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Hello beautiful! It’s time to step out of our comfort zones. Recently I have had a drive on my heart to share my interests and passions because so many women I’ve never even met before have influenced my thoughts and me. How have they become so successful in sharing such impactful ways of life? Well they had to start somewhere! Beyoncé wasn’t famous in one night, our bodies don’t change with the snap of our fingers and our dreams might take a long time to achieve, but what do I always say? We got this.

Are you confident in your stage of life? I have grown up in a house where my parents strive to instill confidence in myself every day. I want to hide my timid thoughts and awkward smiles because bam we are filled with thousands of cells that are so uniquely made to make us who we are. Today lets confidently say who we are and what we love because being comfortable with yourself and confident in your decisions all stem from YOU.

Leggings: Zella Shoes: Nike: Flex Experience RN5

I want to share some clothing today! I’m not the type to lead you to expensive clothes that no college person can afford. Nope, I am showing you that you can buy one amazing piece and rock thousands of outfits with it for years and years.

Work out clothes are my favorite thing to buy because not only can we wear them to the gym, to class and on any errand we want to go on, but society has turned workout clothes into a stylish necessity to have in your closet!  There are so many days I don’t workout and just eat and my workout clothes are exactly what I go for. I am a bargainer; but when it comes to leggings that are comfortable, sweat resistant and will last for a long time, below are some of my go-to brands that all fit into my collegiate price range:

Alo Yoga



Old Navy

TJ Maxx

Free People

Yes, Free People has a line for workout clothes and the style mixed with comfort allows me to confidentially wear it wherever I go! The sports bra I’m wearing above is my new favorite. It goes perfectly with those black, high-wasted leggings by Nordstrom’s brand, Zella. After working at Nordstrom in their athletic wear department, I discovered that the old designer for Lululemon is the designer for Zella. They are the same material, similar style and a little less expensive; however, when it comes to workout tops, Lulu is my go to and my favorite black pair of leggings I purchased from there over 2 years ago still feel as good as new! I don’t dry any of these, I just wash and air dry. My favorite barre go-to are the high wasted Alo leggings! They are called the “Goddess” legging and you can purchase them online.

For pullovers, jackets and loose yoga tanks, TJ Maxx and Old Navy have AMAZING options all around $20 or less. I have a solid black zip up from Old Navy that goes with every outfit and people seem to always ask where it’s from so try out these awesome places because you never know what you will find.

If you don’t want to wear tight leggings and prefer loose Nike sweats or norts then go for it! It is up to you to mark your own brand and be YOU. Confidence is attractive, I promise. If you are determined, driven, excited, or passionate about how you look and where your life is going, then embrace that and kill it. Reach out to people that influence you. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and turn their style into your own. Most conversationalists who get the jobs and are well known ask questions. Ask and you will receive.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

Matthew 7:7-8

Your father in heaven is rooting for you and wants you to be confident in His creation. I admit to comparing my worth to others and I feel God saying don’t stop moving and growing. So lets stop our frantic thinking, put on some killer workout clothes, confidentally walk in a room to ask questions, and receive the love of our Father until we march on tomorrow.

Confidently walk in the comfort of your own body and heart. Your walk into a healthy mindset doesn’t always start with an outfit. It starts from taking action. Get active today!

{Photography: Leah Lou Photography}

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