Practicing Appreciation

Happy Wednesday! AKA Hump Day! You are halfway through the week and I hope that it has been absolutely wonderful. If the first part to your week wasn’t the best, no worries because you have the last half to brighten it up and appreciate every good moment and person that is placed in your life.

Appreciation is something that I believe we oversee in this day and age. Sometimes I fall short of realizing how blessed I am and how much I need to show and tell others how much I care and love them. Today is about you beautiful. On my heart today was not what is going on in my imperfect life, but rather what is going on in your day today, right now, right this second.

If you are stressed about a test you just took, don’t worry because you are more than a letter grade. If you are upset about drama with someone, pause and breathe because conflict happens and it always gets resolved someway, somehow. I hear about both of these stresses on a day to day basis when living in a sorority house; but I love it, because taking a moment to listen to a friend vent, cry or laugh gets me out of my world for a little and in to someone else’s.

I should be the one stressing because I chose to skip my class today and board a plane! Yes, sometimes I might not be the best example but hey no one is perfect. I am currently sitting watching all the planes fly by in the Atlanta airport. I decided to spontaneously go and surprise one of my best friends in South Carolina for his 21st birthday. Say a prayer for him because I mean he is 21, but also for me because I am flying straight into a hurricane. What can I say? There is no sense in worrying about something I can’t control so here I go! Sadly, the surprise got spoiled because I’m awful at keeping things in when I’m really excited but that’s okay too because I still have some things up my sleeve.
My travel essentials require these amazing Fall finds that I can’t wait to get out of my suitcase and a quite large, fuzzy sweater with an extra hot, soy coffee. As I type and grasp this “Seattle’s Best Coffee”, I am pleased to say that it tastes just like Starbucks so I am a happy camper. Hopefully you have had your spark of happiness, in my case caffeine, or a spark to skip that class and plan a surprise yourself.

Have you ever surprised someone by taking a moment to show how much you appreciate him or her? Do it! There is nothing better than taking the time and effort to show how much you love and care for a friend and their surprise face will be priceless, I guarantee it!

Make it small even. This week one of my friends found a card that someone secretly slipped into her purse and she hadn’t smiled that big all day. Another dear friend of mine said she started to cry when she woke up to a simple text from someone expressing how much they loved her. I just turned my phone off of airplane mode and up came an email from a girl that left me speechless. That email I will forever keep and at that moment I wanted to do something for her instantly. If you ever feel that tugging on your heart to do something for someone, do not hesitate! The Lord most likely knows that person needs some encouragement from another sister or brother in Christ.

Lets finish this week by placing ourselves in someone else’s life and expressing our appreciation for them. They are probably going through things that they do not wish to share. I have been that person and have realized how just smiling or appreciating someone else can heal whatever is on their heart.

Live beautifully!

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