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I loved giving you a glimpse into my closet, but it isn’t always what we are wearing. I totally agree with the saying “Dress well, test well” and I believe that applies at the gym because lets admit, who workouts more when they have a cute outfit to wear? No shame. It’s not always about the image though and that’s what I’ve been in the process of understanding. I have never studied nutrition so much in my life so that’s why I am blowing up your phone with day to day food tips and I love it! However, wellness is beyond what we wear and eat. It’s how we move! I don’t care how you choose to get moving in your day to day life but we have to in order to live abundantly!

I have probably done it all. I have done high impact from TRX videos, cycle classes, free weights at the gym, cardio outside, barre, yoga, and the list goes on. My body will probably always be changing what it decides to do because our muscles need variety, just like our diets need variety as well.

Like every week I have done my Barre and jogged outside, but last week I added variety by doing a Zumba class with my sorority sisters and doing Hot Yoga. I needed the dancing, stretching and sweating. I feel sore and love that feeling! Wellness can come from anything, not just from my list of favorites.

According to author Miguel Cavazos from LiveStrong, different types of exercise fall under 4 main categories:

  1. Aerobic- “Involves performing continuous movements with large muscle groups, such as your legs, for 20 minutes or more.”
  2. Anaerobic- “Increases the force your muscle contractions can generate. May increase your strength, speed or power output.”
  3. Flexibility- “Enhances the range of motion of your muscle and joint movements.”
  4. Stability-  “Improves your ability to maintain body alignment while resisting unwanted bone and joint movements.”

It’s crazy what our bodies are capable of and it’s up to us to see what we can do! I’ve been injured, I’ve worked out too much and not enough at times and that is okay! You might make a workout schedule and then wake up one morning with the feeling of eh not today. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If it needs sleep, press that snooze button, if you are tight, wake up and stretch. There is no better feeling, and that gets me to my favorite from the list…yoga.

Hot Yoga Bowling Green is my place of serenity within the week. My goal is to go every Wednesday for their restorative class. Yes, just once a week because I found going a lot on top of working out made me weak and shaky. The couple that owns this studio has such driven hearts and they remind we every time I walk in how loved I am by our Father above. Their Christian hearts have opened so many doors to so many people. I have cried in front of her, laughed, improved and have even fallen asleep in class. The dimmed lights and essential oil toilettes get me every time. That’s the point of the restorative class! All you do is stretch, breath and get all the negative toxins and thoughts from your system. Students only have to pay $9.00 a class so I highly recommend you try this place out if you are a fellow BG resident!

Now I’m not going to go into the proper way to plank, stretch or do a push up. My blog isn’t to tell you how to do something perfectly because this girl used to be able to do the splits and now I’m the tallest one, mid lunge, when everyone else falls on the floor in class. I do all my pushups girls style with knees planted on the ground and my wall sits probably last for only a few minutes due to my legs shaking. None of this stops me because I have learned in order for me to gain lean muscle, numerous reps, small movements, stretching with bent knees, and squatting until I shake get me where I want to be slowly but surely!

You can do wellness anywhere. In the comfort in your own home, at a studio or anywhere outside. As you can tell, I just planked in a park. Nailed it! Now it’s your turn! Stretch, share and shake those muscles. They are worth being built and you are worth every breath you take. Live strong and well beautiful!

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