Charming Small Towns

Thanks for reading with me today! I’ve hopped from Nashville night outs, to waking up early to drive two hours to my grandparents’ house, and ending a road trip dining in my sister’s college town. From glasses of wine on rooftops to cups of tea in new coffee shops, I can’t wait to share some of my cherished small town moments.

On Friday night, my weekend started having dinner with my sister at Jonathan’s Bar and Grill. It’s one of our favorites in Nashville because it’s casual with amazing food! Make note that on Tuesdays and Fridays they have 2 for 1 wine and beer.  I always get my salmon caesar salad and she got a southwestern salad with grilled chicken.

We both loved it and sat on the porch after a late afternoon by the pool. Eating out can be expensive, but sometimes you have to treat yourself and have a night to remember, and that we did.

My night ended with a surprise treat to the Thompson Hotel rooftop bar with Nick and some of our friends. I have been once before during Christmas, but now that it’s warm, I loved being up there even more!

I ordered my white wine because I try not to mix drinks. I’ve had my stomach pain ruin fun nights so if I am ever treating myself I always bring my digestive enzymes that you see below and I am not afraid to stop and order water even if people around me don’t.


I picked up these awesome chewable enzymes at Whole Body. They are on sale right now (34% off) on! They were a good price and I got the last one. A trick of mine is that if I can’t decide what to get, I look to see what has been purchased the most. If a lot of people have tried it then it must do the trick and I love them!


Saturday began with me waking up early and taking a road trip with my sister to my grandparent’s house in Crossville, Tennessee. There is nothing like the serenity of being in your grandparent’s house. We talked, napped, and ate all day until it was time for their second round of naps. We opened old scrapbooks and ate homemade apple pie with coffee.

There is something about small towns where every self perception disappears. People often appreciate the little things more. I stepped away from Nashville and didn’t leave the couch the entire day. I ate multiple bites of that apple pie because not only did it taste good, but my grandma laid it all out with so much joy because when was the last time I took time to drive down and sit with her and my grandpa.

He has lung cancer, but had a lively day. He got all dressed up for us and cracked jokes like it was nobody’s business. Those are the little things that matter. They never cared how much I ate or that I didn’t exercise that day. That didn’t cross their mind, although it crossed mine. If I could have days like that more often, I would.

Our day ended with stopping by a new local coffee shop called Grinder House. I was shocked to find this cozy new shop in this old town that has only a few stores. I ordered a hot tea and took a moment to sit and look at all their antique murals and decorative lounging. It began raining so that made the moment even more relaxing.

We hopped from one small town to the next. We decided to stop in Rachel’s college town, Cookeville, Tennessee. She attended Tennessee Tech University and it reminds me a lot of Bowling Green. Rachel and I loved that we found two college towns outside the huge and growing Nashville. We have learned to appreciate the small, tight nit communities we were both blessed to experience.

We stopped at her favorite restaurant, Crawdaddy’s West Side Grill. I ordered a grilled chicken salad with their homemade parmesan dressing. SO GOOD! We also got a shrimp dip with sweet potato chips for an appetizer. I could have eaten the entire bowl…The waitress was such a happy spirit because she paused and asked for our names before serving us. Those little things are often not seen in big cities. Another smile to appreciate that day.

As you can see, we ate a lot and sat a lot but between those road trips, beautiful countryside views, and conversations, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I felt so rested and my body felt full. That’s exactly the way it should be. My grandparents loved seeing me healthy. People saw what I was doing when I would bring my own snacks to my grandparent’s house. That’s unheard of right? I’ve learned a lot and although every day is a journey I make sure to appreciate the little small town moments that I might not get back.

I often catch myself not finishing my food in front of me because seeing an empty plate makes me nervous for some reason like I ate too much. I had this look several times this weekend, but my sister always can see through my eyes when I stare at my food and get scared to eat it. She always encourages me to eat a full meal with her, reflect on our memories for the day and rest my body to do it again the next day.

Find those people to help, look around you more and not just at the plate in front of you. Make small moments that count.

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