Celebrate Life

“Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.”

Life is a celebration. Every day, minute and second is a gift because you never know when your time on this Earth will be over. This isn’t a scary thought, but rather an exciting opportunity to embrace everything life can offer! As a college student, we always casually say, “ugh I hate my life”. God has given me another year and I am going to strive to wipe all those words out of my vocabulary, and you should too.

10.24.16 was a day that warmed my heart and will forever be one of my favorite days. I turned 21 and am so thankful for the love shown to me through friends and family. From food, to sunflowers and sweet phone calls, I was shown that so much happiness can come from one day. Why don’t we make every day like this? Yes, we do not celebrate our birthdays every day; however, showing love towards friends and family can be and should be a more regular occurrence.

My morning began bright and early with a floating balloon, hazelnut candle, and Nicholas Sparks book sitting in my bathroom. Buried in the sink was a Gingerade Kombucha and Justin’s Organic peanut butter cups. I never thought that everything that defines me would be sitting in my sink. Written on my mirror was an encouraging and loving note that kept me from thinking should I eat this chocolate today….why yes, yes I should.

The October weather was in full swing on this Monday morning without a cloud in the sky. Stepping foot outside, I found my way going to breakfast with two friends of mine that I could not do without. With sunflowers in hand, we decorated the table at Spencer’s Coffee Shop because it’s never too early to pizazz up your favorite breakfast spot with flowers.

From pumpkin streusel muffins, to almond milk lattes and one hour of conversation, class was inevitable. I refused to complain about class because we can keep celebrating a happy life in and out of the classroom, can’t we?


Talking to friends throughout the day that I haven’t seen since high school got me thinking of a sweet quote I read that I wanted to share with you today-

“No amount of time and space can separate you from the people who are meant to be in your life. They will always come back.”

What an encouraging thought! People you hear from throughout your day are there for a reason so show them endless love and happiness because without them, your day would look completely different.

The day wrapped up with a dinner at Novo Dolce in Bowling Green. For my BG people, if you haven’t been, do go! Their drinks were half off and you get a free, full cup of gelato for new customers. That’s a win win if I say so myself. People will question why I still order a salad, even on a special day, but salads make me happy so order whatever you please when you go out! If you want a hamburger that night, order fries also, and if you order a salad, get some extra meat for that protein and splurge on some dessert. I sure did!

I then gathered my cards, poloroids and cup of gelato and called it a night. I woke up today and decided, wow what love was shown that day that I can show today. That October sunshine is still shining today like it was yesterday. Class is still inevitable and I still have more Justin’s peanut butter cups calling my name. With all that being said, lets EMBRACE today! Tomorrow might not be there and yesterday already happened. Gather some flowers and add it to your table while eating breakfast. Write someone a card just to remind them that you care for them because like I said, they are placed in your life for a reason. Lastly, live with a thankful heart and shine brighter than ever before.

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Let this year be your best. 21, I am ready for you and the 365 opportunities that are ahead.


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