Hello Rebbl

Happy Tuesday!

I love finding convenient and healthy treats on the go. This summer, I got the chance to try drinks by Rebbl and fell in love!

When I find healthy foods I want to share, I look at more than the ingredients. I look at the reason for creating a product and the story behind the package.

After looking at the company’s website, I read about their product’s philosophy and their standards include-

  • True taste
  • Organic 
  • Fair trade 
  • Real ingredients 
  • Efficacy 
  • Driving Impact 

“At the end of the day, they sell elixirs to inspire healthy living, but they go further with their passion by driving impact…It is our calling to fight human trafficking through impact sourcing and supply chain in partnership with the non-profit Not For Sale. In doing so, we must address climate change, which is inextricably linked to human trafficking. This helps to protect vulnerable communities from ever being trafficked.  In addition, we donate 2.5% of the net sales of every bottle sold to Not For Sale to rehabilitate those who’ve already been affected.”

Amazing right?! If you want to read more into what the primary points above mean, read their full article and watch a video on their wholesome products here!

Their team is awesome and they wish their customers a “life of love and fullness.” Similar to my motto to love, create, inspire, share, their products were at the top of my list to taste test so the awesome Rebbl team sent me coupons to try and share with you all!

My two new favorites are above, the matcha latte and turmeric golden milk, made with fresh coconut milk. Their elixirs and proteins come in various flavors (as you see below) and they even have cold brew coffee that I have grabbed on many road trips.

A huge thank you to the Rebbl team and I hope you go and try!

Introducing Royal Blush Boutique!

Hello gorgeous! Time to talk fashion…

Photography: Baker Exposures (Instagram: @baker.exposures)

One thing I love about staying connected with people you knew along time ago is that you get to see what an amazing person they grow to become. With that being said, today I get to introduce to you the online boutique called Royal Blush Boutique!

Leah Murphy, owner and creator of Royal Blush Boutique, has almost 10,000 shoppers. She is such a sweet mom and one of my sister’s college best friends. Her online store is filled with amazing clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

I was so thankful to have her tell us her inspiration behind her boutique-

I always dreamed of having my own boutique since I was in college, but when it was time for reality, with a small baby at home, I decided to do the online route! And I’m so glad I did! People always ask when I’ll open a store front, but right now, my motto is “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?!”  Plus, this allows me to continue to stay home with my baby girl!

All orders are completed through her Facebook page and the prices are so affordable and AMAZING!

Take a look at this photo gallery below by the wonderful photographer, Baker Exposures, and shop now at Royal Blush Boutique!

If you have a dream, GO FOR IT! She did and now look at how happy she is selling outfits that make girls feel beautiful! You can too! 

This flowy and floral dress was an amazing outfit that I could wear all day! So comfy and I would definitely keep that for Autumn and throw on a sweater with some booties.

Purse: Micheal Kors

Shoes: TJ Maxx 

Stay tuned for some more amazing items I have loved from her boutique!

Love, Create, Inspire, Share 



My Most Recent Menu

Does this breakfast look serene or what? I woke up feeling fatigued, my stomach was killing me and I was a little anxious. I could have sat in bed and wished for it to go away but if you checked my insta story, I played my 60s music with coffee in bed and lit a candle made by Rewined.

I made a breakfast for one out on our patio and added orange slices to my meal! Fun fact- the vitamin C in my oranges helps absorb my other nutrients from the entire meal. Amazing right? And it’s delicious on a summer day.

I paused, ate by myself and tried to wake up for my Pure Barre class!

For lunch I made wild caught salmon!


  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Ground pepper
  • Sea salt
  • Onion shreds
  • Basil leaves

Toss and sprinkle ingredients then bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes! I ate the entire thing…

All the ingredients from both meals above were purchased from Kroger. What are you making today?

I find cooking to be so therapeutic and healing when I do not feel well. I had soup to heat up but what fun would that be? Resting your body can be done in a way that doesn’t make you feel lethargic.

I’ll hop back a little bit for dinner but last night after working all day my sister and I grabbed a late dinner and had a girl’s night at the Rosepepper Cantina in East Nashville. My favorite part of the entire meal was their homemade guacamole and pita as an appetizer. We ordered their margaritas on the rocks made with agave nectar! SO good. I usually don’t drink those, but I treated myself and loved trying something new. If you don’t like Mexican food then at least go for the sign because it is quite clever and got me through the doors….

Munch, snack, bake, and create!! I didn’t look up any of these recipes or look at the dinner menu online to see if I could find something healthy there. I went for things and am so happy I did!

Lets start this week off fueled!



Recovery Rookies

Lets get real. Kerrageously Made is a blog that is trying to be honest when it comes to my favorite saying, living beautifully; however, in order to experience the beauty in the world, you have to be exposed to the negative sides.

As I can be a typical millennial and check my social media way too often, I have recently decided to remind myself why I started. Why did I start my blog? Why are you trying for something important to you? My goal is to turn my weakness into my strength. With that comes answers that I am still trying to figure out on this ongoing journey so join me today for some girl-to-girl conversation. Thanks for reading with me today gorgeous!

The road to recovery is often bumpy because a) nothing is perfect and b) without the bumps, what would we be working towards? My blog came from me ignoring all that life had to offer and instead focusing on my body image. I warped my mind into believing it looked one way and should look another. During this time, I lost healthy enzymes and proper body functions that I should have in my twenties. I even lost some relationships along the way, but now i’m learning to love what food can do to my body and I have gained relationships as well. I smile every day because I get to share my strengthened weakness with you! I don’t want to go back to where I was and we can’t look back, only forward…

*Note the picture on the left was when I would eat a granola bar and apple for lunch and was spiraling down my path. I went through a stage where I deleted all my ED pictures in order to try to move on, but this shows that those rib lines on our stomach aren’t sexy in a swimsuit…

I am here today because as I try to eat the right foods and lots of them, my body doesn’t know how to digest what I am feeding it and most of the time I end up feeling awful day to day. I try to positively promote that feeling this way is okay, but currently I am searching for clarity and answers on how to truly feel my best on this road to recover. What’s the answer… KEEP GOING.

From blogger to blogger and study to study I have learned that the inflammation of the stomach is common for post ED. Our bodies are learning where to store food and a lot of that is centered in the abdominal area, that is where I am experiencing it. I know all the facts that women are more “pear shaped” and that we have more visceral fat that males; however, this bothers me so much and it shouldn’t! I can’t keep looking at what my body is doing as a bad thing because it’s just on the road to recover which is AMAZING!

I’ve been wanting to find similar stories and I have come across a very truthful blogger named Tabitha Farrar who gives so much incite on recovering stomach problems. I had to share her list below:

  1. Continue to eat at regular intervals regardless of how awkward it feels. We have to train this system up!

  2. Give it foods that are easy for it to process = high in fat!

  3. Drink adequate amounts of water and fluids, just enough but not too much.

  4. Rest. There is so much going on here. Take recovery seriously. This is a huge restoration project for your body!

  5. Increase intake of fats as these can help with bowl movement regularity.

  6. Breathing practices before and after eating to help you reduce anxiety and stay in the parasympathetic nervous system.

  7. Buy loose comfortable clothing and throw out any “small” clothes. Not food related directly, but it is cathartic!

  8. Did I mention that you have to continue to eat? You do.

I’m so thankful for her posts and she continues to say,

 “ I had some very bad cramping and some very concerning loud gurgling when I was in recovery..I showed all the signs of gluten intolerance when I started eating bread in higher quantities. I kind of knew deep down this was due to me starting to eat more, and that my system wasn’t used to it, but I still had a wealth of gluten-free advocating friends telling me that I needed to cut out gluten. It was suggested to me by many people that I should look into cutting gluten out of my diet (That was when gluten-free was at the peak of fashion and the cure-all for everything).”

Does this sound like you too? I wiped out gluten for a little bit and am starting to eat more of that as much as I can. Now my weakness might be yours or it might not be, but if you are reading with me today remember that eating allows us to live abundantly!

Someone once told me this and it stuck with me. That small “pooch” at the bottom of your stomach will hold life one day! It is a beautiful thing! We need extra skin and fat in order to operate and be freaking awesome human beings. Lets not get in the way of that.

As Miley Cyrus says, we can’t stop and we won’t stop…Lets keep living as beautifully as we can! I am accepting this change because I know that a positive outcome will come of it.

God is smiling at us working on looking the way He painted us to look so lets make Him proud shall we?

Please comment any tips, incite, stories, or maybe just some cool places to try as we continue to eat and live!



 P.S. Looking for more tips on how to heal your body when it’s cramping, bloating, starving, or just needing some syncing in your life? Go and check out Lee From America Blog. 

July Treats

Date Night | Sea Salt Nashville 

Sometimes when life gets busy, you need a date night. A night to dress up and feel gorgeous for no specific reason. A night to talk and pretend you are the only one in the room. Whether you are dating yourself or someone else, give yourself a break and feel fabulous! Join me as I give some details on my most recent date night…

For looks on this weekday date night, I got my hair done by the amazing April from Panache Salon and Spa in Bowling Green. I slipped on my dress after a short nap and took my sweet time getting ready.

My dress is made by Sienna Sky and I found this at TJ Max! I love it! It has a cropped length, cut outs on the side and thick straps so I’m never pulling on it.



It was a Wednesday night and there was no occasion. I poured myself a glass of wine, put on a dress and took my sweet time putting my makeup on. He showed up at my door and picked me up. I still get butterflies in my stomach sometimes and I’ve learned that’s what makes date nights fun because you get to remind yourself why you are dating the person you are.

He drove us Downtown Nashville and we went to a restaurant called Sea Salt. For my Nashvillians, you MUST add this to your list. It’s dimmed with light, not too big and the staff was amazing. I ordered a new glass of wine and didn’t like it so the waiter graciously replaced mine with another glass of my choice. We started off with their crab cakes and that made us crave so much seafood.

We found out that all of the fish served every night is caught from the Gulf THAT MORNING! Yes, they have a fisherman who fishes in the morning, sends pictures to the restaurant and has it delivered that day. After hearing that, we both got fish. I got the salmon and he got grouper. Lets just say we ate it all; however, we were talking so much that the waiter came over and asked is there a reason we weren’t eating…it’s crazy the conversations you can have if you just put the phone away and go to dinner!

On nights like this the food I eat before me never crosses my mind. Fish also makes me feel amazing so when I have the option to eat fish I always go for it.

We were the last to leave and it was amazing. We sat with the manager/owner and he was such a welcoming owner that we both highly recommend you go to this place on your next date night!

Hot July Day Activities: 

Las Paletas / Amelia’s Flower Truck / Star Bagel 

This has probably been the hottest month this summer! With working on a computer all the time, sometimes you need to go out and I have recently enjoyed a day of being out and about!

One early morning around 7:00am I went to Star Bagel in Sylvan Park. I love this area! It is small and right by a park. The perfect getaway! I got their “California” bagel on a multigrain bagel with egg, avocado, cheese, and tomato. I ate the entire thing! I wanted to go to a new bagel shop and this local place hit the spot. I loved watching the regulars come in with their coffee and newspaper. I will definitely go back.

As the week went on, so did the heat. Popsicles are the perfect cure so for a little day date, Nick and I went to 12 South at Las Paletas and I got the strawberry and pineapple and Nick got chocolate strawberry. We ate it instantly and took a walk in the park to see the local farmers market.

We passed the beautiful Amelia’s Flower Truck. After working for a florist I realize how valuable and beautiful flowers are and what they can mean to people. There is something about them that can make a simple smile come to someone’s face or make a room come to life. This truck can bring life anywhere it goes so a post popsicle treat to this flower truck was the cherry on top to a hot summer day!

Fun Finds | Blue Sky Planner + Wild Ophelia Chocolate 

I LOVE buying planners, as you know. Target is my go-to and planners can get expensive, but Target is having a SALE on planners! I rushed there and found this one, made by Blue Sky. There wasn’t many left so I grabbed one of the last one’s. Go check it out. I’ve already penciled in everything for the semester and highlighted all the important dates!

My tasty treat to end the week are these new mini dark chocolate, peanut butter cups I found at Kroger. The brand Wild Ophelia is a new brand carried at this grocery store and I love it! I wanted to try something new and i’ll definitely get this again. Read more on their mission-

“Wild Ophelia is a Fair Trade, non-GMO chocolate line that embodies the spirit and flavors of America. Ophelia is our maverick muse who is passionate about exceptional ingredients from farmers and artisans, fostering fellow female entrepreneurs, and living the American dream.”

What fun experiences or finds have you had this July? Always remember to Love, Create, Inspire & Share!



Heaviness & The Way To Become {a} Light Again

Do you know the saying nothing good lasts forever and nothing bad lasts forever? I truly believe that and sometimes life can just feel so heavy. That feeling that you are carrying a ton of weight on your shoulders. Whether it’s trying to make people happy, living up to people’s expectations, watching people leave your life, finding balance, etc, we often carry weight people tell us to let go of. How? I know that we aren’t suppose to carry burdens or as Kairos said last night, live in fear. I know these things, but sometimes they feel inevitable. How can we become light again?

I often use the saying, “Be a light”. You are probably wondering what I mean. That light feeling of joy, happiness and carefree can come and go. Darkness can sometimes come over us like that weight we often carry. We are attracted to places with light. When light fills the room, we see beauty. When light comes through the window every morning, we wake up and feel alive. We should feel like this every day and I often try to by filling it with warm coffee cups by my window, hearing inspiring stories from others, writing with music playing in the background, or exploring this wonderful world. I want to learn how to not be heavy physically, but mentally.

This week has felt heavy to me. Nick is applying to Medical school and the unknown answers often fill our minds with the “what if”. My grandfather is about to pass away and there is something about watching your parent hurting take over your entire body. I call my sister to hear some delightful news, but come to find out her fiancé’s uncle passed away this week. The list just keeps getting longer and longer.

I opened up my devotional today in the midst of writing this and was in awe of what it said…

“Do not hide from your fear or pretend it isn’t there. Anxiety that you hide in the recesses of your heart will give birth to fear of fear: a monstrous mutation. Bring your anxieties out into the Light of My presence, where we can deal with them together.” 

Wow. He wants us to be lights and I understand there are some things in this world that we just can’t control. Our minds are equipped to control around us. By the use of technology and independence, we like the feeling of being in control of our lives. The constant chain of fear will lay on our shoulders, unless we learn to become light again. Happiness still exists when sadness occurs. The sun rises and sets every day and that beauty I believe we often take for granted. We wake up every single day with a purpose to act while the sun still shines. There is always an awakening of things that have fallen.

If you are feeling heavy, and not physically, but mentally, know that you will become light again. You will be smiling at the beginning and end of another day. Hope exists for a reason and if we focus on the failures and fallings in life, that hope will diminish. It exists for a reason, doesn’t it? You exist for a reason. This week, I will continue to march on and to be a light when it is needed. I might fall, cry, worry and fear, but I will not carry those on my shoulders. Instead I will pray and invest in the comfort of those around me. As should you…

My hope for you is that you fall asleep smiling tonight. Make a list of what you have accomplished or what you aspire to achieve. It’s okay to look forward to something and to get your hopes up. That’s what makes this life a thrilling ride. Let’s live it to the fullest and feel light again.



Leah Lou Photography

Essential Oils Told By Meredith

Hello gorgeous! As everyone starts settling down after a long day, I have some awesome tips for you from the amazing guest blogger of the week, Meredith Wellborn. 

I love essential oils! After this post, I’m so excited to go and purchase my very own. They are the true natural remedy for healing and health. Let’s feel our best not only on the inside, but on the outside. Enjoy what this amazing blogger has to say- 

I absolutely love essential oils and have been using them for a couple of years now. To some, these little bottles of magic may seem like a hoax, but I can tell you first hand that they make a difference in your everyday life! These oils truly are a lifestyle choice — one that I believe everyone should make! If you are new to the world of essential oils and want to try them or just simply want to know what the hype is all about, I’m here to let you in on some of my favorite uses for the Doterra essential oils.

First, I’m going to be starting off with my diffuser. This is a game changer. Imagine falling asleep with the smell of lavender making its way into every corner of your room and helping you drift off into a sweet, dreamy state after a long day…Sounds incredible right? Well, it is! The best part about this thing, however, is that you can diffuse ANY oil you want! If you are looking into buying oils, I strongly recommend buying a diffuser as well. It is my favorite part of using the oils, and it makes them so much more worth while. I also love candles, and since we can’t have them at my college next year, this will fill that void wonderfully! My grandmother gave me my diffuser for Christmas a couple years ago, and it’s from this company.

Another “extra” I really enjoy using is Doterra Spa Hand and Body Lotion. You can add any oil into this unscented lotion depending on what your needs are at the moment! I’ll normally add a couple drops of oil to the lotion and put it all over my body before bed, but it can be used anytime throughout the day.

Lastly, Doterra sells this miniature pack of eight oils for on-the-go use. All throughout high school, I had this on my backpack, and would use various oils if I was feeling stressed, tired, etc. This is also amazing for travel. It ensures that you don’t have to go a day without your favorite oils!

Alright, now onto my favorite oils and how I like to use them…

Lavender: This is the oil I use the most. In my opinion, it is the best thing to diffuse when you’re trying to sleep! I will often add a couple drops of Serenity oil to accompany it, but it shines alone as well. Whenever I get a sunburn, I will also take some Lavender and Peppermint oils and mix it in to my face moisturizer and body lotion to soothe the pain and fight redness.

Melaluca: Although the name is deceiving, this is just tea tree oil. I use this as a spot treatment for pimples. In between my face wash and moisturizer, I will take a Q tip with some of this oil on it and apply it to any open zits or any oncoming. This works like a dream.

On Guard: Whenever we were feeling sick when we were younger, my mom would always put On Guard oil on me and my siblings feet and then put socks on us to ensure the oil is soaked up. To this day, I still do this when I’m feeling under the weather. Now, I will often use the Doterra Spa lotion with this oil and then apply it to my feet to add some extra moisture. I don’t exactly know what the intended outcomes are of it, but in my experience, this oil really helps me breathe and often helps coughing. I will also diffuse this with Lavender to help me sleep when I’m sick.

Peppermint: This oil is good for when you’re tired. I will apply this to each of my wrists, rub them together, and put my wrists up to my nose to breathe it in. Throughout the day, you can keep repeating this motion to help you stay awake and focused. This is really helpful before taking tests or exams or if you just need a kickstart to your morning.

Citrus Bliss: This oil doesn’t have any particular outcomes that I’ve noticed, nor do I think it’s intended to have any. HOWEVER, it is a really nice scent to diffuse throughout the day. It’s fruity but not overwhelming.

There you have it! My guide to essential oils. Hope you enjoy, and let me know in the comments your favorite uses for essential oils!


Milk & Honey 

Hi beautiful!

Today I finally have the pleasure to share with you my wonderful experience at Milk and Honey Facial and Wax Parlor, owned by the amazing Lisa Shearer.

I am not one to get facials often so when I got the opportunity to collaborate with her, I was so excited!

Located right off of West End Avenue, this place is quiet, unique and so peaceful. Out from the serene waiting room came the most bubbly person I’ve ever met. Lisa did a phenomenal job and welcomed me in with such a happy spirit! I received a 30 minute M&H Custom Facial as she describes it as,

“Customized to address your skin’s needs. Each facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, aromatherapy, and massage.”

She swaddled me in a heated blanket which I was thrilled about because I’m always cold. We talked about my skin and she told me my skin had nearly no sun damage! What do I do? I wear good sunscreen, moisturize daily, don’t use tanning beds, and wear limited amounts of makeup. (My details for how I protect my skin will be up soon!)

From scrubs, massages, to learning about various pressure points on my face, I’ve decided to get these regularly. My skin still feels like its glowing days later. I was so relaxed and that’s how we should strive to feel a little every day.

Now, the best part wasn’t the massage itself, but getting to learn the story and heart of Lisa. God placed it on her heart to separate from her busy and overworked schedule and invest her passion and past struggles into her clients she calls family. We talked about our life journey and trusting that gut feeling of following your heart.

Through knowing some mutual people and sharing similar past and passions, we both want to make people feel beautiful. It was such a God thing getting to meet with her and I hope you all do to!

You have the opportunity to do so TODAY! You have a chance to win our facial giveaway! Check out my Instagram account for details on your chance to receive one free facial by Lisa!

Check out this post featured on As Told By Meredith blog by blogger Meredith Wellborn.

L I V E • B E A U T I F U L L Y


Pursuit is defined as to follow or chase something. This is a word I hear often but I’ve never quite thought about the underlying message. Whether you are watching the iconic Pursuit of Happiness movie or talking about a gentleman pursuing you, we are all chasing something or someone. Our hearts were created to be pulled towards something else.

In a lot of my alone time, I like to spend it looking at past pictures because I always end up smiling. In all my different stages of life, I love seeing how each year, my heart is pursuing or is being pursued by different people or things.

Last summer I was pursuing relationships with other people, but this summer I have been trying to pursue a relationship with myself. Sometimes the relationship with yourself is the one that you need to work on and it can be quite difficult but I know that if my heart wants something bad enough, I can achieve it and you can too.


These past two months being home have been frustrating at times as I try to change my routined schedule from barre and walking on campus to figuring out what works best for my body in Nashville. Being active is a huge part of feeling my best; however I have pursued everything from barre, yoga, intense training at Orange Theory, hiking, elliptical sessions at Boost Fit Club, walking, or to do absolutely nothing. Sound like you also?

I have loved each and every one but sometimes I can’t afford barre, it rains so I can’t walk or hike, my knees hurt so bad after intense training, or I just don’t want to enter a gym…this happens to me every day. Conflict is a part of anything we try to pursue; however, amazing things can come from it.

When I tested out Orange Theory, which was so lively and fun, I got to meet a girl who works there that is from Bowling Green and went to WKU! Small world, right?! If you are looking for a workout that tracks your heart rate and calorie burn then definitely try this out! My body just can’t handle the impact right now, but it’s worth going if you haven’t.

As you can see, having a healthy lifestyle can have it’s bumps, but those bumps are paving my way to finding exactly what I want to pursue for myself.

As I was walking one afternoon, I saw the tiles above that read “Pursue Sweat.” I paused and captured a photo because I loved it. We are all pursuing something and it got me excited for life! Certain things might not work for me, but they could work wonders for you!

Never stop wondering or pursuing because you never know what’s in store. For example, I have recently started a job at White Dresses Boutique in Germantown here in Nashville and love it! This bridal boutique is a dream and they pursued me. They reached out to me and through this I have met my coworkers, where one was from Bowling Green and the other is a Nashville local as well…God is crazy when He brings people together.

If your knees hurt like mine, try something new that your body will love. If you are being pursued by someone, trust your gut and see what could come from it. Let pursuit take control sometimes and go for it! One day you will be having alone time, looking back at pictures, and smile.

xo Hannah