Don’t Delete the Picture

Raise your hand if you have ever taken a picture, looked at it, then proceeded to beg your friend to delete it? I have seen people do it and I have done it a million times. In that one moment we think that one picture will determine how we are looked the rest of our life or until we post the next ideal picture. Now that we have put this perfect picture we want in our mind, I want you to think of how many times we have asked people to try a different angle, or find “your side”. The ways we try to make this perfect picture is insanity and it didn’t take me until this summer to realize how big of an issue this is. Why can’t we see how flawless we look as our creator sees us? Join me today as I try to convince you to keep every picture you take because one day you will look back and want that memory.

I am not going to tell you to stop taking pictures. I LOVE photographing and capturing moments. It’s a happy art that our society has recently been engulfed in. We all have Instagram accounts and Facebook where we share pictures we love that describe our life. I just hate to see people openly criticize themselves in front of others because they didn’t like how they looked. I feel like a hypocrite saying that because I am one of those people, but that is what this journey is about. We all relate, we all live in this same world and we all have mindsets we want to change. Let’s put this in perspective…What if your camera died as you sat on top of the Grand Canyon and you deleted the one picture you took because you didn’t like the way you looked? You erased the image of God’s creation behind you for just one flaw you saw in yourself.


| You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you | Song of Solomon 4:7


This verse above was recently sent to me from someone who has only known me for a few days. This person told me to not be afraid to be myself and after just a few days I have recognized how important it is when meeting new people to love ourselves whole heartedly. We not only need to embrace ourselves as a whole but the whole moment as well.

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I was with my family on vacation and we were having the best time. We were joking around in fun costumes we found in a gift shop and as soon as my sister snapped a picture of me that I thought brought out every bad curve, shape and side of me, I forced her to delete it and the rest of the night I self criticized what I ate that day and what I should eat the next day to fix this issue. I wish I had that picture. This picture to your left was one I took moments before I broke down in embarrassment on how awful I thought I looked. We have all been there and most people think this isn’t a big deal but when this cycle continues, the bigger deal it becomes. This picture below was another one just taken weeks after the first incident and I remember sitting, staring and contemplating whether or not I should delete this picture. Do I remember in this moment what was going on around me? Of course not. I let that memory go. I want to start holding on to as many memories as I can and not deleting anything because every moment counts in this world. We need to view ourselves as our creator sees us.

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I challenge you to walk outside, turn your camera into selfie mode, take a picture, and don’t delete it. Yes, that is correct, I am advising you to take a selfie…I decided to do this the night I broke down about my image after we tried on costumes. I decided to do what I do best and walk off my frustrations and luckily I just happened to be on the beach, where God’s painting of the sunset is perfect every night.

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In my bathroom for years has been a frame that lists all of these verses labeled, “How God Sees Me…”. I have been blind for years from what has been in this frame so today let me share with you just a few verses on what the true image of ourselves should be. I will never get rid of this framed picture and I hope that you keep every goofy and embarrassing picture that comes your way.


1 Corinthians 6:20 | You have been purchased for a price


2 Corinthians 5:17 | You are a new creation


2 Corinthians 3:18 | You are being transformed into his likeness


2 Thessalonians 2:13 | You are chosen and hand picked by Him


Colossians 3:12 | You are dearly loved


Deuteronomy 26:18 | You are His treasured possession


Ecclesiastes 3:11 | You are beautiful



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