My Coffee Crawl

Rise and shine! For those who follow me regularly, you can see that I love to travel to different and new coffee shops. I call this my personal coffee crawl, where I go and often blog or meet up with people at places to photograph and share their story.

I love the comfortable atmosphere and with a coffee craze filling up Nashville, these shops are everywhere! Join me today as I share some of my new spots I have found that you should try out and a check out my blog featured on their accounts. Lets get started!

| BOX Bongo + Bakery

Location: 10th Avenue South 

This new addition to the Bongo family was awesome. It was a rainy afternoon and this is where I ended up- no better place. The light colors and airy atmosphere makes you just smile when you walk through the doors.

I sipped on my usual almond milk latte and also got a homemade, multigrain,  muffin made of beets and chocolate chips! This tasty treat was heated and brought out to me. So yummy! It is also their speciality and I had no idea of that when I ordered it.

“Featured in Southern Living magazine, our Pink Radio cake has proven a perennial Nashville favorite for birthdays and weddings, and many of our regular guests have adopted the Vegan Beet-It muffin as their breakfast staple.”

Now i’m going to get “Kerrageous” for a moment because I couldn’t finish or not even eat half of the muffin and for all of the wrong reasons. The reason isn’t because it wasn’t good, because it was freaking amazing. I mean they used beets! What?!

My mind suddenly shut off and tears weld up in my eyes staring at a carb filled treat, mid day, with chocolate. My mindset has been in a really good place lately, but sometimes the mind can instantly take over all the emotions in your body. I had to pause and realize that a few days ago, I didn’t remember what I had for lunch, so in a few days, I probably wouldn’t have remembered my midday snack.

Nick joined me on this rainy day and ordered a chocolate chip, pumpkin muffin and the smells filled the room in the best way possible. I couldn’t enjoy a muffin with him because I was afraid of the food that I believed defined how I looked for the day.

I’m being completely honest with you because I don’t want to feel the way I felt or have another girl feel that way. We all have tendencies to hide certain qualities about ourselves that might overpower the other. Your weakness can be your greatest strength. That muffin was a small portion of the day and there are nutrients in that muffin to fuel my mind. I was hungry and ordered a snack for a reason so why keep my body from feeling its best?

I plan on returning to BOX and can’t wait to order from their menu where their avocado toast looks to die for! Check out their menu and follow @boxnashville for my blog feature!

| The Jam Coffeehouse | 

Location: Wedgwood Avenue 

Changing gears to a new location, located right by Belmont University is the unique Jam Coffeehouse! This place is secretly tucked away where if you passed it, it might be hard to see; nevertheless, you must go inside!

The atmosphere brought me back in time to a different era and it was such a great change of scenery. The music was on point with Head and The Heart playing. I ordered my latte and had the pleasure of some company from one of my sweet friends from high school.

Maddy Newton reached out to me and introduced me to this new coffeehouse. She is a musician here in Nashville. You must go check her out on Spotify. Her album is awesome!

Seeing her was such a breath of fresh air and it was great catching up. We talked about everything from life, food, boys, to aspirations in our life. She ordered this coffeehouse’s signature “Good Morning Tacos” along with their “Coco Truffle” coffee. I can’t wait to go back and try these two popular menu items!

You can check out my featured photography for this shop on the Jam’s Instagram account, @thejamcoffeehouse, and on the account @nashbrews. Capture and share today! Itching to try a new place or message someone you haven’t seen in years? Go for it! Invite them or heck go relax by yourself in the corner of what could be your favorite new place.

| The Perch |

Next on my list today is the Perch! There are several locations. I always went to the original one in Brentwood when I was in high school, but this week I went to the Greenhills location. This place has it’s own distinctive design and there is nothing else like it. The crepes and coffee are to die for and cure any craving.

I usually order the banana and peanut butter crepe, but this time around I decided to order their ham, egg and cheese crepe. I was craving eggs, my body needed some protein, so it hit the spot.

They are huge so I can never finish them and there is a lot of ham and cheese, which I only eat very little of, so I picked a little. I always say- the messiest foods are the best foods!

I bought a regular coffee, but decided to trade mine in for an almond milk latte with one pump of vanilla! That one pump was just what I needed. The coffee was so good and didn’t hurt my stomach at all. It’s crazy how taste buds can change as you get older. I used to eat so much cheese and sweet drinks. Now, I can barely do either!

I learned that as you grow older, your body stops producing the same amount of lactase (enzyme that breaks down lactose) that you had when you were a baby. When I treated my body very harsh and became malnourished in certain areas, I think I got rid of that enzyme all together! Ha probably not, but order the cheese if you can, get those chewable enzymes, and you will be good to go!

Nick ordered a strawberry and nutella crepe, one of their specialties. I love ordering food I can’t make at home and crepes are one of them so definitely go and try the coffee and crepes! They are fast and filling so the perfect combo.

| Barista Parlor | 

“Barista Parlor was established in 2011. We seek the betterment of coffee for all mankind, sourcing with an emphasis on clarity, roasting with an emphasis on sweetness, and brewing with a focus on framing both of these qualities in a beautiful cup, in a physical space where commerce and art intersect. We work with local Nashville artists, farms, businesses, and bakeries.” – { Read more on site linked above }

Last on my list is the upcoming Barista Parlor. With three different locations in the Gulch, Germantown and the original on Gallatin Ave, this parlor lives up to it’s word. I went to the one in the Gulch called Golden Sound and there is one right by my new job coming up in Germantown!

All of their music was playing on record players in contrast to the rain falling on the tall windows. Right in the middle of the shop is an open bar where you can watch them brew their fresh coffee.

In the midst of watching,  I got to catch up my friend and frequent photographer of mine for the first time this summer. If you haven’t already, go and check out his photography at Baker Exposures.

On this afternoon, I traded my warm coffee for a cold brew and they brought out my almond milk in a little shot glass. This place was wide open so if you need a place to work, this is the area to do it. A lot of people in there weren’t just socializing, but had their headphones on working away.

This building was surrounded by beautiful wall murals that will catch your eye. I was itching to start photographing everyone I saw but with the rain, I will just have to go back so get ready to go and check out my upcoming post on some wall murals that everyone in Nashville needs to explore…

Thank you for catching up with me today! My passions might be different from yours or they might be the same. No matter where you passions are, they will touch someone one day and make a difference. My passion for talking to people, exploring my city and photographing cozy places might change, but for right now I am going to live it to the fullest every day. You can too.

xo Hannah





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