“Ask my Spirit within you to order your day and control your thoughts, for the mind controlled by the spirit is LIFE and PEACE.”

We pick and choose our priorities in life. Stages occur where we find ourselves doing the best we can do in one subject, but often it’s easy to let others come short.

For example, I’m writing to you this morning from being up all night with terrible stomach pain. I’ve been in a healthy place but all of my gastrointestinal issues have been occurring. I have been trying to change my diet, survive three exams this week and work two part time jobs. For one of my tests, I studied a lot for and the other, not so much. I worked my butt off for one of my jobs, but fell short of all my duties at the other. I chose to stay home a third week in a row and skip church because I wanted to sleep, but ended up staying up all night in pain getting frustrated.

Frustration is a powerful tool and can grip tight of your focus. This morning, still not feeling good, I woke up and needed my coffee so first priority of the day-check! However, I sat there and said I truly don’t need caffeine, I need some guidance from the one who knows me the most, my creator. Opening up my Jesus Calling book I read,

“Thank me for the conditions that are requiring you to be still…Some of the greatest works in My kingdom have been done from sickbeds.”

Oh yes, God went there. He has been trying to speak to me and honestly I have not listened and have steered away from wriitng about my spiritual growth because well I haven’t been growing. I still find myself providing guidance to friends who need it and I fully give every word spoken to my Father in heaven cause I’m still figuring out this life thing and sometimes you just have no words.

Like I said earlier, we pick and choose our priorities, but also the words we say. One word can’t be taken back. One text, one picture, nothing is ever deleted because although it was thrown away in cyber space, the message is still engraved in that person’s mind who received it.

If you are sick in bed like me today but need to power through classes and work, you got this. Pause for a second and look at the beauty around you. The stillness you are experiencing is no mistake so pause and prioritize. God is trying to tell me something and He is trying to communicate with you too. Lets let Him take control and love this time of stillness.

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