Smile Brilliant

Hello gorgeous!

I am so excited to finally share with you my collaboration with Smile Brilliant, a well-known teeth whitening company that I got the pleasure of trying out.

Why did I decide to whiten my teeth? 

I am a coffee lover and after doing research on Smile Brilliant and talking with my dentist, I decided that finding a healthy way to whiten my teeth would be so beneficial. I’ve never been self-conscious about my teeth; however, I know that some people are and I wanted to try something out in hopes to help people find a great resource.

I have to give a huge shout out and thank to the woman behind the scenes at Smile Brilliant. I had someone walk me through every step of the way. She answered all my questions and was encouraging. I loved my experience.

My whitening routine: 

I received a box in the mail with clear instructions on how to make my teeth impressions. Yes, you get a retainer that perfectly fits your teeth due to the mold you send in to their labs! It was quick and easy! Amazing right?

Once I received my trays back, they fit perfectly and I started whitening! I chose to whiten at night time before bed, which is what they encourage one to do. I started using it in shorter intervals, then increasing over time.

At first I started to get sensitivity in my upper gums, which made me concerned, so I stopped using them for a little. However, after speaking with my contact at Smile Brilliant, I was reassured and used desensitizing gel that comes with the whitening gel. The more of that I used, the better I felt. You can read more about this gel here.

My roommates and mom always asked what I was doing and were so impressed, so I highly recommend. Just two steps and you are done!

I still plan to continue to use mine! Now we can enjoy coffee and white teeth!

Shine bright.



Before & After:

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