Story Time

Hi gorgeous!

I hope your weekend is absolutely wonderful and that you are filling yourself with late night movies and morning pancakes. My weekend so far has been a recovery from me being sick and making the most out of it! With that, I woke up early, went to barre, grabbed my snack, cleaned, napped, ate again and will probably continue to repeat this because why not?

There is so much to share and see and within this routine I’ve made for myself, I always take the time to catch up on my favorite bloggers, aka my long distance lifestyle coaches. I was seeking advice from a successful young adult who I can’t wait to meet with soon and she said something that stuck with me…a picture can only go so far. I watch and read so many life stories because it makes me feel a part and don’t we all strive for that feeling? We are all writing our life stories and we need to share because life is too short! I screen shot all the time recipes from others living in Cali and so many other places. I realize that I am a student who can’t afford a fancy juicer or vitamix so time to start using what we have to live the life we want. Below is an example of a killer recipe from the one and only, Shutthekaleup!

I want to strive to reach out to as many people as I can as I try new things. Some will fail and some will prevail and I love that because there is always something to look forward to. Below you will see that on my Instagram account, I have started to post my day to day snacks and meals. I often get asked what I eat at college and how I balance that with everything. Well living a college life on a college budget can be challenging, but I want to share with you my experiences and joys I find every day. Whether that be food, new shop finds or life experiences on and off campus, it’s story time!

My pictures will probably not be beautiful looking like on Pinterest but blogging should be real and authentic so I will show you how a life can be enjoyed without the “perfect picture”. Blogging can often be hard to get involved in because everyone’s lives seem so perfect. I often find myself comparing to a lifestyle that is not my own and that isn’t healthy. Just like the food we eat, we can’t obsess over anything. So lets just be hot messes together!

I hope you find a passion that drives you. If you are afraid to start something because the thought of other people’s judgments will get in the way, shake that off and confidently be you because you are a remarkable person! Can’t wait to share my day to day stories and for you to share yours.

…Start here with this post, Family Fun,  to end your weekend 🙂

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