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Fashion has been something that has been moving more and more into my mind. I mean, I am a girly girl who loves to shop and has a style of my own, but as I am about to enter a new stage of life, my style has been growing in so many ways!

When I go shopping, I love to shop for workout clothes, dresses, and evening wear. This outfit has been in my closet for a while and by adding on some Jessica Simpson wedges, I’m already looking forward to a weekend treat to wear it out. (Check out some of the Jessica Simpson shoe styles at one of my favorite shoe stores, DSW)

My go-to staple item for evening events is this leather jacket that I got from Dillards. It was an amazing Black Friday find this year! My sister and I even bought the same exact one. I pair this timely piece with shorts, pants, dresses, you name it.

I love my accessories to be minimal and dainty. I was so excited to partner up with Civion. Their collection was so gorgeous that when I saw their “Mera” gold and black choker, I had to get it!

Chokers are an uprising style that I might be late in the game to, but that’s what is amazing about style…it is simply yours.

Added on to this comfortable and fun necklace is this arrowhead bracelet from Civion that I have been wearing by itself or paired with my Kate Spade watch.

For all my tiny wrist women out there, this bracelet adjusts a little, but I have to admit, it is a bit large on me.

You can get 25% off these pieces of jewelry from Civion by using my promo code HANNAH25

Want some behind the scenes?

Photographing with one of my best friends, Leah Lou Photography, is one of the biggest blessings and adventure. We aren’t afraid to step out of our comfort zones and try new things. We don’t judge, we change clothes in the car pulling outfits out of a large bag, and we don’t know what we are doing half the time. Needless to say, our passion for reaching others through our platforms drives us to be our crazy selves.

For this shoot, we drove on top of a parking garage and might have walked to areas we were not permitted to…oops.

We were fighting the wind and even looked at one another and said, “We are so off today!”

Do you ever feel off?

This happens to me very regularly, so  I decided to go buy us a coffee and a large granola bar. We ate, blasted music, and kept going. Wind and all, we made it to the end.

I loved sharing this shoot with you! Grab a friend, get a new piece of jewelry, and own you.



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