Freshman to Senior: Switching Points of View



Sitting at my desk on the first floor of PFT on Western Kentucky’s Campus I wrote in my journal everything I imagined my life in college to be. Sipping out of my favorite yellow Anthropology mug at the time, I kept hearing from my family and adults around me say, “Time flies by in college so enjoy it while you can…” I never imagined that I would ever say those words, but here I go. As I sit at my desk four years later, sipping out of my new favorite mug because little did freshman Hannah know, that mug will shatter moving into your first apartment, I’m writing down those words. College has been the fastest four years of my life.

College is where I found myself. Within these four years, I have lived in a small dorm room, an apartment with too thin of walls, a loud sorority house, and now a house with seven roommates. I went through break ups, awful dates, amazing dates, and decided I was in love with my best friend. I found Jesus where He took me on a roller coaster and taught me that my heart is meant for sharing with women.

That brings me here today with the lovely Maddie Harshman. This gorgeous friend of mine and great grandlittle in my sorority shares the same passion for blogging and is currently in her PFT dorm room. Welcome today to our exchanged points of view.

If you are looking back in college, lead by example. If you are looking forward to your next three years, be challenged and work towards the woman you dream of becoming.

XO Hannah


I’m so excited to have collaborated with Hannah! A little about me: my current season of life is inspired by a passion to create a life that radiates joy, authenticity, optimism, and beauty. Some days I drink more coffee than water. Flowers make me way too happy. My heart belongs to Jesus and in the state of South Carolina. And early morning sunrises are my thing.

As I’m finishing up my first year of college, I’ve looked back at the girl I was back in August compared to who I am today, and a common theme I’ve noticed is the intentionality and positive influence that sweet friends, like Hannah, have shown to me. Honestly, even though I’ve only known these girlies for around seven months, I know that each one has been placed into my life for a specific reason, and I’m beyond thankful to have such inspiring women to look up to.

If you’re reading this and you don’t have a mentor or someone to meet up with for coffee, I encourage you to actively seek out someone who will challenge you to become a better version of yourself. College is the prime time to grow and evolve into the woman you’re wanting to become, and one of the first steps is finding someone who can walk alongside you on this journey!

Xx — Maddie

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