Fight for the Fairytale

As a child, we were always told that our fairytale would come true. Fast forward 20 years and now I’m told too often that dreaming of that fairytale is unrealistic. Why are we losing this spark in our eyes?

With that sunrise, my hazelnut coffee and this adorable “Made with Love” packaging from Etsy that arrived at my doorstep, how could I avoid that sparking feeling of emotion?

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working a special event, a wedding. Weddings are always something I will be interested to work in because they are a day full of joy, beauty and happiness. Someone’s dream is coming true. How amazing is that? I firmly believe that dreams come true and fairytales exist.

This wedding took place in one of the most beautiful places I know to exist in Bowling Green. With fields of wild flowers, horses, and eclectic barns turned into lavish dance floors, this place was a dream. White drapery hung from every wall and lights were intertwined on every vine to make the entire room sparkle. Chandeliers and candles complemented the sunset as the bride and groom entered the reception and don’t let me forget about the flowers. They were exquisite.

Now that I have put a mental image in your mind on how dreamy this afternoon was, let me describe to you the work and sweat that took place in order for this event to come together. For months the venue owner, caterer, DJ, photographer, florist, and entire team planned. The day comes and there I was in my all black business attire telling everyone what to do. Was this what I imagined 20 years ago when I thought of a wedding day? Not at all; however, being thrown into this experience showed me that fairytales require work.

Take a moment and think of what your fairytale is during this phase of your life. That dream job you want does not just fall in your lap when you graduate college. Start networking, interning, experimenting, and living! See where your talents flourish and then take that job with confidence because you will get it, but only if you work for it!

If you want that God loving man to pursue you then do not settle for anything less because people are telling you your dream guy is unrealistic. He isn’t, trust me. You will find someone that will show up at your door and sweep you off your feet. Do you think Nicholas Sparks just made up every love story without inspiration? Heck no. These love stories that have passion, beauty and Christ have always existed.

Speaking of passion, at this wedding in the midst of me running around telling everyone what to do, this old man by the name of Charles walks straight up to me. How handsome he looked all dressed up in his tuxedo and with a grin like that, I would never have known he was almost 80. He could sense when I would stress and would march up to me and tell me stories of his past, his family and his advice.

“I love people. As people we have to cherish family and always love one another.”

His words stuck with me and I hope will stick with you this week. He has lived almost 80 years on this wonderful Earth and found his beautiful bride, created an amazing family and simply loves people. With a heart like that, how could fairytales not exist? He found his happiness and you will find yours.


Fight for the fairytale. It does exist.

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