Happiness Is Homemade

Hi beautiful!! So, I have come to a realization that I really want to start making my thoughts come to life. I want to make my home feel like home by filling it with home cooked meals that I keep saying I will make but never do. I want to have more grill outs with friends in my backyard, which I already have one planned for this upcoming weekend! I want to create ideas, share them, learn stories, and you know my mission…we have to live beautifully by feeling our best and today I am so excited to share with you how I have been trying to feel my best.

Encouragement is always key when trying anything new. I admire those who have built their own businesses and lifestyles and try to share their visions and accomplishments. One encourager I received this week was from Purely Elizabeth who so kindly sent me a little package in the mail! Below you can see all the goodies she sent me. I am in love with this new granola I haven’t had, pumpkin fig, and LOVE it along with some coupons, new recipes, a cute sticker and much more! I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive such a sweet package. Her motto to “Eat Purely” is so simple, yet beautiful because purely living is a raw and authentic way of shaping your lifestyle.

Along with snacking, I needed to find some gluten free snacks that I could take on the go with me. I eat the same old crackers, which I enjoy, but wanted something different. I love pretzels with peanut butter; however, I am not a fan of salt and limit my intake of peanut butter during the week if possible. I decided to buy these gluten free pretzels. They are SO good! I actually like these better than regular ones…

Snacking makes me happy and is what I need. Now, I used to just snack and not eat meals. Please do not do that because our body burns out those snacks so fast just by thinking, sitting, napping and anything that we do day to day. Fuel your heart and brain. Some people don’t snack and that is okay but for myself, it keeps my metabolism up and headaches away throughout the day when I am always in a hurry.

On my list, besides cooking, is to pause, eat slow, make eye contact with people who walk by me, and to just stop for a moment. I tried this by sitting on a random bench on campus this week to enjoy my Quest bar and apple after a workout. It made my walk home much more enjoyable because I wasn’t stuffing food in my mouth as I power walked up the hill.

What are your favorite go-to snacks?

Are you taking time to pause?

If you need help figuring out what is best for your physical and mental health, try different things! Reach out to someone you can cook with, sit with or just talk with. Exchange ideas! My list is my own creation and I want to share it with you so please continue to read with me as I fill you in on my cooking adventure I have started for myself. Lets get started!

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