I Don’t Know

I don’t know is a commonly used phrase that is thrown around a million times a day. When asked what we want to eat or wear, it is easy to respond with no answer, but what happens when you have to make large decisions? Can this somewhat simplistic phrase save us in that moment when we don’t have an answer? The world feels heavy on your shoulders when you think of all the decisions you have to make. One day I feel one way and then the next another so when is the right time to choose when to make important decisions? Let me tell you, it doesn’t get easier but every small decision you make will grow into the answer you have been searching for. Not knowing is the beginning of something magnificent if you trust the moment you are in.

Moments. They are hard to enjoy at times when people and life keep moving around you. Life moves fast if you haven’t noticed. The saying everything happens in a blink of an eye is so true. The faster time goes, the more I realize that I have no idea where my life is going. I try to convince myself every day that it is okay, but that is a battle for myself. Everything has a consequence, whether that is good or bad. Instead of dwelling on the “what if” and the “how”, sometimes you have to just say “I don’t know” and live in the moment.

There is someone on this earth who has taught me how to live an “I don’t know” life. Now sure what that means? Great because I don’t either! For the over thinkers in the world, come sit with me and breath because you aren’t the only one who dissects every person, every plan and every detail of your life. For example…number one for me is food, as you know. Lately, I have been feeling awful about eating certain foods and writing about it, so sorry for my absence. I crave sweets and breads and I don’t know why I want them so bad. I end up eating them and choose to say that lovely phrase “I don’t know” once again because I don’t know why I ate that since I regret it. I don’t know why that is a struggle for me and not for others, but sometimes you have to roll with it because my struggles can be someone else’s strengths and that’s how we can lift each other up like we are called to do!

Number two, relationships, shocker right? I don’t know why certain people, guys or girls, have come into my life and sometimes I don’t know what to say to certain people who come my way. I fear messing up. I fear saying the wrong thing, feeling left out or getting rid of a relationship that was supposed to be great. I don’t know why people leave my life. I overthink that also. If a fight happens with someone, I take that as oh it wasn’t meant to be and we are over. Please take my advice and don’t overthink every argument you have with someone or disagreement. You will never be with a perfect person and you aren’t perfect either so disagreements in life can be healthy. I have experienced the best relationships with people and felt so many amazing emotions just by not overthinking everything and I want that for you.

Number three, the plan. I don’t know what my plan is in life and am figuring that out. I don’t know what opportunities will come my way or which opportunity to take. What if I choose the wrong one? I firmly believe that you and I are placed in this world for a reason. We were created to do something magnificent in this crazy world and for me; I am no longer going to fear the term “I don’t know”. With the help of people, I have been able to explore feelings I never knew I had, talents I never knew God gave me and feel a release I never knew I could feel. God’s got this. He has you in the palm of his hand so as you finish out this week, say screw it. If you are craving that piece of bread sitting on the table, eat it. Don’t let that fear of food keep you from spontaneously doing something not in your known plan that day like I almost did this weekend. Yes, I almost gave up a lake trip because I wasn’t fond of what I ate the night before and thought it would show. Nope don’t do that because I ended up having the best time. Have the best time figuring out things about yourself you didn’t know before. God will not throw anything at you that you can’t handle so you got this. We don’t know everything and won’t so let’s be a free spirit this week and say I DON’T KNOW then walk away with a smile 🙂

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