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I am someone who cannot keep them, but I love being a part of them! I am so happy you are here reading with me today because I get to share the ultimate surprise, a scavenger hunt around Nashville!

Some background story for you. This past week was my senior spring break where I was going to go to Miami with Nick, my roommates, and some more amazing people! You never know what life will throw at you because the day before I was suppose to pack up and leave, I found out that I had a hemorrhaged 5×7 cm cyst on my right ovary causing extensive abdominal swelling, pain, and more issues.

I was bitter because Nick and I wouldn’t be going on a trip that people say every college student must experience. I was bitter because I couldn’t work out to feel my best. I had to realize that it doesn’t matter where you are, if you are surrounded by those who love you and care for you, you will be the happiest version of yourself. Just wait and see…

Nick Obremskey is the king of surprises and we always refer to Nashville as our playground. Growing up in a large city has it’s perks, especially when you are home for surgery.

We had an awesome visitor and good friend of Nick’s join us! It was his first time in Nashville so this scavenger hunt was a treat for him as well. Let’s get started!

Rise and shine!

8:30am on the dot Nicholas showed up with one card in hand that read “Clue #1”. I was told I would receive up to 10 clue cards throughout the entire day, each containing a poem that I had to decipher before our next location.

Stop One- The Row Nashville 

Tucked away in Midtown is this amazing, local restaurant that I had never been to! They have live music, southern comfort food, amazing murals of country artists everywhere, and outstanding coffee for breakfast!

I had homemade hash brown casserole and their Benedict with poached eggs, spinach, goat cheese, and multigrain bread. Go check out my post featured on Nashville Eats!

Before I knew it, the waiter arrived handing me my next card which lead me to WALL MURALS downtown! My Nashville wall crawl wasn’t quite complete so Nick knew I was eager to get there.

Stop Two- Cafe Lula at The Ryman Auditorium 

As we drove around attempting to find murals painted all around the city, we stopped along the pedestrian bridge to soak in views that I often take advantage of living here.

Before we knew it, we found a new place to get coffee and tea! Cafe Lula at the Ryman. The architecture of this beautiful building was full of light and windows stretching from the floors to the ceiling. I can’t wait to go back for mimosas!

After sitting, sipping, and taking in the skyline views, it was time for our next stop and one of my personal favorites, the park.

Stop Three- Percy Warner Park

Days spent driving down the Bellemede Boulevard with the windows down just puts the biggest smile on my face. All you need is a breeze and some music to just let go.

We arrived and climbed all the way to the top of these famous steps to just inhale, exhale, and pause. Nick and I go to this park for picnics, hikes, or to just sit and talk with hot chocolate.

Stop Four- Homemade lunch + 12 South

It was time to fuel up so we stopped by his home to make chicken salad sandwiches from Zoe’s Kitchen. We watched some TV, digested our amazing meal, and set off to 12 south!

This strip is one of my favorites in Nashville! We grabbed popsicles from Las Paletas, walked up and down the street stopping in local shops, and finally ended at the Frothy Monkey where we bought kombucha and a jumbo chocolate chip cookie!

Walking around with no agenda to buy anything was so serene!

Stop Five- Franklin Road Academy 

FRA was the high school I grew up in and the place where Nick and I met at nine years old. This stop made me tear up as we rolled up to this memorable place. I went to this school for 14 years, yes I am not joking. This stop was short, but very special. My next clue card hinted at working my brain a bit and I knew exactly what would come next…

Stop Six- The Escape Game 

I was so excited because I have never done this! Located in Berry Hill, The Escape Game is a building turned into mystery courses and you and your team have one hour to escape!

We did the “Prison Break” game and almost completed it all the way! I love the board game Clue and this was the real life version! I can’t wait to go back.

Stop Seven- Merchants 

Over two years ago, Nick and I went on our very first date at Merchants located on Broadway. This restaurant was created in 1892 from an old hotel. Check out the history behind this amazing space. The white and black checkered floors, vintage style booths, and specialty foods such as deviled eggs and pickles, make me feel like I’m going back in time.

Nick and I love dressing up no matter the occasion, so we ordered our meals, wine, and the staff even brought us post cards to take home with us! This place will never go out of style and I can’t wait to go back.

The final card- The Beach

So perplexed, I opened my final card of the evening that invited me to the beach. I was so confused! We hopped in our uber and went back to his house where my childhood best friend and his buddy stood waiting for us.

Every candle was lit in the house and outside the window, there was a beach. Yes, Nick bought 250 pounds of sand, started a fire, got smores, and created a beach by his pool. AKA the best beach I have ever been to.

We stayed up late that night playing cards, having drinks, and enjoying time with our sweet friends who took the time to make this spring break my favorite yet.

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The surgery was successful and I am home recovering! If anyone has any questions about cysts, please feel free to message me!

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