Take A Breath Away

New goal: Have your breath taken away or take someone’s breath away. 

Breathtaking moments are hard to come by. These moments are the ones that make your body, thoughts and feelings just relax and allow you to stare at something that is astonishing…

“Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.”

This enchanting quote is one that drove my vision this past weekend as I found myself driving to the Smoky Mountains for the very first time! Yes, I had never been to Gatlinburg, but oh did I love it. The drive was gorgeous and definitely took my breath away at moments. The streets were filled with bright lights and excitement was around every corner. I felt like I was in a cozy, small Disney World. I was so excited because I was meeting my boyfriend halfway after not seeing him after an entire month. There my breath went because boy was I ready to see my best friend and to get away from the books for a while. Gatlinburg definitely succeeded in giving us so much enjoyment! I never worried about what I ate or what I looked like. I didn’t get on social media for at least an entire day and it was wonderful because I was present and enjoying his presence.

First stop, pancakes of course. There we sat doing what we do best, eating breakfast. Every well known place was packed and lines were out the door. I would rather go find a secret hole in the wall place and enjoy something new like that than to wait hours getting hungry for a meal that is probably too expensive. We found this restaurant that was nearly empty but felt like a home. I enjoyed a whole grain pancake with banana and 2 eggs! I was pumped they had whole grain! I never use butter on my pancakes but with a little syrup, it was very satifying. The coffee was a lovely dark roast and I downed my pancake. First successful meal…Check!

I used to think that if I ate a large meal I would need to burn some of it off, well I fully digested this meal with a long nap and never felt better. My body was breaking down my food and sending all my nutrients where it needed. Eat and rest are essential to a healthy lifestyle! To get myself out of bed, a coffee shop was needed.

We went on a walk to find a little area with multiple shops on a side street. I ordered my almond milk latte with one pump vanilla and it was perfect. I loved this place! Especially next door where there was a donut shop that has been selling home made donuts for 50 years! This tiny, cash only shop also had a wall of mugs…yes my dreams came true. There were at least one hundred unique mugs and I had to get one. Nick had to munch on the donuts while I took so long because oops I’m one indecisive girl. Anyway, I found the perfect mug for my collection. Why do I collect mugs? Well when I am older I want every mug in my house to be different. I want to travel and collect them so that every morning when I sip on my coffee, I can grip a memory and smile before the day starts.

Stil in awe of this town, I needed some down time once again before heading out to dinner that evening. Clearly we plan a lot around food, but hey we need food to fuel ourselves right? Any moment where I would hesitate about not living out this trip to the fullest, I paused and he helped remind me that now is the time to live! Not yesterday or tomorrow. Right now.

I tend to be the fastest walker around. I love to power walk and get my legs moving, but all it took was for him to say slow down for me to stop and capture the breathtaking mountains above me. In this moment I was so content and remembered that this is how we should feel all the time. Content with what we ate, how we are acting towards others and most importantly how we treat ourselves. Treat your body like you want to treat others- with love!

Speaking of love, this week is Valentines Day. A day that isn’t just for couples, but a day where you can take someone’s breath away by telling them you love them. I love experiences rather than unwrapping a gift. Surprise your friend with a trip to get coffee or dessert rather than buying them a heart shaped lollipop. I was definitely surprised when my valentine was standing before me with beautiful flowers and bottle of wine for dinner, while I stood there with his craft and a jar of donuts. Yes, you can never go wrong with mini powdered donuts and I even ate one! Kind of freaked then realized that one bite isn’t going to ruin how I feel one bit.

I tell you this to not show you in order to have your breath taken away you always need flowers, dinner and long walks. No. Any act of kindness and beauty that can leave someone speechless turns your life into a breathtaking story. I’m still writing my life story and you are too so love more this week, take a trip to Gatlinburg if you haven’t and take someone’s breath away.


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