Las Vegas Travel Guide

“I think it is beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about things you love.”- Atticus 

What do I love? New experiences and with that comes with traveling to new places! Welcome to my Las Vegas travel guide where I finally get to share all the fun places I got to experience while in this exciting part of Nevada.

If you have been, feel free to comment below with new places I should try or recommend to others who choose to travel here. Lets get started!

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First and foremost a fun fact about me is that I love airports. The thought of an adventure is just lurking in the air and I love it!

We departed from the Nashville airport so of course I had to wear my BNA cap. This paired with my lulu lemon leggings and jean jacket from Charlotte Russe (you can buy here!) made for comfort and style! I grabbed my camera and was ready to get on that plane.

Two Bloody Mary’s and one movie later, we made it! This drink is one of my favorite day time drinks because it’s yummy with a kick of spice and very low calorie, but of course on this trip calorie wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary.

We finally got to meet up with my cousin and the three of us started our adventure. Even the airport was filled with casinos, lights and advertisements for what’s to come; however, we already planned our first event, but first stop was our hotel called the Elara.

The Elara Hotel

This room exceeded all my expectations with a view that took your breath away. You could see the entire strip and every iconic detail that Vegas is known for.

The windows had black out curtains that you could click with just one button and no light came in. It was amazing! I felt like I was staying at Cameron Diaz’s house in the movie the Holiday.

In addition, there was one night we needed to stay in so we found out the walls turned into a movie screen with a projector so we had our home theatre.

Planet Hollywood

Calling all 90s kids! After gazing at my favorite new view window for a solid 25 minutes, we got ready and made our way to dinner and our Britney Spears concert at Planet Hollywood, a hotel/casino/venue attached to our hotel so there was no need to drive, just walk. This was her Piece Of Me tour and the best throwback concert because she played every hit imaginable.

This place reminded me of Opry Mills in Nashville and artists such as Bruno Mars and Jennifer Lopez perform here every other week! Night one was made.

Caesar’s Palace Club Omnia 

The next generation of luxury…

It didn’t stop there because we went to our first night club called the Omnia at Caesar’s Palace. This was a new world for me to say the least. The security looked like the secret service and the club itself reminded me of a Kardashian episode. We didn’t stay long because the feet hurt so bad, so we had to uber home. What a memory.

*Note: Prices in Vegas are much higher so wear comfy shoes and walk to save money because we learned that after the first night!

Day one was complete and we decided to sleep in and order room service the following morning. When I am on vacation I always strive to look for yummy meals and my go-to is Eggs Benedict! I never say no to a poached egg so we ordered this another time on this vacation.

Next stop, the pool! It was over 100 degrees, but the dry heat there was easier to deal with rather than the humidity here.

Honest moment here- it is easy to compare yourself when you are in an atmosphere with people really putting themselves out there. With this photo, I didn’t like what I saw but you know what I told myself?

I am a 21 year old who is traveling and enjoying life with my family. We are not perfect and my body will go up and down as long as I breathe so cheers to where and who we are! 

I fell in love with their lounge chairs in the pool and got my drink of choice on this trip, a Moscow Mule.

Sushi Roku

That night we went to my favorite dinner of the weekend at Sushi Roku. On this night, we walked the strip and sat down for a formal sushi dinner. They even brought Rachel out a belated birthday treat and homemade donuts. YUM!

I ordered a classic seaweed salad, an eel roll with avocado and tried their signature drink. I ate every bite.

The Jewel Night Club at the Aria

Before going into a new club that someone had recommended to us, we stopped by the casinos to get the full experience. I tried the slot machines and it was such a fun time when you bet to enjoy. My sister walked away with even more money she bet so after she got a few extra dollars we stopped and went to a new club called the Jewel located in the Aria hotel.

This club was smaller than the previous one and we got the opportunity to go VIP so the experience was exceptional due to the fact we were in a blocked off area with a personal bar so that we didn’t have to fight the crowds.

The three of us stayed together the entire time and took it all in. I don’t really describe myself as a club type of gal but when it comes to a girl’s trip in Vegas, I was happy to experience this type atmosphere.

Gordon Ramsay Burger

If you don’t know, Gordon Ramsay is a British celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality who has written his own book and has restaurants all around the world!

My first time there and final meal of the trip was at the his burger restaurant and after one hour wait, it was worth it.

All three of us ordered something different and shared their special truffle fries. Delicious!

We got home safe and sound and now I get to share my photos and memories with you! As I finish up writing this I cheers to you and your upcoming adventure. Remember to enjoy every stage of life and don’t hold back. I even bought myself a new mug to go on my memory mug wall to wrap things up. Until next time Vegas…





Gifts for Distance

Through my blog I tend to mention relationships often, whether that is with a friend, a girlfriend/boyfriend or if it’s with yourself. Connecting with another person is a special gift that can shape who you are. We are called to shape one another in a positive way whether you are right beside that person or hundreds of miles away. It can be done.

I often call myself a “relationship” person because I am the one who believed growing up that dreams do come true. Cinderella is clearly my favorite princess…anyway, today I want to share with you some of my favorite gifts and ideas I have used to make a long distance relationship worth it and enjoyable!

If you are in a long distance relationship, let me start off by saying that distance is just physical, but emotionally, you can still connect to another person through a letter, gift, idea or surprise! Lets get started.

The Power of a Letter

Writing a letter is a beautiful art.

Everything now a day is through any instant form of technology. Remember the time when the only way to communicate long distance was with a letter? Imagine anxiously waiting for a letter with your name on it all tattered and worn to be waiting for you in your mail box…why not bring that back?

I love writing as you know and sometimes getting a formal piece of paper and writing a letter is the most simplistic, yet most valuable, gift you can send.

Order some formal paper, use your best fancy hand writing and go at it! Send someone something they won’t expect. I can’t tell you how many smiles and tears I have had over one piece of paper. I have kept every one…

I have found some of my most favorite stationary from Paper Source, like this cute donut themed card.

Simplistic, yet Special 

Keychains! Now I know what you are thinking, but for a birthday gift, I ordered an engraved keychain for Nick’s birthday with his name and his 21st birthday date. It’s a bottle cap opener and every man needs one of these.

You can order these off of Etsy and check out other links for more ideas on this amazing site!


This gift is so affordable and awesome if your special person needs some decoration help in your absence.

I bought this wooden board from Michaels and ripped out three pages from his favorite book after he read it. I then nailed them onto the board and put a quote of his own on one blank piece of paper with some calligraphy.

This is a great manly piece of decoration and it can serve as a daily inspiration for them each and every day.

I then added his favorite treat in a mason jar because who wants to just hand over a box they can buy at the store? Make something with a sparkle of you!

Memorable Mugs 

Why do I obsess over my favorite coffee mug holder from Kirkland’s and get so excited when I find a new mug when I’m on a new adventure? Let me tell you. When I travel I love to buy a mug because every mug has a memory, so when I start my day off with my morning coffee, I can look down at a memory as I sip on my cozy drink.

Meet somewhere in the middle with your favorite person and if you go someplace with a souvenir, it doesn’t have to be a mug, buy it and hold on to it so that you both can share something of one another that means a lot to you.


Deliveries exist for a reason! Some of my favorite surprise deliveries have been calling his favorite breakfast place and prepaying for his breakfast before a big test. Just one call away!

Edible Arrangements is another great way to send some extra love. This is a great holiday gift and you can find a store near you here!

“Life is a connection of moments, of memories.”

What are your ideas? I would love to hear and share many more unique ideas because making every stage of life fun can be difficult at times.

Lets make distance a gift. 




8.23.17 | Loved Ones

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was my last first day of school ever in my life and it didn’t turn out quite like I planned. There were a few bumps in the road; however, with friends all I needed was a little push to take a new positive  perspective on what really matters.

After not sleeping well last night, I woke up early around 7:00am to grab my coffee and cereal to join my roomie on the porch for a morning devotional. I chose to write in my journal first to let out all my emotions into my writing. One key point I wrote was about my loved ones.

When you have a family, friends or whoever in your life that you care for so much, it’s easy to place all of them in your hands. I have found myself doing exactly that and it is separating me from the one who is asking to place those loved ones in His care…

After writing down all my thoughts I opened up my devotion and read-

“Entrust your loved ones to Me; release them into my protective care. They are much safer with me than in your clinging hands. Ultimately, I used that situation for good. As you entrust others into my care, I am free to shower blessings on them. My presence will go with them wherever they go and I will give them rest.”

“This same presence stays with YOU as you relax and place trust in me. Watch and see what I will do.”

I felt so full of strength just from reading this and it fired me up for what I know He is capable of. This is how I should feel every day! Now, it isn’t easy, but take this devotional as a little pep in your step today and realize that He loves your loved ones just as much or even more than you do. Trust Him.



My 7 Ways to Heal

Out of the billions of people on this Earth, imagine how many different emotions are felt each and every day. What are you feeling today? As I sat in a busy Starbucks this week on a rainy day after taking a nap in my car and answering millions of calls, I couldn’t help but look around and wonder what has happened in that person’s life that has brought them here to that very moment. It’s an ongoing mystery that many don’t think about.

Blogs are a place to show what we love and how or where to find it whether that’s clothes, food, advice. etc. Today on mine I am going to show you my 6 ways of healing and you will understand why.

You know the stories you hear about on the news or in movies and you never imagine that would happen to you? Well as I get older, one thing I’ve learned about life is that you truly never know what the next day brings.

I try to instill positivity and living beautifully in all my posts and actions, but sometimes it’s the real feelings that should be shown some more light. I don’t mean to add a negative connotation to the realness life can bring, but sometimes the fairytale that us girly girls dream upon doesn’t turn out the way we plan, maybe it turns out to become something much greater than our vivid imaginations could dream of.

I don’t know if I believe that bad things come in threes, but I’m sure you are wondering why I fell asleep in my car and was answering millions of calls.

Let me start off by saying loss doesn’t always mean death. Loss is losing anything you love or care for and sometimes you have to lose something or someone to recognize the beauty in what God really wants for you.

Recently, I have paused my senior year of college to come home to a loss I never saw coming, my grandfather passing away and a jobless month ahead; however, I feel like something greater is coming.

I know that something good comes from something bad. I’ve seen it in others, experienced it myself and cling on to it each and every day that I worry about the next step or even if there is a next step…

I want to share with you my 6 steps to how I’m trying to handle loss and how to heal from that so that I can live my fullest each and every day.

  • Wake up knowing you are alive and healthy

Mornings are still my favorite time of day and they are my time to let go of what happened yesterday and start a new day fresh. Now that doesn’t erase what happened, but it is all about our perspective and hope for what comes next.

Every day my family said their good morning hellos and I love you goodnights. My sister and I would sit together until it was time for bed and my parents and I would work together as a team. We were all healthy and my father told me each day we are alive and that is a gift itself. Remember your worth on days you feel heaviness upon you because I promise you will shine again.

  • Fuel yourself with nutritious foods so that you can feel your best to perform your best for others

As I write this exact point, I am sitting here with two pieces of Ezekiel toast with almond butter and recently, my dad treated me to a huge and amazing dinner at Carabas so that I can return to school with a good meal and memory.

Through any loss, I realized I had to EAT! Hunger affects our moods just as much as anything else so without feeding myself, how would I be able to thing positively or carry out actions my family needed?

I thought I was eating too much at one point and still lost a pound or two along the way. At first, my go-to previous way of self-healing kicked in and I thought, well maybe if I lose some weight I will feel better. Nope. This worried my family more and I’m supposed to help them hurting, not add on to it.

Within days your body can change, but being a light in someone’s life means showing that you are strong and able to show what life can turn into. With that comes food and lots of it.

  • Pray for help and hope

When I needed words to say or words to hear I referred to the very best place my heart told me to look…Psalm

  1. God is near: Psalm 34:18 – The Lord is near to those who are discouraged. He saves those who have lost hope
  1. God will strengthen you: Psalm 71:20 You made me suffer a lot, but you will bring me back from this deep pit and give me new life.

Read more verses from Blog.Bible

I strive to not only pray for myself in this healing process, but others! Pray with someone who will sit with you or speak out loud to get any negative energy off your chest. He is still smiling above no matter how much you yell or whisper during your prayer.

Nick drove down to spend this past week with my family and was my prayer buddy when needed. Find those people, whether it’s a close friend, significant other or another family member who can just be a calm presence in the room.

PS. Rainbows are a sign of hope and just on my second day home, my family looked in the sky and saw the most beautiful rainbow…

  • Don’t live an angry life or store bitterness

This is one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn but has been the most helpful. We can’t live an angry life. Anger and hatred do not fix anything so praying to let it go and to see grace in others can heal more than you know.

This is not easy so I encourage you to watch this video by Sadie Robertson called “The Breakup”. I’ve watched it over and over within the past few years and hope you will get something from it as well.

  • Do things you enjoy

Life is still going on around us. In order to live beautifully, you must do things you enjoy. I love blogging and writing so this week I connected with a blogger friend to post my most recent post. I needed to get away for a little and resulting in activities that add a smile in your day can really help your perspective on the situation. This leads me to my next point…

  • Don’t feel guilty for finding happiness again

I felt awful eating and blogging when others I loved were hurting. I had to have others tell me that I can’t feel guilty for smiling because that’s what needs to happen. Don’t let guilt be the master.

  • Know you were created to be loved

SOMETHING AMAZING WILL COME FROM IT. Whatever the “it” is. You are created remarkably for a reason and we don’t see why now but one day we will.

Love is one of the most powerful feelings we have. Love can make us do crazy things. Love is a risk worth taking that means giving up a lot of your time for someone else and hoping that the gut feeling you have is the right one.

This week at home, I have realized the importance of family. I feel like we are this invincible force that no one else can get through. I have recognized the importance of communication and truth. When the world throws situations at you that you don’t expect, it’s the people who know you best and will be there no matter what that will help you get through.

Sometimes we have to play the cards we are dealt. Accept the things you can control and let go(d) of the things you can’t…

If you are going through any difficult times and need a spark of light in your life, feel free to share this post, read it or create your own list. We are all uniquely different and I want you to know how LOVED you are.

Shine bright.



9 Ways To Organize Your Pantry


Image: Pinterest

Good morning gorgeous!

I have found that when a part of my life needs a makeover, I love to start with my home and go from there. With that being said, I am so excited to share with you today another post from the fun and helpful blogger, Cait’s Cozy Corner. I was so excited for her to contact me and us collaborate again on such an amazing idea and refresher. Add this on your weekend to-do list and read her other posts here.



As a Mom it can be hard to keep anything in my house clean, let alone organized. The one thing I was determined to do when my husband and I moved into our new home was keep our pantry as organized, tidy and neat as possible. Why the pantry you’re wondering? Well, I love cooking but if my pantry is disorganized, I feel like I’m running around trying to keep the pots from boiling over, or the knife from my 3 ½ year old daughter’s hand- I just want to make sure that the items I’m going to be using in my dish is all neatly accessible to me.

I actually did a lot of research about what type of pantry I wanted ours to be- functional of course but also pretty too! Yes, pantries can be pretty ha! I thought I would share 9 ways to organize your pantry since many of you had questions about how I keep ours neat! Here are some of my tips for you all!

  1. Use Clear Containers-This storage solution is especially helpful for bulk-bin items, like rice, grains, and nuts. With neatly labeled clear containers, gone are the days of having four partially open bags of quinoa.

  2. Assess your pantry on a weekly basis- Keeping your pantry organized and in good shape doesn’t have to be a big task. Instead, make it part of your weekly meal-planning routine by taking a few minutes to do a quick inventory. Knowing what’s in there is the best way to make sure you’re cooking and eating what you already have, and avoid buying multiples of the same thing.

  3. Use sheet pans to group like with like- Heavy-duty and multipurpose, sheet pans and hotel pans make especially good organizers. Not only do they make grouping like ingredients together easy, but they’re also a great way to contain any inadvertent spills or leaks.

  4. Take 10 minutes every day to keep your pantry clean and tidy- A few everyday tasks that take just a few minutes — like wiping down pantry shelves, keeping package labels facing outward and visible, grouping like items together, and tossing expired items — will leave you with an always-tidy pantry.

  5. Make use of household items to give your pantry more storage space- From crates and space-saving racks to pencil holders and magazine racks, household items can be a smart and inexpensive way to add even more storage to your pantry.

  6. Put Lids On The Door- If your pantry is big enough to hold all your pots and pants, use the door for lid storage! I love utilizing the lid handles to keep the items in place! It’s such a genius idea!

  7. Add Wallpaper or a Fun Design- Most pantries just have bare walls. Why not spruce it up a bit with adding a fun background design to make it a more inviting and brighter space to store your pantry items!

  8. Create Fun Shelving – Similar to adding wallpaper or a fun design to make my pantry stand out, I also want the shelving to look nice, clean and orderly. Hanwha Surfaces has a wide variety of options to choose from when thinking of a surface to use in your pantry. Hanwha Surfaces is based in Atlanta and specialize in high quality surfaces like HanStone Quartz. HanStone Quartz is a stone surface made from pure, natural quartz. HanStone Quartz offers the natural beauty of quartz with up to six times the strength and durability of granite!  I love the way it makes my shelving look when I add containers and cans in my pantry!

  9. Add Hangers- If you have chips that are super bulky I hate trying to shove it into a small spot or a box. Now, I just add some old children’s hangers to keep them fresh ( and clipped ) plus they free up space on my shelves too! It’s such a fun little hack!

So these are some of my easy organization pantry ideas that you can all try! If you have any other ideas I can’t wait to hear about them! As long as your pantry fits your and your families needs, you are going to be well equipped with the tools you need to keep it manageable, fun and best of all, organized!

Hello Rebbl

Happy Tuesday!

I love finding convenient and healthy treats on the go. This summer, I got the chance to try drinks by Rebbl and fell in love!

When I find healthy foods I want to share, I look at more than the ingredients. I look at the reason for creating a product and the story behind the package.

After looking at the company’s website, I read about their product’s philosophy and their standards include-

  • True taste
  • Organic 
  • Fair trade 
  • Real ingredients 
  • Efficacy 
  • Driving Impact 

“At the end of the day, they sell elixirs to inspire healthy living, but they go further with their passion by driving impact…It is our calling to fight human trafficking through impact sourcing and supply chain in partnership with the non-profit Not For Sale. In doing so, we must address climate change, which is inextricably linked to human trafficking. This helps to protect vulnerable communities from ever being trafficked.  In addition, we donate 2.5% of the net sales of every bottle sold to Not For Sale to rehabilitate those who’ve already been affected.”

Amazing right?! If you want to read more into what the primary points above mean, read their full article and watch a video on their wholesome products here!

Their team is awesome and they wish their customers a “life of love and fullness.” Similar to my motto to love, create, inspire, share, their products were at the top of my list to taste test so the awesome Rebbl team sent me coupons to try and share with you all!

My two new favorites are above, the matcha latte and turmeric golden milk, made with fresh coconut milk. Their elixirs and proteins come in various flavors (as you see below) and they even have cold brew coffee that I have grabbed on many road trips.

A huge thank you to the Rebbl team and I hope you go and try!

Introducing Royal Blush Boutique!

Hello gorgeous! Time to talk fashion…

Photography: Baker Exposures (Instagram: @baker.exposures)

One thing I love about staying connected with people you knew along time ago is that you get to see what an amazing person they grow to become. With that being said, today I get to introduce to you the online boutique called Royal Blush Boutique!

Leah Murphy, owner and creator of Royal Blush Boutique, has almost 10,000 shoppers. She is such a sweet mom and one of my sister’s college best friends. Her online store is filled with amazing clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

I was so thankful to have her tell us her inspiration behind her boutique-

I always dreamed of having my own boutique since I was in college, but when it was time for reality, with a small baby at home, I decided to do the online route! And I’m so glad I did! People always ask when I’ll open a store front, but right now, my motto is “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?!”  Plus, this allows me to continue to stay home with my baby girl!

All orders are completed through her Facebook page and the prices are so affordable and AMAZING!

Take a look at this photo gallery below by the wonderful photographer, Baker Exposures, and shop now at Royal Blush Boutique!

If you have a dream, GO FOR IT! She did and now look at how happy she is selling outfits that make girls feel beautiful! You can too! 

This flowy and floral dress was an amazing outfit that I could wear all day! So comfy and I would definitely keep that for Autumn and throw on a sweater with some booties.

Purse: Micheal Kors

Shoes: TJ Maxx 

Stay tuned for some more amazing items I have loved from her boutique!

Love, Create, Inspire, Share 



My Most Recent Menu

Does this breakfast look serene or what? I woke up feeling fatigued, my stomach was killing me and I was a little anxious. I could have sat in bed and wished for it to go away but if you checked my insta story, I played my 60s music with coffee in bed and lit a candle made by Rewined.

I made a breakfast for one out on our patio and added orange slices to my meal! Fun fact- the vitamin C in my oranges helps absorb my other nutrients from the entire meal. Amazing right? And it’s delicious on a summer day.

I paused, ate by myself and tried to wake up for my Pure Barre class!

For lunch I made wild caught salmon!


  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Ground pepper
  • Sea salt
  • Onion shreds
  • Basil leaves

Toss and sprinkle ingredients then bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes! I ate the entire thing…

All the ingredients from both meals above were purchased from Kroger. What are you making today?

I find cooking to be so therapeutic and healing when I do not feel well. I had soup to heat up but what fun would that be? Resting your body can be done in a way that doesn’t make you feel lethargic.

I’ll hop back a little bit for dinner but last night after working all day my sister and I grabbed a late dinner and had a girl’s night at the Rosepepper Cantina in East Nashville. My favorite part of the entire meal was their homemade guacamole and pita as an appetizer. We ordered their margaritas on the rocks made with agave nectar! SO good. I usually don’t drink those, but I treated myself and loved trying something new. If you don’t like Mexican food then at least go for the sign because it is quite clever and got me through the doors….

Munch, snack, bake, and create!! I didn’t look up any of these recipes or look at the dinner menu online to see if I could find something healthy there. I went for things and am so happy I did!

Lets start this week off fueled!