Daily Dose of Devotion

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me,” and my heart responds “Lord I am coming”. – Psalm 27:8

IMG_7443Devotion is new to me. Devoting moments in my day to my creator is a new idea that has drastically changed my spiritual journey that I just started a little over a year ago. People would always tell me about new books or videos to watch; however, I always brushed it off and claimed that none of that was for me. Now I sit before you and can say that I have finished two entire devotional books, am in the process of reading one on my own and am about to start a group devotional with my bible study.

When I really love something I can go overboard at times, so I probably have too many books on my hands but on a positive note, I just have more that I can share with you today! I want to share with you how a daily dose of devotion can shape your day and make a bigger impact than you think.

Sarah Young’s devotional, Jesus Calling, started it all for me. I see her book in every book store and she even has an app now for you to read her inspiring messages. I remember secretly sitting in my car every morning my senior year of high school to read her short paragraphs on how God would help me throughout my day. When people would walk by I would tuck away the book and never talk about it. Every devotional applied to my life and it amazed me! I never realized that this was God’s way of placing Himself into my life to start my journey. I started to high light and underline every word that I called “signs” for my life. I pretty much thought this small book had all the answers.

Fast forward one year and there I was sitting in my bible study still not talking about that small book that intrigued me so much. This group of women all decided to buy this large book in a series called She Reads Truth. This large book overwhelmed me so I refused to buy it and just pretended like I knew what they were talking about every week.

devo #2People caught on so my mentor at the time gave me a personal one to try on my own called Comforts From The Cross. Every morning with my coffee I would strive to open my book, pray for guidance and see what God wanted me to recognize that day. Morning after morning, I started to realize the peace I felt throughout my day. I started to recognize how the thoughts I felt were being felt by people all around the world and the only person who can save us was our Father in heaven. Not going to lie, I had to and still have to make myself do this in the mornings because my natural tendency is to put all my earthly needs in my life first then God second.To this day I am still working on finishing this book but like I always say, I am a work in progress and that is okay!

If you are a work in progress like myself and are looking for a daily devotional to help start your journey with Christ please look below at links where you can purchase the book you see above and the previous ones that I have discussed. Warm up some coffee, grab that fluffy blanket and enjoy some quiet time today. Remember that you were created with a purpose and are remarkably loved.

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young | Order here 

She Reads Truth: Open Your Bible by Amanda Williams and Raechel Myers | Order here

Comforts From The Cross by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick | Order here 

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