New Logo!

Good morning! Today I am excited to launch my new logo! I am so thankful and blessed to have such a talented and dear friend, Vanessa Price, help create my new logo, which I am incredibly in love with. Check out her website to see her full portfolio.

My first logo was created right when I opened my blog a little over one year ago. The vines and flowers represented the phase of life I was in, but now I feel as though I’m entering a new stage. I have a vision that I want to share because my motto is to love, create, inspire, share.

The coffee rings that are stained show an imprint similar to one I want to portray. I love to share about coffee shops, cafes and conversations i’ve had with those who want to share like me. We all leave a mark one way or the other so as I try to continue my blogging journey, I hope that when you see a coffee ring left on a table, you can smile at the thought that you’ve left a mark. You matter and are remarkably beautiful inside and out.

Splash some creativity in your life today and leave your mark.

xo Hannah Kerr

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