The Little Pink Book

Welcome to  The Little Pink Book! 

The Little Pink Book is an online group of women who are starting somewhere to reach their goals, aspirations and dreams.

It is time to bring my blog to life by being proactive with women and helping them realize their ideas are important.

With over 60 members currently, we are striving to live life to the fullest no matter our financial state, previous struggles, or current situations. There are resources out there to help and I want to be that resource for you!

I have partnered with local business owners, wellness coaches and many more who are willing to share how they started their journey. If you are not locally where our meetings are held, follow along on here with all our speaker videos posted on the drop down menu above.

You are capable of anything.



Below are video segments from the group. I hope you enjoy and share!

Essential Oils with Natalie Boddekar 

Fueling Your Body Throughout the Day 

Starting an Organization or Creating Something New with Nick Obremskey 

Be Your Own Beautiful with Meredith Klepeke: What We Put On Our Bodies and What We Put In Our Bodies 

Welcome Video!