Origins: Journey from Plant to Formula

Hi beautiful!

Feeling our best doesn’t always come with what we eat or how active we are. We are girls, aren’t we? We love makeup, fashion and products and everything in between. When it comes to food, I do a pretty good job at staying consistent; however, when it comes to face products and makeup, I just buy what’s convenient or cheap. What can I say, I am a college student who doesn’t splurge on everything.

Today, I am sharing with you some products i’ve received from Origins, a skincare line that I have started to use over and over. I absolutely love it! I have blogged about other facial products I have liked, but as I try to get my routine together, this has been my recent go-to!

I encourage you to go and read their story or watch their video.You can check my favorite products so far and items I have received on my Instagram story, so hurry and watch and join in on their 4th of July online sale!

We are all figuring out how to feel our best so let’s get started!



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