The “Adulting” Vacation

Summer is officially here! Today I want to give you all the details from my vacation in Florida this past week. I have posted here and there but have so much to share. Thanks for reading with me today!

I grew up going to Seagrove in Florida. It is right between Seaside and Rose Mary Beach. This was my family trip every year, my high school spring breaks and my weekend girl trips. I got to go back one last time while still sharing my last name with my sister and having my boyfriend by my side. We have gone on countless family vacations, all with the same crazy stories. A joke now is that we are becoming adults, but adulting can be fun, can’t it?

This time around in Florida, at the top of my list was to really embrace this trip by staying carefree and truly allowing my mind and body to be on vacation. This time last year, I was still trying to overcome accepting myself in a swimsuit and overcoming certain relationships. Now, I am in a new stage of life. I know my mind, so in order to fight my certain weaknesses, Nick and I decided to watch the sunrise multiple times. This requires making the coffee the night before, bundling up, and waking up at 5:30am. This was the best decision we made because it was jaw dropping. I never realized what goes on every morning while we stay asleep. A new day is a rebirth of opportunities. We can’t worry about yesterday, so I encourage you to wake up, breathe, sip on that coffee, say a prayer, and see the beauty that exists.

This is what I know: In this life, a steady love, and a place to call home, are far more precious than all the earthly possessions and wealth in the world.” – Beau Taplin 

How do I stay active at the beach?

This time around, my sister, mom and I treated ourselves to a Pure Barre class! I loved it and was still sore three days later. Sharing that passion with my sister is such a blessing. When we aren’t doing that, we walk on the beach. Our calves feel it and it’s gorgeous so why go to the gym when you can walk with a view? Swimming in the ocean counts as a work out as well because I was beat every night. I felt refreshed and very active! And our post workout drink always consisted of mimosas 😉 Speaking of drinks, how amazing does this Moscow Mule look from The Craft Bar? Another new spot that we loved getting drinks at late one night! See, those workouts are worth it when you have these yummy treats waiting for you.

When the beach serves as an open space, with no one in the way, you can truly reflect on what really matters. To me, I recognized family is definitely one of those things because one day these vacations won’t be an annual routine. I love our family traditions and daily routines at the beach. We always go to the same restaurants, some casual and some fancy. I eat fish every day at the beach and feel SO good! I don’t do that at home because fish is quite expensive. Along with the fish, I ate a homemade sandwich that my dad always makes and chips! These sandwiches include turkey, one slice of cheese, alfalfa sprouts, fresh tomato, and avocado on rye bread.

This also was the first time I had drinks, chips and everything in between while at the beach. There were times I would get anxious, but I would look around me and see all these people enjoying themselves. Our bodies need so much energy, especially at the beach because we are swimming, walking and soaking in all that Vitamin D! I want to strive to show girls that-

A) You are not alone with these thoughts

B) More importantly, we are made to do amazing things and with that comes using food as our fuel. I always say and mentioned before in my previous post, every set back is a set up for a comeback. 

Spontaneity on vacation is key and a part of that was my diet. I ate plenty of healthy and abundant foods, but I didn’t have my almond milk creamer or gluten free bread. These things will not always be accessible in this perfect mindset we have or life we are trying to achieve, so we have to go with the flow and laugh at the changes. I got really burnt one day so changes sometimes have to be made. No beach for me. I lathered myself in coconut oil and haven’t peeled yet! If anyone asks me what I have in my bag all summer, it is coconut oil.

As we continued this change, Nick and I decided to explore one day and rent bikes to go back to one of our special spots we used to meet at in high school. It’s an amazing moment to return to a spot that holds such a memory in our minds. We biked a total of 6 miles, packed our lunch and made absolutely no plans. I found a new addition to Seaside called Raw and Juicy! This was like whole foods on wheels! I got a superfood parfait bowl, made with cashew based granola, fruit and yogurt made from coconuts. On top was chia, gogi berries, bee polin, and cocoa. It was very similar to my favorite acai bowls; however, I wasn’t a big fan of the cocoa. Dark chocolate and cocoa is GREAT for you and I usually love it. I think it just had too much on it and that’s okay! It was also ironic that the girl who owns the truck knew people we did from Nashville! Small world right? Always engage in conversation with those around you because you can make them smile and you never know who that person will be or what they will show you!

I had someone show me Siggis, the all natural yogurt brand that has amazing reviews. I tried it for the first time and personally did not like it. I am not a fan of whole milk, but I tried it and that is all that matters!


Our bike trip ended with my hips hurting, shocker. I had to stop and walk. I got SO frustrated, as I did in the past. Nick stopped and reminded me that our bodies are not perfect. The pain was my body telling me, “hey rest me for a little.” He had to roll me back and I finally smiled because one bad situation can always be turned into a laughing one.

Ladies, find someone in your life who will stop you, pray for you and remind you about what’s good in this world. We are called to share and be lights. Anyone who tries to dim that light doesn’t deserve that special place in your heart that someone will adore one day. 

From sunrise to sunsets, I chose to have a thankful heart for what I have. My tendencies to get in my mind and block out every rational reasoning can take over, but beautiful things are trying to work in your mind. God paints pictures in the sky every day for us to see. There is a reason, just like there is a reason you are on this Earth.

Every night we truly did “adult” by being in bed by 10:00pm and watching the Office. Best. Show. Ever…just saying. Anyway, on our last night, we went out at sunset, a moment I will always remember. Every sunrise and sunset is meant to be seen…

What two lessons did I learn on this vacation?

  1. Don’t take family for granted. No matter what is going on, every person truly cares. Situations occur and mistakes are made, but families are a team. New team members will come aboard, some may stay and some may leave, but seeing my parents smile and watching my sister’s fiance hold her, made my heart so happy.
  2. The big picture. Am I going to remember that bag of chips I ate when I am old and gray? Of course not. I’m going to remember waking up early, sipping on wine with my family and boyfriend at dinner, going on those bike rides to memorable spots from a long time ago. One day I will go back there with my own family and smile, not regret.

Cheers to you and for your summer vacay! LIVE, SHARE, and SHINE!



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