Talk to Strangers

Yes you heard me correctly, but don’t be fooled because I am a rule follower. You can say I can be a paranoid person whether that being with what I eat, where I go or who I talk to. I am sure that everyone was taught to not talk to strangers. I was, but I have come to a realization that I would like to share with you today. We never understand why certain conversations come into our lives or why certain people fall into our laps but every conversation we have in this life is essential. We do not know when our last breath will be or who the last person is we will talk to so hear me out when I say, talk to a stranger.

“We limit our lives if we limit conversation”

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My cousin, Kaley, shared this quote with me as we shared some remarkable moments we recently had with complete strangers. She shared that while she was shopping at TJ Maxx, clearly a family obsession, a stranger came up to her and said, “I just want you to know how beautiful you are”. My cousin is a remarkable and beautiful woman and sometimes we all lose sight on how remarkable and beautiful we are. She said that it took her all day to wonder why that woman would take the time out of her day to tell her that. There is no need for us to ponder this because we should be sharing a smile and sweet words with as many people as we can!

For me, I never truly loved working until I got to know the people I was working with. I dreaded waking up early and working eight hour shifts until I realized I could meet someone new who could change my mind around. Yesterday at work I learned so many cool things about my coworkers that I see every day! During lunch, I decided to talk to someone totally new and as I was walking out she looked at me and invited me to her home and to hang with her friends while they watch the Bachelorette. I paused and thought why would she sincerely want to hang out with me?

“Invest in people.”

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I always tell people that a key part to success is who you know, meaning it’s not always about what you invest in, it’s who you invest in. Growing up, I liked having at most two best friends and that was all I needed. When those relationships would fall through I would start self judging what I did to make them not like me. So you see, self-judgment started at a young age and I still wonder why some people are closer to some rather than others. We are not called to be best friends with everyone, but we are called to love one another. Speaking of love, I love asking people what their love story is. Yes, an odd question, but the best question. Sometimes that love is with their favorite hobby, a pet or a person. We all have a story to tell so ask away! Don’t be scared to open up to someone or to just make someone smile. If you see beauty in someone, tell him or her. If you are wondering how they got to where they are, ask them. Today is the day! Let’s break the rules and talk to a stranger today, shall we?

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