Gifts for Distance

Through my blog I tend to mention relationships often, whether that is with a friend, a girlfriend/boyfriend or if it’s with yourself. Connecting with another person is a special gift that can shape who you are. We are called to shape one another in a positive way whether you are right beside that person or hundreds of miles away. It can be done.

I often call myself a “relationship” person because I am the one who believed growing up that dreams do come true. Cinderella is clearly my favorite princess…anyway, today I want to share with you some of my favorite gifts and ideas I have used to make a long distance relationship worth it and enjoyable!

If you are in a long distance relationship, let me start off by saying that distance is just physical, but emotionally, you can still connect to another person through a letter, gift, idea or surprise! Lets get started.

The Power of a Letter

Writing a letter is a beautiful art.

Everything now a day is through any instant form of technology. Remember the time when the only way to communicate long distance was with a letter? Imagine anxiously waiting for a letter with your name on it all tattered and worn to be waiting for you in your mail box…why not bring that back?

I love writing as you know and sometimes getting a formal piece of paper and writing a letter is the most simplistic, yet most valuable, gift you can send.

Order some formal paper, use your best fancy hand writing and go at it! Send someone something they won’t expect. I can’t tell you how many smiles and tears I have had over one piece of paper. I have kept every one…

I have found some of my most favorite stationary from Paper Source, like this cute donut themed card.

Simplistic, yet Special 

Keychains! Now I know what you are thinking, but for a birthday gift, I ordered an engraved keychain for Nick’s birthday with his name and his 21st birthday date. It’s a bottle cap opener and every man needs one of these.

You can order these off of Etsy and check out other links for more ideas on this amazing site!


This gift is so affordable and awesome if your special person needs some decoration help in your absence.

I bought this wooden board from Michaels and ripped out three pages from his favorite book after he read it. I then nailed them onto the board and put a quote of his own on one blank piece of paper with some calligraphy.

This is a great manly piece of decoration and it can serve as a daily inspiration for them each and every day.

I then added his favorite treat in a mason jar because who wants to just hand over a box they can buy at the store? Make something with a sparkle of you!

Memorable Mugs 

Why do I obsess over my favorite coffee mug holder from Kirkland’s and get so excited when I find a new mug when I’m on a new adventure? Let me tell you. When I travel I love to buy a mug because every mug has a memory, so when I start my day off with my morning coffee, I can look down at a memory as I sip on my cozy drink.

Meet somewhere in the middle with your favorite person and if you go someplace with a souvenir, it doesn’t have to be a mug, buy it and hold on to it so that you both can share something of one another that means a lot to you.


Deliveries exist for a reason! Some of my favorite surprise deliveries have been calling his favorite breakfast place and prepaying for his breakfast before a big test. Just one call away!

Edible Arrangements is another great way to send some extra love. This is a great holiday gift and you can find a store near you here!

“Life is a connection of moments, of memories.”

What are your ideas? I would love to hear and share many more unique ideas because making every stage of life fun can be difficult at times.

Lets make distance a gift. 




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