Moving Forward

Hello Sunshine! 

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Yes, it has been way too long since I have reached out. I have drafts of ideas and thoughts I want to share but with this recap post, hopefully I can stop, breathe and live in the present for a moment. Thank you for taking a moment with me as we self reflect on life for a bit.

Time flies. I am now a Junior in college and I can’t believe it. Finals are over, I have moved home and am starting work again soon. Getting lost is easy to do because life never stops. We are always going and doing something but this summer, my mindset is different. Is yours?

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Last time I wrote, I was having a lot of hard days and those don’t go away, but the next few months, my number one goal is to surround myself with positive people and to be that positive person for someone else. Through previous posts on my fitness regime and self criticism, I have expressed how vital it is to have people in your life who will hold you accountable and feed your life with positive energy. We might not choose every situation we get involved in, but we do choose where we go and who we surround ourselves with. Right now, I am in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on family vacation! The beach is my favorite place in the entire world. I have never been here so if you have any recommendations on great food and shops let me know! This was the perfect time and place for me start summer because I have surrounded myself in a positive atmosphere with my family who I haven’t gotten to spend much time with. Although I have this time with them, I am losing time with people that have really helped me when times get rough. My mentor has graduated, my close friends and roommates are not in Tennessee when I return, and my barre and church family is in Bowling Green. As I sit here looking at the ocean, I realize I have a choice to make. I can leave everything I’ve learned from those people and get back to my bad habits of not being in a positive relationship with myself or the Lord, or I can continue my journey and return better than I left. I definitely choose the second one so where to start? First, hold on to old friendships and create new memories. That’s what summer is for!

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I have a ten year friendship with a guy who has been there for every laugh and tear during this crazy year I have had. From awkward middle school dances, to surviving separate high schools, then moving seven hours away from each other for college, we kept in contact and actually met in Charleston during this vacation to make new memories! As I sat on the harbor with him, my positive energy fell away as I started to miss old memories with people I used to be close to and regret that extra biscuit I ate at brunch cause I thought I looked way to large in the picture we previously took…he looked at me and said,

“We can’t live life looking at the past memories. We have to live for today and make new memories out of the present moment.”

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Why am I telling you this? We all fall into bad habits so keep those positive friendships in your life and have someone who can remind you what blessings are in your life. We can’t look at yesterday, only today. In the Gospels it says,

| “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will worry about itself. Everyday has enough trouble of its own.” | Mathew 6:34 

As my mentor graduates and moves onto do amazing things in her life, I got nervous about going home. Who would tell me what devotional to read or where to turn to for guidance? This summer I have found friends to keep me accountable but for my personal relationship with the Lord, that is up to me. She told me to read from the Gospels and to start with John. I have never read an entire book in the Bible so I started this morning! I am so excited to start something new and will try my hardest to not lose sight on what’s important this summer. There is no need to go backwards, only forwards. Join me this week and let’s start this summer strong. Text an old friend, find a book of the Bible to read and dive into a new page of life. I’m learning something new every day and so should you! Stay positive gorgeous.

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  1. So proud of you and the beautiful, vulnerable, amazingly gifted woman you are! Thankful our paths are intertwined!

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