Exceed Your Expectations

Hello beautiful! Within all of the craziness going on in life whether that’s with work, school or just preparing for the holiday season, I wanted to challenge you think outside of the box. With that comes some great blogs I have taken the time to read along my journey to find peace and quiet. Remember, taking just five minutes out of your day to catch up on something you love can and will change your entire perspective and attitude!

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

With class, I have to follow numerous professional blogs, I enjoy following nutrition and photography blogs, and then having a dose of some inspirational blogs along the way is perfect in spare time.

From loving Kombuchas, barre, workout clothes, coffee and everything Fall, I want to introduce to you the Olive and Honey Blog. Olivia Goff is a beautiful person inside and out who grew up in Nashville with me, but we didn’t meet until college all the way in Kentucky. Small world right? Her story and sense of self is beautiful so go look up her inspirational posts on health, beauty and lifestyle.


Together, we are growing together to share passions and trying new things. With that came a photo shoot with our new favorite fall finds. My scarf was only $7 at Target and is pretty much a blanket I wear around my neck…aka pure bliss. Who says that comfort and fashion don’t go hand in hand?

Photography is a beautiful way to capture a memory or a feeling. It amazes me what people can capture by clicking one button. I am inspired by so many photographers around the world. One of which is someone I met in one of my classes on campus. Once again, small world. Oxytocin is such a unique blog that has galleries of photos that tell love stories or just a story with a headshot.Her shots are found locally in Bowling Green, KY, but why not look further?

If you have a passion that is etching on your heart, go for it. Further yourself and your growth. We don’t want to just try to grow in areas that need growing but grow in areas that we are passionate about because your capabilities will exceed your expectations.

For example, I decided to message a photographer just to let him now how talented I thought he was. As a result, I had the most amazing conversation on how and why he decided to photograph. I would have never known that if I just kept looking through the pictures. Why am I telling you this? Reach your arms out to see what you can touch in this world! That could be a person or a place. Don’t settle for just looking at what other people can do but write, share and explore all the chapters that make up your life story.

PS. After posting this, I went to class and the topic of the day was exceeding the expectations of future clients. Kind of cool how the Lord prepares your heart…never lose site of that. Happy Wednesday!

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