Pursuit is defined as to follow or chase something. This is a word I hear often but I’ve never quite thought about the underlying message. Whether you are watching the iconic Pursuit of Happiness movie or talking about a gentleman pursuing you, we are all chasing something or someone. Our hearts were created to be pulled towards something else.

In a lot of my alone time, I like to spend it looking at past pictures because I always end up smiling. In all my different stages of life, I love seeing how each year, my heart is pursuing or is being pursued by different people or things.

Last summer I was pursuing relationships with other people, but this summer I have been trying to pursue a relationship with myself. Sometimes the relationship with yourself is the one that you need to work on and it can be quite difficult but I know that if my heart wants something bad enough, I can achieve it and you can too.


These past two months being home have been frustrating at times as I try to change my routined schedule from barre and walking on campus to figuring out what works best for my body in Nashville. Being active is a huge part of feeling my best; however I have pursued everything from barre, yoga, intense training at Orange Theory, hiking, elliptical sessions at Boost Fit Club, walking, or to do absolutely nothing. Sound like you also?

I have loved each and every one but sometimes I can’t afford barre, it rains so I can’t walk or hike, my knees hurt so bad after intense training, or I just don’t want to enter a gym…this happens to me every day. Conflict is a part of anything we try to pursue; however, amazing things can come from it.

When I tested out Orange Theory, which was so lively and fun, I got to meet a girl who works there that is from Bowling Green and went to WKU! Small world, right?! If you are looking for a workout that tracks your heart rate and calorie burn then definitely try this out! My body just can’t handle the impact right now, but it’s worth going if you haven’t.

As you can see, having a healthy lifestyle can have it’s bumps, but those bumps are paving my way to finding exactly what I want to pursue for myself.

As I was walking one afternoon, I saw the tiles above that read “Pursue Sweat.” I paused and captured a photo because I loved it. We are all pursuing something and it got me excited for life! Certain things might not work for me, but they could work wonders for you!

Never stop wondering or pursuing because you never know what’s in store. For example, I have recently started a job at White Dresses Boutique in Germantown here in Nashville and love it! This bridal boutique is a dream and they pursued me. They reached out to me and through this I have met my coworkers, where one was from Bowling Green and the other is a Nashville local as well…God is crazy when He brings people together.

If your knees hurt like mine, try something new that your body will love. If you are being pursued by someone, trust your gut and see what could come from it. Let pursuit take control sometimes and go for it! One day you will be having alone time, looking back at pictures, and smile.

xo Hannah

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