France: Lyon and Paris


I’m so excited to take you through my travels through France. Have you read my Italy blog post? Go and check it out as I finish up this journey.

I’ll start by saying, I loved France and want to go back because I learned that you need a lot of time to see all that this historical and beautiful place has to offer.

Our first stop in France was Lyon! Lyon is one of the largest and most popular cities in France, besides Paris which comes later! Going from an Italian to French culture was a fun change. You don’t realize how much you adapt even after being in another country just one week!

I loved our train ride into downtown Lyon. The country side was so breathtaking and tranquil. There were gigantic mountains with snow top peaks then vast green acres that lasted for miles.

Side story- Nick and I actually met a refugee hiding on our train. He was a little younger than we are and we did everything we could to listen to his story and give him some comfort, especially Nick. Nick ran back to buy him food, but before he could make it back, the boy was asked to leave. Traveling comes with hard moments and truly does make you stop and think what’s going on outside of our bubble.

Once we arrived, we got a taxi and went straight to our apartment Airbnb. We loved it! It was in a gated area and perfect for two people! It felt like it was ours, so we spent most of the rainy days in Lyon cooking, watching movies, and resting.

However, when the sun came out, we jumped on the opportunity to head to the city after making a list of all the places we wanted to go! We only had a little over 24 hours, so I highly recommend planning beforehand.

What did I do to find places in a city I’ve never been to? Pinterest! I look to see where other bloggers went. Below was our top five list-

Les Berges du Rhone

Shopping on the Presqu’ile

Theatre Antique Romain

Parc de la Tete D’or

Basilique de Fourviere

Our first French adventure was taking a bike ride using their bike system called Velo’v. That’s when it hit me we were in France! Our quick bike trip with our little baskets in front was so enjoyable! My ride didn’t last long because I clearly wasn’t dressed appropriately for a comfortable bike ride, so we hopped off and stopped for drinks at a cafe with the best view of the Basilique de Fourviere.

This fresh mojito was the best one I had ever tasted! The fresh mint leaves poured over my drink.

As we continued to walk towards their main shopping area, known as the Presqu’ile District of Lyon, we stopped for lunch outside. Nick ordered pizza and I had a very large salad!

One bread basket later, we continued to walk along the streets.  Our longest day in Lyon fell on a Sunday. We found out very quickly that most places were closed on Sunday, but we didn’t mind walking the empty streets. A break from large crowds was very relaxing and well needed.

Once it started to rain, we got an uber back to our airbnb where we made homemade omelets for dinner! We also finally got to wash all of our clothes; however, they didn’t have a dryer so we hung our clothes everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

We loved going into the local grocery stores and of course buying wine and dark chocolate. We walked through a fun festival as we indulged in our dessert, which got me really excited for our final destination- Paris!

Our last train ride and first evening in Paris fell on one of our anniversaries so we were very happy.  We were also tired and once again in a new city where our first taxi driver hated us so much, he would not speak to us, only snapped occasionally. With that being said, we had moments that were difficult together, but that’s what relationships are about! We ended our day at dinner in the pouring rain and walking along the boardwalk with a lovely view of the Louvre!

Paris. This city was one of my favorites! It was so beautiful, full of romance and art. Above is our hotel called Hotel Left Bank Saint Germain.

This antique styled hotel was old fashioned and in the middle of all the excitement! From there we could walk to Le Louvre and to many surrounding cafes for a pit stop.

Le Louvre– the most spectacular and largest museum I have ever seen. Sadly, the one day we were there it was closed, so Nick and I decided to walk the grounds and sit in their open garden area by a fountain. There, we read and I got to watch a photoshoot take place!

Le Tour Effeil-  The Eiffel tower was at the top of my bucket list. It didn’t seem real looking up and seeing it. We walked miles to get there and we finally succeeded! Of course we celebrated checking this off our bucket list with pizza and shared some more sweet conversations with travelers. One was an older couple from Germany who just started at the iconic tower as were we. Sharing moments like that with people around the world is an amazing memory.

Whether it was walking the streets with Nick, seeing the outstanding monumental land marks that make these places so serene, or just the quality of people and culture around me, I will forever remember this trip.

I’m sure I left out many details, but I encourage you to travel if it’s a dream of yours. It was mine and now I can say I’ve seen more of God’s artwork!

Check out more of my photography gallery below:



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