Healthy Grocery Shopping on a College Budget

I get asked all the time what to buy at the grocery store! I go once or twice every two weeks and never spend more that $50. Trader Joe’s is my go to place! However, Bowling Green does not have one so I go to Kroger and they always have sales on their salmon, quinoa and almond butter! For those who do not know me, fun fact is that I LOVE grocery shopping. When I want to run errands to get away from life I go straight to the grocery store. Below are all of my go to items:

Fruit:You don’t have to buy them organic but those options are available also!

  • apples
  • bananas
  • blueberries
  • grapes
  • grapefruit


  • frozen or pre-made salmon
  • frozen grilled chicken from Simple Truth Organic


  • 1 dozen carton of Simple Truth Organic, cage free eggs


  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Steel cut or regular oatmeal (add cinnamon, honey/agave and almond milk for extra taste)
  • Brown rice cakes
  • Rice crackers
  • Bear Naked granola (my favorite is banana nut)
  • Seeds of Change quinoa and brown rice mix (all you do is heat the bag for 2 minutes in the microwave and it’s already done and an amazing side item!)


  • spinach for salads or sauté them!
  • veggies
    • broccoli
    • cauliflower
    • corn
    • brussel sprouts


My doctor told me to LIVE life as a college student. Go eat ice cream, grab an extra cookie at the restaurant, craving a Reese’s?? (aka my favorite candy) GRAB A HANDFUL. If you find yourself craving dark chocolate, which is actually good for you, then that means your body needs some sugar. Listen to your body! I have found myself happier now that I actually go out for ice cream with my friends and not feel bad. Life is too short to not live it to the fullest every day.


Here are some examples of some of my simple go-to meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are so quick to make! When I’m hurrying to class, these are easy and so yummy! Remember, I don’t eat like this every day because my favorite breakfast meal is a cinnamon roll 🙂 IMG_7209IMG_5819IMG_5897

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