Rise and Shine

| “I love the the smell of possibility in the morning” |

Good morning gorgeous!

I adore mornings. I cannot wait to wake up early, wrap myself in my fuzzy blanket and sit up wearing nothing but a gigantic sweatshirt and fuzzy socks. I love peeking outside and seeing a new day whether that morning is rainy and calm or sunny and joyful. I look forward to gripping my hot cup of coffee and stepping outside to the cool and crisp air right after the early sunrise. I am that person who wants to wake everyone up in the house blasting the song Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 through my speakers while dreaming of my favorite and biggest breakfast full of eggs, cinnamon rolls and fruit. My Pinterest board, Cozy Mornings, is full of warm candles, cheesy quotes and giant mugs and those things will continue to make me happy until I am old and gray.

Why am I telling you all this? I believe that finding that stillness in your day is essential to finding balance within your body and life. Yesterday, I came across a blog post on Fit Girls Diary called “15 Fit Girls Morning Rituals – Healthy Habits That Changed My Life” and I wanted to share it with you as I try to add some new routines to my morning that you might like to try as well. With school, work, long nights, and endless amounts of tests, I know it’s hard waking up. I have known people who sleep until late afternoon and have also noticed behavioral changes within those people as well. Don’t wake up wishing for more time in a day because life is already too short. Every day is a new day, your day. This morning I took advice from the Fit Girls Diary and tried some new healthy habits provided from the amazing post mentioned above.

  1. Wake up around the same time every morning- I am always setting alarms, but this morning I decided to have my body tell me when to wake up and my body clock is around 8:00am.
  2. Inhale and exhale, look outside, and clear your mind- Inhaling the new in today and exhaling the old in yesterday brought so much peace the moment I woke up.
  3. Do some stretching/yoga poses in bed before getting up- These stretches wake up all your muscles and release any tensions. For me, I have the worst tension in my neck, so below you will see my go-to stretches:
    • Touch your toes by inhaling then exhaling, reaching past your toes. IMG_3287
    • Then, stretch out your back by doing the cat/dog pose which consists of getting on all fours, then rounding your back when you inhale and arching your back when you exhale. You can finish by putting your gaze to the ceiling.
    • IMG_3289 IMG_3290
    • I ended with child’s pose and then a neutral spine. IMG_3291 IMG_3293
  4. While getting ready, drink a cup of hot water- It is better to add lemon because this will kick start your digestive system- I found it very calming and cleansing!
  5. Avoid your technology for one hour- I only looked at my phone to check the time then I left it in my room as I went outside with my devotional and coffee. Looking at screens constantly can hurt your body in more ways than you think…
  6. Feel the cool air, warm sunshine and go outside early in the morning- I chose to have my one cup of coffee on our back porch area with my favorite devotional. I found so much peace. The campus was still and feeling that Vitamin D on my skin put a smile on my face before speaking one word to another person.
  7. Finally, when eating breakfast, eat with your non-dominant hand- I am right handed so I attempted to eat my bowl of cereal with my left hand. Why is this important? According to Fit Girls Diary, “When we challenge our brains, we force our neurons to make new connections, and that helps us improve the brain’s capacity for attention and memory”. I loved this new fun fact! My left hand was shaky and breakfast was eaten slow but I will continue to practice this every morning.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Take deep breaths today, love your body as soon as you rise and shine and feed your body nutrients to kick start this amazing day you are about to have.

| “If you want to be happy, you have to be happy on purpose. When you wake up, you can’t just wait to see what kind of day you will have. You have to decide what kind of day you will have.” | – Joel Osteen

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