Las Vegas Travel Guide

“I think it is beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about things you love.”- Atticus 

What do I love? New experiences and with that comes with traveling to new places! Welcome to my Las Vegas travel guide where I finally get to share all the fun places I got to experience while in this exciting part of Nevada.

If you have been, feel free to comment below with new places I should try or recommend to others who choose to travel here. Lets get started!

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First and foremost a fun fact about me is that I love airports. The thought of an adventure is just lurking in the air and I love it!

We departed from the Nashville airport so of course I had to wear my BNA cap. This paired with my lulu lemon leggings and jean jacket from Charlotte Russe (you can buy here!) made for comfort and style! I grabbed my camera and was ready to get on that plane.

Two Bloody Mary’s and one movie later, we made it! This drink is one of my favorite day time drinks because it’s yummy with a kick of spice and very low calorie, but of course on this trip calorie wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary.

We finally got to meet up with my cousin and the three of us started our adventure. Even the airport was filled with casinos, lights and advertisements for what’s to come; however, we already planned our first event, but first stop was our hotel called the Elara.

The Elara Hotel

This room exceeded all my expectations with a view that took your breath away. You could see the entire strip and every iconic detail that Vegas is known for.

The windows had black out curtains that you could click with just one button and no light came in. It was amazing! I felt like I was staying at Cameron Diaz’s house in the movie the Holiday.

In addition, there was one night we needed to stay in so we found out the walls turned into a movie screen with a projector so we had our home theatre.

Planet Hollywood

Calling all 90s kids! After gazing at my favorite new view window for a solid 25 minutes, we got ready and made our way to dinner and our Britney Spears concert at Planet Hollywood, a hotel/casino/venue attached to our hotel so there was no need to drive, just walk. This was her Piece Of Me tour and the best throwback concert because she played every hit imaginable.

This place reminded me of Opry Mills in Nashville and artists such as Bruno Mars and Jennifer Lopez perform here every other week! Night one was made.

Caesar’s Palace Club Omnia 

The next generation of luxury…

It didn’t stop there because we went to our first night club called the Omnia at Caesar’s Palace. This was a new world for me to say the least. The security looked like the secret service and the club itself reminded me of a Kardashian episode. We didn’t stay long because the feet hurt so bad, so we had to uber home. What a memory.

*Note: Prices in Vegas are much higher so wear comfy shoes and walk to save money because we learned that after the first night!

Day one was complete and we decided to sleep in and order room service the following morning. When I am on vacation I always strive to look for yummy meals and my go-to is Eggs Benedict! I never say no to a poached egg so we ordered this another time on this vacation.

Next stop, the pool! It was over 100 degrees, but the dry heat there was easier to deal with rather than the humidity here.

Honest moment here- it is easy to compare yourself when you are in an atmosphere with people really putting themselves out there. With this photo, I didn’t like what I saw but you know what I told myself?

I am a 21 year old who is traveling and enjoying life with my family. We are not perfect and my body will go up and down as long as I breathe so cheers to where and who we are! 

I fell in love with their lounge chairs in the pool and got my drink of choice on this trip, a Moscow Mule.

Sushi Roku

That night we went to my favorite dinner of the weekend at Sushi Roku. On this night, we walked the strip and sat down for a formal sushi dinner. They even brought Rachel out a belated birthday treat and homemade donuts. YUM!

I ordered a classic seaweed salad, an eel roll with avocado and tried their signature drink. I ate every bite.

The Jewel Night Club at the Aria

Before going into a new club that someone had recommended to us, we stopped by the casinos to get the full experience. I tried the slot machines and it was such a fun time when you bet to enjoy. My sister walked away with even more money she bet so after she got a few extra dollars we stopped and went to a new club called the Jewel located in the Aria hotel.

This club was smaller than the previous one and we got the opportunity to go VIP so the experience was exceptional due to the fact we were in a blocked off area with a personal bar so that we didn’t have to fight the crowds.

The three of us stayed together the entire time and took it all in. I don’t really describe myself as a club type of gal but when it comes to a girl’s trip in Vegas, I was happy to experience this type atmosphere.

Gordon Ramsay Burger

If you don’t know, Gordon Ramsay is a British celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality who has written his own book and has restaurants all around the world!

My first time there and final meal of the trip was at the his burger restaurant and after one hour wait, it was worth it.

All three of us ordered something different and shared their special truffle fries. Delicious!

We got home safe and sound and now I get to share my photos and memories with you! As I finish up writing this I cheers to you and your upcoming adventure. Remember to enjoy every stage of life and don’t hold back. I even bought myself a new mug to go on my memory mug wall to wrap things up. Until next time Vegas…





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