Season of Change

There is something about leaves falling on the ground that makes our hearts grow fonder and memories grow stronger. There is something about driving with the windows down in the middle of no where with that one song that defines your happiest moment. The air is perfectly crisp. The 60 degree weather is perfect enough that you can wear a sweater with any outfit and feel absolutely wonderful. That smell of a new season sparks every feel good bone in your body and makes you think of home where Autumn nights were filled with warm apple cider and pumpkin spice cookies. These are moments that we relive year after year.

Although these moments are happy, there is something about them that tend to make me sad as I reminisce on those unforgettable nights on Fall Breaks that consisted of bonfires, smores, friends, and fleece button downs. Year after year we change, but those memories never do and with our modernized society and fast pace everything, sometimes a long drive in the middle of no where with the leaves falling is exactly what is needed and what I did today. I refuse to not let go of old memories but to choose to relive them and embrace the new season ahead. I hope you grab yourself a pumpkin spiced latte that Starbucks is now offering and love the season you are in.

I absolutely love this season. These next few months are my favorite of the entire year and I woke up early this morning excited to put on my first sweater of the season and step outside. To jump start my excitement I went to one of my favorite coffee shops, Crema, located in downtown Nashville, overlooking the skyline and river. There I sat, sipped and chatted with my friend who brings me a happy memory every time I am around her. Next, I rode down the road to another coffee shop, Dose, where I caught up with one of my childhood best friends and by lunch time there I was, two coffee shops down, hours of talking finished and the beginning of my day being better than I had expected. I couldn’t stop there so by the end of the day found myself in Leiper’s Fork where the fields were empty, the sun was setting and Jack and Diane was blaring on the radio.

When you find empty seats overlooking a field you just don’t ask questions and sit right down. Best decision I made all day because sitting in that chair, I was overwhelmed by the beauty. Every yellow and orange leaf slowly drifted through the air as that perfectly crisp, Autumn air blew my hair in every direction. I realized that no matter where my busy life takes me, this beauty will always rest here at the end of the day.

I sat and thought about some amazing memories I have been blessed enough to make in my life and as my heart grew tender, I stopped myself from getting sad but rather decided to enjoy this season’s change. I am not the same person as I was the last time these leaves fell to the ground. I have made new decisions, made bad mistakes, but have begun to see new paths that are paved before me. I can’t wait to see where these new paths take me but I know that whatever direction life goes to, I can always blast that John Mellencamp, indulge on every pumpkin treat and fill my days with oversized sweaters as soon as September begins.

Take today to coffee hop around town and try every specialty drink that shop is offering for the Fall season. Drive out in the middle of nowhere with your windows down while wearing your favorite oversized sweater. Love every moment that this season has to offer because before you know it another season will come. Don’t let this change frighten you but excite you because I hope you can hold on to as many memories as you can and not get sad when looking back. Time to Pinterest up this Fall season and make this changing season count!

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