful flowers and bottle of wine for dinner, while I stood there with his craft and a jar of donuts. Yes, you can never go wrong with mini powdered donuts and I even ate one! Kind of freaked then realized that one bite isn’t going to ruin how I feel one bit.

I tell you this to not show you in order to have your breath taken away you always need flowers, dinner and long walks. No. Any act of kindness and beauty that can leave someone speechless turns your life into a breathtaking story. I’m still writing my life story and you are too so love more this week, take a trip to Gatlinburg if you haven’t and take someone’s breath away.


Don’t Be Sorry

For starters- let’s talk food!

Crumb de la Crumb 

Sundays are for brunching am I right? This morning I joined my wonderful sister and her fiancé at a new brunch spot that was to die for. It was like a cool East Nashville spot that people strive to go to, right in Bellevue! The atmosphere was light hearted and bright. No one had the same style mug and each chair was mismatched to perfection.

I ordered the avocado and egg sandwich without bacon and LOVED it! Their coffee was strong and rich so I enjoyed two cups. All of there breakfast sandwiches are named after different areas in Nashville. So unique!

This place plus these two was a great way to end my weekend at home. Every now and then you just need a break from the college life so I decided to take a drive down to Nash. My sister and soon-to-be brother will always tell me straight up what I need to change and I sincerely listen to them because I know they love me. With that being said, I have been told by so many people that I say the word “sorry” way to much. I listen to them and say “Yeah I know” but today my sister told me straight up to stop because I probably said the word sorry at least ten times and for what reason?

That word just comes out like word vomit without me noticing. Is it my confidence being shunned away by a word? Not any more. I am going to learn not to say sorry for things I shouldn’t be apologizing for. That one term can be replaced with phrases that are genuine and uplifting! We can’t be sorry for existing. 

I grabbed myself a beet juice from Trader Joes and went on a short one mile walk at Percy Warner Park to cleanse myself from the clutter of thoughts that can weigh too much on one day. Whatever is weighing you down today, it’s never to late to start living without an apology. Walk, breath, brunch, and repeat!

Who and What Is Healthy For You?

Cheers to you and happy Saturday morning everyone! Today I woke up with my mind made up on having breakfast in bed and writing to all you beautiful people so let’s get started!

What is healthy?

Yesterday was one of those days that started amazing cause hey it was Friday, but then took a turn when one person triggered something that made me crack. Yes, sometimes you can be doing really well then snap there is all goes. That happens, so don’t freak out because you are never alone. I have been feeling the best I have in a while. My diet has been consistent and full of protein, carbs and everything in between that helps my body function the way it should. I started barre, walk at least 2 miles on campus every day, work throughout the week, and was happy; however, I did the one thing I shouldn’t and stepped on the scale…oh yes right in that moment that number defined me. That number was screaming at me, not taking in that fat, muscle and water (everything our body needs) weighs differently. What did I do in my panic attack? Reached out to a sweet soul, another blogger I have mentioned as well, and come to find out, she had a freak out earlier that day. God is crazy right? Well all she said was for me to read this article and boy am I glad I did. Wow. Please take the time to read this if your body is recovering from anything. This blog is called A Second Bite and this article is eye opening.

If you are like me and need some visuals and someone to actually talk to, follow Shut the Kale Up on Instagram! She is funny, authentic and helps me understand how essential eating is. But now, everyone needs someone to actually talk to so instead of running home, I poured myself a glass of wine and caught up with one of my best friends who is starting a career in photography! One bottle of the Naked Grape and a good conversation later, I was getting my pep back in my step. Now it’s your turn! Knowing who to turn to for advice or just knowing what or who is good for you can be a challenge…

I’m still in college, clearly. I won’t be wearing this Forever 21 cut out shirt forever but you know it’s time to embrace the fun. With that being said, I’m still figuring out how to be a good friend, girlfriend, sister, daughter, and everything that goes in between. This process surely doesn’t happen over night and after days of praying for purpose, God decided to challenge my understanding after that curve ball got thrown at me yesterday.

Who is healthy?
This week I was challenged with a question form a dear friend who needed some wisdom about a certain situation. How do you know who is healthy for you? Sadly this question comes with trail and error. I believe that our habits come from the people we are around. Naturally, our bodies react and conform to our surroundings. This goes with eating, physical activity and mental actions. Have you ever been out of town for such a long time where you find yourself starting to talk like the people there? Yeah it’s kind of like that. Anyway, I was walking back from class, paused and sat outside thinking of how to answer this question. There are no words to describe the feeling of when you know because you get this feeling of rest. Rest is hard to come by so when you see the face of someone that makes everything else disappear, you know that person is someone to hold on to. Love is something that can’t be put into words sometimes and that’s then I think you know you love where you are because you can’t find the words to beat the situation or words to describe what it’s missing.

This might not help your situation but what stems who is healthy for you comes from knowing how healthy you are. Now health doesn’t always mean what you are eating. When I had my break down, was it healthy for me to sit in my room all night? No! Living a healthy lifestyle involves how we think and feel. If you do not love yourself how are you expected to love someone else? After a break up of mine, I lost a ton of weight and lost interest in going out. Over time I realized that I needed girl time in my life. I needed to find myself by surrounding myself with people who genuinely wanted to know about me. I believed I was known for eating healthy so I carried that belief in thinking that eating anything other than a salad around people would arise judgment about me. Judgment is a scary thing and if we keep listening to how other people judge us then we start to believe them over time. No ma’am not day. If you want to find someone whether that’s a guy or a friend group that you enjoy being around, know yourself and let people fall in love with who you actually are.

If someone loves the person you are today then in a few weeks or five years from now they will still love you. For us college kids this is our time to figure it out. From another blogger of Olive and Honey, I was sent this message on a night where we both were talking about how hungry we were!

“We have our whole LIVES to eat kale…like what if you got married and couldn’t have kids because we were in college and wanted a thigh gap.”

Go girl go! She emphasized on eating but this applies to our day to day life! Knowing who needs to be in your life is a question that can’t be answered in a blink of an eye. If someone is not influencing you in a positive way then yes in a blink you should know; however, find someone who loves you for YOU! This comes with knowing yourself. We are not perfect but someone in this world is going to love you unconditionally. You will know when there aren’t words to describe the situation and you can down an entire pizza without a care in the world. Go fall in love with yourself today!

Settling For The Best Version Of You

Sundays. The sweet perfect day that is meant for beautiful mornings, long walks, extensive meals, and time to what I like to call, “get my life together.” Sundays are one of my favorite days because I love preparing for the next step and getting ready for the following week. That means stocking my pantry, emptying the laundry and scheduling my work and social life. Lets just say that there is never enough time in a day and that is why I am just now posting this today rather than yesterday. Later is better than never so welcome gorgeous! Settle into your cozy spot for the day and lets pretend like today is Sunday.

Settling (v.) –

  1. To adopt a more steady or secure style of life 
  2. To resolve or reach an agreement about 

Settling is a term that people often associate with giving up or stoping where you are due to being lazy or your situation being the easiest route. People can settle in a lifestyle choice, a relationship, a place, or anywhere in your life that can accept stopping. Life isn’t stopping so why should we? We all woke up with our own situations and problems today; however, settling anywhere other than your cozy bed this morning is a sign that we need to wake up and settle into a new lifestyle.


My health issues still occur and I try not to settle in the comfort of foods that make me feel bad. I am in the process of trying new types of foods rather than just sticking to the same food groups. Sticking with high fiber diets in grains and nuts with little macronutrients like protein and fats is not allowing me move forward to what I want to accomplish…feeling the best version of myself.

My breakfasts usually consist of cereals with almond milk, eggs, and my Ezekiel toast with avocado and spices or peanut butter with banana. That yummy granola you see above, yeah that made me feel very sick so I threw it in the trash even though it said non-GMO, organic and all those health food labels. Do not just read the labels for those key words. Find simple ingredients or get in contact with a dietician who can help find exactly what your body needs more of.

I have found that when taking large food groups that your body needs out of your diet, you have to find ways to get those nutrients into you. For example, dairy products upset my stomach but the other day I was craving dairy and if your body is craving something, it is most likely it needs it so guess what I did? I made myself a bowl of vanilla ice-cream, dairy and all, and my stomach felt better…who would have thought ice cream could be medicine? I also feel exhausted all the time and it is because I have low iron. I don’t like red meat so I just ordered these Garden of Life vitamins with probiotics and iron! Look into this brand and find a supplement that can help you today.

Take this advice to realize that if you are striving to have that perfect body you want, don’t starve your body for what it needs. Eat that ice cream, kale, steak, potatoes, beets and all the above!

| LOVE |

How many times have you told someone you love them today? Have you settled for the love you are getting or the love you deserve? I come to you today with this thought because I often see situations where people settle into relationships with friends or boyfriends that don’t provide the support they need in their life. Emotional support through anything is essential. You know that uncomfortable feeling where you realize you need to address a situation? Your ears get warm and your palms get sweaty. That is a sign to speak up and not settle in a bad situation. If someone is making you unhappy, whether that’s girl drama or relationship struggles, speak up and communicate how you feel with your loved one or friend. Venting to someone else never fixes the situation. Pray and provide the love you want for yourself to others as well. Treat your heart and your body the way you want to be treated. 

Settle for serenity today! This was found in a textbook and provided me with a prayer when I try to settle for certain food groups that will keep me skinny or settle in a specific area in my life that doesn’t allow me to love unconditionally.

“God, give me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Go be the best version of you this week!

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Have you ever felt something on you heart that you can’t control feeling? That feeling of laying in bed and just wanting to cry because you can’t comprehend the emotion that is taking over you. When I was little and stopped wanting to go to church with my parents I think the underlining reason was because I didn’t hear God like other people did. Who was this voice people kept talking about? How did these people who are making these remarkable life stories know what to do? I just assumed that God wasn’t talking to me yet. He was watching though and it makes me happy imagining little me oblivious to the fact that a man in heaven was just smiling on his throne at me, one person out of billions on this planet.

The thought of knowing what to do and when to do it could be some of the most heart wrenching feelings because no one knows exactly where to start, you just do. Everyone has different passions and desires on their hearts. If we all shared the same emotions then what changes would we be making on this world? If you feel something on your heart, do what I do and write it down. Write what you are feeling on the notes in your phone or on your nearest napkin at a restaurant. Your heart urging to do something is no mistake. Take that emotion and use it to the best of your ability! If you think your idea won’t make a big difference, it might not but even a small difference is better than no difference at all.

If you impact one person on this Earth then that person will pass that to another and the beautiful cycle of positivity will continue as life encounters new trials. So today do not be afraid of your heart telling you to say no or yes. If your heart is giving you an uneasy feeling about a person or situation, then TRUST it. I know people who have left someone they love because their heart was leading them somewhere else. As painful as it was, it turned out okay. You are better than okay and can make a difference in at least one person today if you just try. You got this.

Some of the most powerful words are the ones that you can’t hear.

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Healing Is Not Linear



Roads are meant to break off and go in different directions. Paths aren’t paved in a straight line because what fun is that? Change in direction and pace can be scary, yet rewarding because change challenges us to test the limits. We learn what we are capable of with change. Stagnant living is boring and we are called to live a fruitful life. How are you living a fruitful life?

These thoughts occurred to me as I found myself driving on my very first road trip to South Carolina! Yes, I drove over six hours by myself through the mountains and have never been so focused in my life. I am more of a ride along kind of girl but hey new year, new me.

I fueled my mind for the trip with a morning workout and coffee date with my dad, a full plate of spinach roll ups and veggies from Zoe’s Kitchen, and finally two stocked cup holders with Starbucks and Kombucha. I was road trip ready.

One prayer and endless throwback tunes later, I safely arrived. When you have that much alone time you can’t help but do a lot of thinking. What a blessing because this book below called Salvaging My Identity popped in my head…

“Remember that God loves you just the way you are, and you are His princess. He has redeemed you through the blood of Christ and forgiven your sins. He loves you and has a purpose and plan for your life. God makes no mistakes.” 

“Girls, you are loved and pursued by a loving, gracious Savior, who loves it when you depend on Him for realistic guidance, clear direction and dream with Him.”

These short passages from this book have opened my eyes as I have begun to realize how one sided and straight laced my mind can be.

When people didn’t understand why I thought one way about food, that I can only eat salads at restaurants, no bread after 4:00pm, or eat pasta and bread in one sitting, it’s because I was so one sided and linear with my thoughts. I believed I looked one way, but turns out there were a ton of ways people viewed me and my negative image was not one of them.

People will sit you down and tell you, start thinking this way because i’m right. Well, that doesn’t help and I can tell you that your path to success is not like others, it’s your own. No one will truly understand what you are going through, but I do know that there are people who care enough to not tell you but help guide you.

Slumps are defined as a sudden fall. From personal experience, things seem perfect one week and then the next every bad thing that could possibly happen comes true. Sound like you too? When that happens, take control and utilize this beautiful Earth as your tool box. Today, I spent time with friends outside soaking up that beautiful 75 degree, South Carolina weather, sipped on coffee whenever I felt like it and even randomly found a trail by the river. My sporadic walk in an unfamiliar city sent me to an astonishing view. See, you can end up in magical situations when you get off track.

Today, I want you to take a moment to recognize the things in your life that you need to work on, even if you don’t want to. It has taken my parents a few hours of driving, my friend pulling me into the closet and a few coffee dates later to understand that getting off track is okay cause hey who doesn’t; however, stopping abruptly will get us no where.

Your path right now might be curvy as you make plans for the future. Warning, our mental image of our future will most likely not turn out 100% as you planned. Don’t freak out like I do and think that there is no hope to get where you want because nothing great happens with just one simple line. We need depth, change, and some possible sharp edges to form a spectacular picture.

Keep some inspiration close to you this week and know that your curvy path is going to lead you to amazing places. Don’t stop. Keep going. Listen to your family, friends, people who care and your heart when it tells you to make a few changes.

I am learning to seek guidance when needed and we all could use a different perspective or a different windy road. Lets start now. Lets heal this year’s patches and see where this crazy road takes us.

Don’t Just Say It, Do It.

Have you ever wanted to do so much, but you don’t know where to start? This year, I’m wanting to take my ideas from my head and try them out! What’s the point in creating ideas when we don’t apply them? Living an extraordinary life doesn’t happen if our images stay within our mind’s folders. My dreaming mind is soaring from places I want to travel, passions to pursue, complete, try and discover. (I even told a stranger at Goodwill when I dropped clothes off how bad I want to travel so it better happen) Imagine such a refreshing new start.

New starts for me start with cleaning. This week has been filled with cleaning out every closet, drawer and anything with clutter. Clean living is more than just a dust free room, but a life full of feeling the best version of yourself. As I get rid of the old and in with the new, my mind started churning into doing what I actually say I am going to do. I have a habit of agreeing to do everything before backing out last minute. I call this overthinking. I overthink everything from life choices to whether or not I want oatmeal or eggs for breakfast. Sound like yourself?

Someone has recently told me that in order to succeed you are going to have to keep going. Keep getting out of bed to try to work out, keep calling that person who won’t call you back and never settle for anything less than your greatest expectation. Whether that’s in a relationship, a goal you set for the new year or cleaning out that room you refuse to touch. For myself, I want to live clean and simply. I don’t want to put myself in chaotic situations or do something that makes me feel down about myself, ever, because having negative thoughts about ourselves ends today, for you and me!

Find beauty everywhere you go. Be that person who makes someone smile today. Start that hobby you have been wanting. I wanted to document life more, so I recently purchased a Sony 5000 camera that I purchased from this amazing site. It sends any photo directly to my phone and allows me to place in my purse so I can capture every moment!

I’m also in a design mood because designing one’s life must start with the bedroom am I right? I am the type of person who wants there bedroom filled with cremes and warm tones that complement my candles that are lit every night. (Check out below the Rewined candles!) They are made out of wine bottles and add the perfect design and smell to your room. I have the Chardonnay flavor and light it constantly!

Clean living is also what you are cleansing your body with. What have I been eating lately? Lots of eggs, salmon, and kale in addition to my barbecue chips I just ate and trail mix I had last night…great balance right? No one’s balance is ever perfect and we aren’t perfect. We are imperfect people in this imperfect world, but have the capabilities and gifts to accomplish and love so much.

Speaking of loving, one of my new favorite protein bars are the new RX Bars! They are packed with simple ingredients, taste awesome and have 12 grams of protein. You can order them online and buy them at Whole Foods or Trader Joes. They aren’t at any other grocery store yet but fingers crossed they will be soon!

I have a bunch of posts I have written but hide them because I am wondering if I should share them. I want to stop falling into bad habits, but say I will try again tomorrow. I want to try something new but am one step behind someone else and can’t get myself to go for it. If you contemplate similar thoughts lets join together today and DO IT. Lets do the things that are hearts are desiring. I can’t wait to see how life will be this year and remember that we are the start to our own race. Lets get going and show 2016 what it was missing.

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”

Time To Reconnect

Hello beautiful! As this joyous month comes to a close, I want to see how you have filled one of the happiest months of the year! From the first week of December to this being our last, lets dive into what truly matters as 2016 comes to a close. Here is a dose of my December coming from thoughts, places, ideas, goals, and more!

I hope that you have listened to the Michael Buble Christmas CD on repeat, have had hot chocolate with every meal, watched every movie you could imagine from cheesy Hallmarks to the must-have classics, and have reconnected with old friends and family. Is this what your vacation has looked like?

As you can see, I have received endless gifts of coffee mugs to add to my coffee mug wall in my new house and have shared the best conversations this holiday season while sipping every latte from vanilla to chai in town. No shame…I love me some sweet talks over a hot drink as you know. I have mentioned these favorites before, but here are links and details on these cozy corners.

Frothy Monkey in Downtown Franklin- One of my favorite days! This was my favorite spot for gift giving and my photos below were actually featured on their website. On this site, they have formed a story from pictures people have taken and it is amazing so go and document a good time because you are a part of a story!

The Well Coffeehouse in Green Hills- This coffee shop has started it all for me. Here was where I used to visit my best friend, now boyfriend, throughout high school just to say hi or exchange gifts at Christmas. Here is where I always meet new faces and people I strive to mentor and for them to mentor me. Here is where coffee changes lives because this coffee shop is a philanthropic business that shares this mission-

“We are a coffeehouse with a bold vision to make a difference in both our local and global communities.As a missional coffeehouse focused on sustainable solutions to poverty, we turn profits into hope. We do this by creating a product you love, serving you with a smile, and giving all of our profits to people in need. We love coffee. We love people even more.”

Read more on the link above!

Fido in Hillsboro Village- I always indulge here but this one morning I was craving my classic and favorite avocado toast with a side of eggs. On the menu, it only offers eggs with toast, but just ask for a side of avocado to make the best combo for a morning meal! I make this all the time at home and at school because you get healthy fats, proteins and carbs which are all essential to run properly throughout the day.

Cafe Coco near West End Avenue- This is my new favorite! Open 24 hours with the best treats, food, live music, drinks served in all different styles of coffee mugs to make you feel right at home.

Eighth and Roast in Edgehill was one of my most recent stops when I wasn’t feeling too well and needed some Matcha Tea. Don’t be fooled, your latte will appear green, but it tastes like heaven. According to my favorite Dr. Axe, Matcha tea has numerous health benefits including detoxifying the body, lowering diabetes risk, reducing heart hypertension, being the best food source of disease-fighting catechins, and much more. Just add almond milk and you are good to go!

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