Men’s Watches: Where to Shop for Unique Timepieces this Valentine’s Day

Hi gorgeous!

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Can you believe it? I hope you are feeling loved this season and do something special for someone you care for.

I have always loved this day. Growing up, I would make the valentine boxes and take it to school to be filled while eating the Krispy Kreme heart shaped donuts. Middle school I hoped to get that special kiss on the cheek from my crush and exchange cards. High school, I hoped to have my first candle lit dinner with a box of chocolates to eat at home. Since being in college, I have spent my Valentine’s Day with friends watching movies and sending letters and treats states away to the man I am so proud to call my valentine!

This year, I am so excited to share a gift that I received through Jord watches. A watch is a timeless gift that I love to wear on special occasions and they last so long!

I went ahead and surprised Nick with his personalized wooden watch made by Jord. The smile on his face to receive a gift that could be reused year after year was so amazing I just had to share!

This Valentine’s Day, you can have the chance to get an engraved watch for your special person. The unique women and men’s watches Jord has to offer is outstanding. I was blown away.

This personalized watch was delivered so fast and came in a beautiful, handcrafted wooden box in addition to cleaning tools inside.

There were multiple options of wood and design that you can order. Check out my gallery below:

Want this exact watch? You can order the same one!

Make your gift personalized, unique and special because on Valentine’s Day you can be as cheesy and extravagant as you want!

I chose Jord and want to help you choose so stay tuned for a contest to receive a 10% coupon code. One lucky person will win a $100 gift code to use on the Jord site!

Check them out and I hope to see you enter to get the perfect gift for your loved one!

Live beautifully.



Photography by Ishpicturesque 

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