Don’t Date Your Planner

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Yes, you heard me correctly. I have a wonderful relationship that is always there when I need it, works around my schedule, forgives when I erase and scribble on it multiple times every day, and never tells me no. My planner is my best friend. I mean, look below at how excited I get when I see a new opportunity to write in it while at dinner and at breakfast…

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I am so happy you are here with me today! I challenged myself and I challenge you as well to close that planner you have sitting next to your coffee and pause for today. For this moment in time, do not worry about your plans that happened yesterday, that will happen today or will happen tomorrow. You woke up again this morning. With a thankful heart smile because in the words of Marie Lu,

“Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything’s possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time.”

Weight loss can happen without trying. Weight loss can happen due to emotional stress and physical stress. I have known people who have lost a bunch of weight due to worry when loss happens in their life. Decrease in appetite can happen during finals week when you are cramming for that test. Have you heard of the post breakup diet? Oh yeah, it’s real. For myself, I didn’t realize that a bunch of my weight issues were caused by the amount of stress I was putting on my body to get everything I needed to done and to stay busy. Recently on this blog, I have put a lot of emphasis on letting go and not planning because I have realized that just by making a few changes, I feel so much weight off of my shoulders and I want that for you as well.

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After one of my doctor appointments, I realized that I needed a fresh start. Here you will see how my planner on top was so full you couldn’t read it. Yes, that was my life. To initiate my fresh start I realized that mess had to go. I decided to throw away my $45 Kate Spade planner and go to Target to buy a $10 planner and simplify. Do you enjoy buying new school notebooks, highlighters and pens before the first day of school? I LOVE it so I had too much fun cleaning my life from all that clutter that was adding to the stress on my body.

Snap Chat 

Once my pages were beautifully white with the occasional highlighting of certain activities, I thought of other areas I could improve. My main struggle right now is snap chat. Yes, once again you heard me correctly. Snap chat is fun but evil. With this lovely app I am able to see what all my friends are doing. If I’m alone and seeing all my friends hanging out I start to instantly feel left out and think of something to do to fill my snap chat story up. Now I believe that I am not the only one who thinks that way so what are we doing? You don’t need a snap chat story to prove you are busy.

Mystery Dates 

I think we can all agree how excited we get when we see an empty square in our calendar. I do! That empty square means there are so many different options and opportunities for my day! I can do whatever I want, but what if someone else decides to tell me how to spend my day? This summer, I have had multiple days where I will let someone else choose how to spend it and I loved every second of it. If someone has a surprise destination for you, go without hesitation! Let someone take you to a random restaurant when it isn’t your typical dining hour. Get in the car and drive for over an hour to a surprise location because you will most likely make the best memories that way. Now don’t go crazy and hop in the car with a total stranger because life’s short but not that short.


road trip

Take a random road trip! I recently decided to go on a miniature shopping spree and go on a road trip back to one of my favorite places! I need to leave this city for a little so decided to join some friends in South Carolina where I will explore new areas and squeeze in as many new memories I can before going back to school. As you can see, I have already started to plan outfits and activities. Now let’s be honest, a road trip is not complete without too many rompers, new shoes, hats, the Polaroid, and this new hazelnut coffee that screams Autumn and smells like heaven. I am ready to go! Are you? It’s your turn beautiful!
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My main point today is don’t date your planner. Take today to declutter your life! That test isn’t worth all of that painful worrying and that past relationship isn’t worth losing weight over. Go to the store and find a jumbo planner with fresh new pages. Leave some open squares blank with no plans and randomly put a new location on your radar. Today is a day of change for you gorgeous so don’t wait. I am cheering for you because you are never alone!

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    1. Thank you so much Hunter! I have read every single one of your blog posts and love them! You are gorgeous inside and out and am so happy for you and Cameron!

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