Fix It, Not Fight It

Yesterday I woke up with dark clouds in the sky and in my mind. I firmly believe that if you wake up with a negative mindset, you will have a negative day. On this trip, my family goes to the gym every morning. Going to a gym is great as I have mentioned before; however, I realized that morning that I wasn’t going to the gym to family bond, but rather to make sure I would feel best in my bikini that day or to work off the huge dinner I ate the night before.


Before eating that large meal and after my beautiful walk on the beach I had already taken, I chose to still go to the gym as soon as I felt that first raindrop. Alone, I went to the gym and my hip flexors were already hurting from the previous gym workout the day before. With that pain, I fought it and still went. I kept waking up with the same pain but as my family got ready for the gym, my mind was set on going. I couldn’t even finish a 10 minute cardio workout without pain shooting up my legs. Let me describe to you what it is like to not have enough muscle tissue in your hip flexors. It is a very raw and rubbing feeling every time you walk. Why would I want to fight this uncomfortable pain? Almost in tears from frustration, I went into the women’s locker room and prayed. Yes I prayed alone in a locker room because I am still only comfortable praying by myself. I’ve told you, I am a work in progress and that is OKAY!


I wasn’t making any progress by fighting my body. I need to fix my mindset when it is telling me that I won’t feel or look good in my swim suit unless I go to the gym. After taking a deep breath, I stopped fighting and started listening to my body. I needed to relax my muscles, not strain them. How do I fix my mind? It doesn’t take months to change your mind. It can take seconds because in that moment, I chose to sit in the steam room that was near by. Listen close because you will fall in love. After a workout or heck in place of your workout, I highly recommend sitting in a steam room for around 10 minutes. It’s my new favorite! Seriously, it feels like a small hot yoga session. I sat there, breathed, stretched, sweat a ton and could feel all the toxins and negative energy leaving my body. I plan on doing so much research on steam rooms for myself and for you because a lot of nutritionists blog about their obsession with it so stay tuned!

After leaving the gym, I still felt heavy weight through my body and mind. The clouds were still not only filling the sky, but also my viewpoint on what really matters. Some self reflection time was needed so I got a green juice and made my way down to the beach. Yes, I sat alone on the beach with black clouds in the sky, but I tried to keep my positive mindset by blasting my 70s music and pulling out my notebook. I love writing down all my thoughts in a notebook then typing it out cause getting your eyes away from a screen can be really beneficial. Moving forward, I want to fix my problems and frustrations. We all have those frustrations that we need to fix, not fight. If my body is screaming at me to not go to the gym, I am going to strive to find alternative ways to feel good in a bathing suit. Girls, we need to be 100% confident all day every day. It is hard but your gym activity doesn’t rank your confidence for the day. Today is a new day and I already decided that I am not going to the gym. Instead, I will lay in my white fluffy sheets with my Starbucks coffee. Let’s fix, not fight. What decision will you make today? IMG_6784

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