Cooking Adventure: Week One

Good morning!

As you saw in my previous post, my list of goals and aspirations is to embrace my home, cook more, share, and pause. Thank you for pausing with me today as we dive into some yummy goodness! Everything I cook takes under 30 minutes and can be taken on the-go because I get it, trust me. Life can get the best of us when we are being full time students and working a job on the side. I also want to blog as much as I can to keep my heart and passions alive. I hope you are keeping yours alive with new creations and ideas!

Above, you see lots of green. Why yes, I didn’t realize how much green there was until I put it all on the screen. Well, what can I say! This week I baked asparagus, chopped brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, apples, and a little onion. Y U M.

I set the oven on 350, cooked for 30 minutes, ate, and stored for later! SO simple. Note though that I love my veggies crispy, so if you prefer your food not as burnt, I would cook closer to 20-25 minutes. I am hooked on preparing veggies for the week because quick snacks and protein bars just don’t provide every nutrient I need. I have posted about roasted veggies before and i’m doing it again because they are so easy and amazing to have stored in your kitchen!

I also have found that my new favorite way to eat a wrap is just with avocado wrapped with turkey. I buy my turkey organic in order to avoid all those nitrites and other added ingredients used to preserve meat. Always read the back of your food labels! Strive to not get obsessed with doing that though because then you stop enjoying the food you want to eat. Remember, too much of anything is bad for you and that counts for healthy and non-healthy foods….

I already can’t wait to eat my leftovers tomorrow! Share with me your favorite go-to meals that are essential in your busy work life or when you are in and out of the classroom. I have new recipes I’ve tried and can’t wait to share with you, such as some amazing overnight oats, so stay tuned! Lets inspire each other and build are hearts and minds to be strong and kerrageous! 😉

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