Recognizing Life’s Triggers

Photography by Nick Obremskey

What do you imagine when you hear the word trigger?

Triggers cause an event or happening to exist.

I believe that we all have triggers in our lives, whether that is a person, place, object, or memory.

Those triggers can set off a positive or negative outcome. Now, some triggers are unavoidable, so instead of running from those moments, lets shape them so that when they go off we are ready to take on whatever this world has to offer.

I recognize that some triggers from our past have shaped us to be the wonderful human we are today and that can be a beautiful thing.

If you are triggered by a certain food that makes you nervous, like taking one bite will make you gain 20 pounds, don’t let that fear keep you from going out with friends or with a nice date at a fun restaurant. Our bodies are amazing and want us to treat it right by living whole-heartedly.

There might be memories or certain places that trigger anxious thoughts, but I want to learn how to handle them instead of running from them. For example, I ran out of church one day after getting anxious around a large group of people. I have no idea why!

According to Christopher Bergland from Psychology Today, he stated,

“Life in the human body is designed to be a blissful experience. Our evolutionary biology insures that everything necessary for our survival makes us feel good. All animals seek pleasure and avoid pain. Therefore, our brain has a wellspring of self-produced neurochemicals that turn the pursuits and struggles of life into pleasure and make us feel happy when we achieve them.”

He continues in his article by listing seven brain molecules that make you feel great,

  1. Endocannabunoids: The Bliss Molecule

  2. Dopamine: The Reward Molecule

  3. Oxytocin: The Bonding Molecule

  4. Endorphin: The Pain-Killing Molecule

  5. GABA: The Anti-Anxiety Molecule

  6. Serotonin: The Confidence Molecule

  7. Adrenaline: The Energy Molecule

We are called to share so here is my journey trying to surround myself with positive people and places that trigger emotions in me that increase my drive, passion and excitement.

The world offers more than just triggers. The grand picture is what shoots out of us! What we will put back in the world. I retreat back to people who remind me of that.

People go back to places that make them happy and hang out with people that bring enjoyment to their life. Be that person or provide that space of peace and fun.

If you start to get negative triggers in you, don’t hide them, but speak up. A huge part of my healing journey has been being vocal about how I feel right when food tries to pull me back in old ways. When I was in church I told someone right away how I was feeling and those thoughts faded away.

“The people who trigger us to negative emotions are just messengers…” – Teal Swan

It is important to trust your instincts and be aware of the messages being sent your way; however, lets not let one spark of emotion take away from all the other emotions that are mind, heart and body want to feel. Joy.

This holiday season calls for joy so you can be a positive trigger for someone in need. You can do it.



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